Posted 4/13/2010 12:59 PM (GMT -7)
i also have true perianal skin tags. before i had it removed i thought it was just a lump, but when it was sent away they found crohns disease cells in it. and thats when things went down hill....... mine are itchy, and at times feel like they have a knife stuck in them. although i had all my symptoms prior to removal, i thought it was 'normal'. ive learnt to 'live' with the disease, but things are getting worse. i wanted to ask it people who are diagnosed with PCD, later develop it further up, i havent really suffered with diarrhea and wanted to know if there is a possibility things could/would get worse........ but the last 2 days have answered that..... cramps worse and diahrrea. i fly to australia in a month, and im starting to painic!!!
Shany, my first removal, op was ok, recovery good, until i got a really bad infection in the wound, but once it was healed it was brilliant, for a week, then they started to grow back. now i have 6, and possibly more growning, i would also have them removed again.
i feel positively sick today, is this also a new crohnie symptom??
thank u so much, its so good to talk to people who also suffer like i do- i dont feel so allien!!!
Posted 4/13/2010 3:09 PM (GMT -7)
When yall refer to "skin tags", do you mean like a small wart or tiny growth? A friend of mine gets these from time to time and swears by apple cidar vinegear and tea tree oil, used in combination with one another. They say within a few days the tag simply falls off. Hope this info was helpful.
Posted 4/13/2010 4:05 PM (GMT -7)
Mine were definitely skin tags. Before my first examination with the surgeon, I told him that I had severe external hemorrhoids. He very quickly corrected me as soon as he looked at them and said they were not that at all but were skin tags that are common with Crohn's patients. That would explain why all those hemorrhoid treatments I tried never worked, which frustrated me to no end. I felt vindicated when I threw all that stuff in the trash just before my surgery. 'Elephant ears' is a great way to describe them as that is what they resembled.

Defa, I know JUST how you feel about the relief in talking to others who have suffered in a similar manner. I have been through hell since the middle of last June with the strangest and most painful of symptoms. You wouldn't believe my story. The more I read others' stories, the more I realize that problems I experienced earlier on (like the skin tags) were signs of this disease that I have been living with (for how long???) but didn't know I had. I just stumbled onto this forum today and am so glad that I did. Please get in to see a gastroenterologist ASAP!!! As soon as I got treatment, the Crohn's symptoms were controlled. I got two successful Remicade infusions and have been on Entocort EC. The Remicade fixed me in a hurry. I felt like a whole new person shortly after the first infusion. Unfortunately for me, I developed an allergy to Remicade and had a terrible reaction during my 3rd infusion in February. We tried again 10 days ago with a pre-infusion of anti-allergy drugs. It didn't work and I still reacted. So I go back to the GI doctor tomorrow to discuss other alternatives for maintenance treatment. But the important thing is that I was at least able to get the disease and symptoms (pain, cramping, diarrhea, malaise, feeling rotten) under control for the time being. It changed everything for me once I got referred to the gastroenterologist.

My story with Crohn's is a complicated one of odd-ball symptoms, weeks and months confined to bed, fruitless medical tests, and referrals to all the wrong specialists. But then, this is a very complicated disease. It took the right symptoms and the right tests at just the precise time for a gastroenterologist to diagnose the severity of the disease in my GI tract. I have been very sick since mid-December and have been off work since my surgery in February (not so much from Crohn's but from other problems as a result of Crohn's). In addition to having the skin tags removed, I had a surgery to treat a very nasty, infected perianal fistula which had snaked itself all around the right side of my derriere ... and which was making me very ill. A week later, we discovered that there was a second fistula and a new infection ... and I was back in the operating room 7 days after the first surgery. Two surgeries did my body in, and I have been off work recovering since then. I have a little open wound/drain that will be there for a couple of months so that the infection can drain while the fistula heals. But I am getting well and feeling good ... and I am going back to work on Friday!
Posted 4/14/2010 8:18 AM (GMT -7)
Hi Shany!

I also am allergic to remi. I was put on it because of three delightful (NOT!) peri-rectal abscesses. They switched me to Humira but I am allergic to that too. I am one of the rare ones, I guess. I have been on 6MP and have not had another abscess. Yea!!!! As you will read from others, it sometimes takes time to find the right meds that help. My advice is to not stop taking the meds once you good ones -- even if you feel fine! Just my opinion. I hope you find the right med soon!!
Diagnosed with Crohn's in early 2007.  Several peri-rectal abscesses and two fistulae with setons.  Allergic to Remicade and Humira.  Currently on 6MP, and vitamins D and B-12.

Posted 4/20/2012 6:27 AM (GMT -7)
Shany said...
I was diagnosed with Crohn's in December. All of these strange things I've lived with like the skin tags, fissures, abdominal cramping, etc. finally make sense to me now, too. I just had several huge skin tags surgically removed by a colo-rectal surgeon on Feb. 22. Glad I did it! Recovery was no big deal ... maybe two weeks. I took Vicodin for the pain, stool softeners, used moist/wet wipes, and showered to cleanse after every BM. I realize the skin tags will grow back. But I won't hesitate for a second to go back into the operating room to have them cut off again if/when it needs to be done. The recovery was no worse than the constant irritation, itching, and pain I lived with for years.
Hey Shany i had skin tags removed and I am healing up well according to the surgeon. First week the pain was intense but now there is very little pain and the wounds seem to be scabbing over. They are starting to itch a little which I think may be a sign of healing.  I just want to ask you how long was your healing process. I have no more blood with bowel movements but i have to keep gauze there all day still. Every now and than i pop some cipro to prevent an infection. (I had some lying aroud the house). I am reading all these horror stories about skin tag removal that wont heal. I am on remicade and have one or two formed bowel movements daily. Do you think I will have any problems? and if so go to my GI?
Posted 4/20/2012 6:40 AM (GMT -7)
ps its 11 days post removal

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