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   Posted 7/12/2010 2:03 PM (GMT -7)   
hi does anyone here have the human pappiloma virus that also has crohns disease i have a couple questions...
1. are any of the medications we are on going to effect the hpv getting better
2. Is it possible getting it in your mouth? (grossssss i know but i gotta ask)
     Diagnosed Aug 2007 of Crohn's disease
   Currently Taking 6mp/lialda
no more remicade
        panic/anxiety attacks...i have xanex but afraid to take it
          Fistulas make me mad!!

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   Posted 7/12/2010 3:18 PM (GMT -7)   
Yes, My Daughter (age 28) has Crohns/Colitis (since age 17) and does carry one of the strains of HPV. This found out while she was getting ready for the HPV vaccinations at age 26. Her Gyn had her get the vaccinations anyways to try and ward off any of the other strains of HPV. Last year she had Cryotherapy on some suspect cells and it worked as her most current Pap test came back healthy.

I really can't answer your first question. All I know is that my Daughter's Gyn really hates the immune suppressing meds my Daughter is on (Remicade triple dose, Imuran and Asacol). I think that is a question you need to ask your GI and/or Gyn.

HPV in the mouth? Not really sure about that, but you can have Crohn's in your mouth.

I notice in your signature that you are afraid to take Xanax. My Daughter couldn't survive without Xanax or Ativan. She only takes it when needed and usually only takes a half dose (not easy to cut those little babies in half) which works wonders for her.

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   Posted 7/12/2010 3:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks mary i really appreciate it...ive only had crohns for 2 years so im still kinda new to all of this and the symtoms it can cause...i do know that you can have crohns in your mouth but im such a worry wart i dont want to go to the doctor cause im afraid that it will just be another problem haha then i will need the xanax haha now my gyno said that i can take my 6mp which i used to be on for about a year but it didnt really help me....bu tthats what they want me to start on since i have fistulas with my crohns disease...but i guess we will see. Thanks again for the add!
     Diagnosed Aug 2007 of Crohn's disease
   Currently Taking Prednisone for About 9 Months now.. :(
no more remicade
        panic/anxiety attacks...i have xanex but afraid to take it
          Fistulas make me mad!!

tall girl
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   Posted 7/12/2010 3:49 PM (GMT -7)   
I have both Crohn's and HPV...I am starting Remicade on Thursday. My GI says they don't worry about HPV getting worse with Remicade or 6MP. (I was on 6MP which only worked for a short time.) My gyno says as long as I continue to get regular pap smears and follow ups (colposcopies) to monitor the HPV I should be fine b/c we would know if it is active due to the sores and could then have them burned off to prevent cancer. (not sure if you have ever had this done...its a peice of cake) I am not sure if your HPV is causing any type of cancer....obviously that would be a different story. Both of my docs say that the crohns symptoms and possible adverse effects out way any complications with my HPV (though they both say they aren't worried about the HPV) I have often wondered if my HPV and Crohns are somehow related. I was DXed with HPV and a year later Crohns.....
As for mouth sores...I have read that HPV does not cause sores in your mouth...only blisters on your hands and feet. This could be wrong but it is what I have read...Have you talked to your doc about the sores? Could be Herpes Virus or Crohns. (Crohns can cause mouth sores)
26/year old Female- Crohns active since June of 08- DX March 09- Resection June 09- remmission for 1 year- flaring now but not terribly- Getting this flare under control then taking a new approach- Considering Remicade or Humira- Scared again after a year of denying I was sick.......... Thankful I have a good support system behind me.

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   Posted 7/12/2010 4:33 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm not sure if any of the meds we use for Crohn's will make HPV better.

But you can get it in your mouth (there's a LOT of subtypes) but only if you've been exposed to it there. You should ask your doctor about it...
Diagnosed 2002 at 18. Remission for about 7 years. Getting back into the swing of things at 26.

75mg Imuran, 750mg Balsalazide 3x day, Tapering Pred.

Maybe flaring...maybe not?

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   Posted 7/12/2010 9:25 PM (GMT -7)   
I tested positive for HPV a few years back. It never actually was active and causing sores or anything, but I ended up having to have a procedure (can't think of what it's called) done to remove precancerous cells, which were worse than the colposcopy indicated. Since then, I haven't had any gyn problems, and my pap smears have been normal!

32 yr old female-dx with Crohn's in '97 after emergency resection and appendectomy, 2nd resection '05, Bilateral pulmonary emboli 10/09
Currently on Humira, Omeprazole, Effexor, Seroquel, Calcium, Vit D
Coumadin stopped 3/15/10!!!!

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   Posted 7/13/2010 3:56 PM (GMT -7)   
I was diagnosed with HPV 1 year ago.  My cells have a mild abnormaility and I get a pap every 3 months to monitor for any changes.
There are no meds for HPV.  All you can do is monitor it.  My OB/GYN said that since I have gone 1 year with no changes, chances are it will not develop into cancer.
Diagnosed with Crohns in 2006 at 43, sudden onset.
09/2009 Colonoscopy showed inflammation in the terminal ileum, rectum and all over entire colon.
Meds:  6-MP 100mg, Prednisone 15mg with 5mg taper per week, Lialda 4.8g, B-12 tablets, Folic Acid, Calcium +D, Humira, Prilosec
Sulfasalazine, Pentsa, Colazol, EntocortRemicade, Cipro, Flagyl
Hospitalizations:  Jan 2010 for uncontrolled flare.

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   Posted 1/25/2011 3:30 PM (GMT -7)   
Interesting, I have had Ulcerative Colitis for 20 plus years and it didn't start (about 1.5 years later) until after I found out my girlfriend tested positive for the HPV (thus, so did I)... Any link to HPV CAUSING either Crohn's or UC???
Update : Quit Imuran, off Prednisone and now doing FANTASTIC!!
Getting new GI referral on Nov 10th!!
Ultimate Protec Multi Probiotic 12 Billiono Active - 1 pill at nigth
Boswellia 3x a day
Tumeric 3x day
Centrum Forte 1x
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Metamucil AM and PM
6 x 800 asacol
4000 Vitamin D

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   Posted 7/7/2011 9:58 PM (GMT -7)   
Any updates folks about your posts a year ago? Just curious.  I am a male who fould out i was exposed to HPV, when I went to a urologist because I had been having severe pain in my testicles. It turned out that my Crohns was getting worse and had nothing to do with any urological problem. My urologist happen to see a leasion on my shaft. Sorry to be graphic. He removed it, had it tested, turned out to be HPV.  Doc sends me to a cancer cener to be looked at because the cells were precanerous.  Went to cancer doc, he tells me not to worry, if I see a lesion, get it lasered off, no problems. But DO NOT LET IT GO TOO LONG, it will get ugly. This was 2008. So, my gastro who has been pushing Remicade for years, tells me that its not a good idea.  better get surgery. Turns out they had to remove 4/12 feet of large intestine.  After suffering a bout of C diff for two months which I got from the hospital, I was Crohns free for 11 months. After a long remission I got fissues, crohns was in rectum now, and I didn't have much left. Now I am having a bad flare. I was put on prednisone and antibiotics.  Prednisone for the first time in 3 years.  Endocort and lialda stopped working.  Now the doc is pushing Remicade.  Why would he think, after being diagnosed with HPV and  not a good idea to do Remicade 3 years ago, I would do it now!   I was diagnosed at 15 but was starting to flare when I was 13.  I am now 29.  I was flaring when I got the colonoscopy recently. He said I was getting very narrow in my rectum. UH-OH! Started really pushing the remicade. I still, after 8 years, DO NOT WANT TO DO IT. I have always thought that it was risky.  My doc wants me to go get all the testing, chest xray, TB test, HIV, etc. but also wants me to see a Infectous disease speciatlist. So she can evaluate me and give me the vaccine to protect the other strains of HPV, so I can get Remicade.  I don't want to do it. After reading some of this, I really don't want to do it. I do not want to take a change to get penal or anal cancer from taking Remicade!  I now want to try LDN after my flare stops....if it does!  Any info please, and if there are any guys out there, that would be great.  Thank you and hope to hear you are all doing well.  Good luck to all!

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   Posted 10/12/2011 5:53 PM (GMT -7)   
lalalaCD: I guess the purpose of this forum is for us all to weigh in and for this collective experience to help you. I contracted HPV from my ex-husband. I ended up having cyro-surgery in about 2001. Painful. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2004. HPV has never been even a consideration with Crohn's to be honest. I have a horrible time with mouth and throat ulcers with Crohn's ... I have Herpes simples 2 not simplex 1 so i know it is Crohn's ... and HPV has never een been discussed and all my doctor's know my symptoms.

I know this with Crohn's ... do your research. Ask questions on this forum. But understand that Crohn's is not a rational disease. You can't beat it, you can't get ahead of it. But do you your best. You are good enough for who you are, with what ever diseases you have. You are human! I also heard that 80% of most sexually active adults have the HPV virus if that helps.
Recently married 46-year old, mother to 3 sons and 3 step children - my recent online dating venture worked! Love is the best tonic! Diagnosed with Crohn's in 2004 via pill camera. 2010 ileitus and hospitalization - now on 50 mg Imuran. Suffer from Crohn's of esophogus and mouth. Sept 2011 Flare and struggling.

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   Posted 10/13/2011 8:55 AM (GMT -7)   

I don't think there is a connection between CD and HPV..I tested positive for HPV at 31..There are many strains and not all cause any signs or dangers for cancer. 40% of people carry one strain or another of HPV. I had cervical polyps removed at 29 and had cryo done several times for abnormal cells in 01-03. I have not had an abnormal pap smears since 04'. I could have gotten the virus in my teens for all I know!


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