height and CD?

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   Posted 9/1/2010 3:00 AM (GMT -7)   
ok in the CCFA money begging letter i got today it said there was a study of people being affected by early CD that were short, due to factors such as steroid use, malnutrition etc.. even if you did not have early symptoms. so my question is how tall are we as a group   me im 5"7" and 7/8ths... tongue

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   Posted 9/1/2010 3:05 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm 5'6 1/2". I'm female, so I'm average height. I didn't start having crohn's symptoms until about 18, so I was fully grown (at least in height).

Interesting that they are looking at height. Unless you have symptom, are malnourished, and/or are on steroids before puberty, I wouldn't think it would really make a difference in height....my opinion anyway.

32 yr old female-dx with Crohn's in '97 after emergency resection and appendectomy, 2nd resection '05, Bilateral pulmonary emboli 10/09
Currently on Humira, Omeprazole, Effexor, Seroquel, Calcium, Vit D
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   Posted 9/1/2010 3:21 AM (GMT -7)   
Son 5'5(and 1cm ;) )Been told all his growing done :( Undiagnosed/severlyunderweight/malnourished throughout his growing phase.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 3:44 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm female, 5'8". Surprising because I've had this illness since childhood but still had no delays in height, although I was always underweight and still am at the age of 64. The difference is now most people are jealous of my "beautiful shape" (their words). When I was a child I was teased and called Olive Oil because I was so skinny. (For those of you who might be too young to know who that is, google Popeyes girlfriend). Shed many a tear over that.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 4:24 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm female and 5'5. Was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 18 and had symptoms for more then a year before hand. So all of my growing was done before I got diagnosed.

Though I've always been overweight until I got diagnosed. Then I was underweight, diagnosed and gained a lot of it back. And for the past 5 years or so, I've been 1 pound overweight and my doctor's nurses used to harass me about it. So I spent 6 months trying to lose it...started to flare and BAM, 10 pounds lighter. Haha.
Diagnosed 2002 at 18. Remission for about 7 years. Getting back into the swing of things at 26.

100mg Imuran, 750mg Balsalazide 3x day, Flagyl (death pills. yuck)


Had to abandon SCD...for now.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 5:11 AM (GMT -7)   
No symptoms/diagnosis until mid 20s, but am a shortarse anyway: 5'0" ;_;

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   Posted 9/1/2010 5:36 AM (GMT -7)   
I fall into the height challenged category as well. 5-8 ,,, but I think I'm shrinking .
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   Posted 9/1/2010 5:52 AM (GMT -7)   
i'm 5ft 8 and was diagnosed at 19. I was the perfect weight for my height before i was daignosed, now i'm barely tipping the scales at 55kgs
Dx - Crohn's (2006), Depression (2010)
Currently - Humira fornightly, iron infusion weekly, B12 3 monthly, prenatal vits+minerals, 15mg prednisolone, calcium supplement, mirtazapine
Tried - aza, pentasa, questran, infliximab
No crohns' surgeries to date, Episcleritis for 3 weeks x 2, pains in hands, wrists, hips, lower back, knees and ankles

Allergic to Infliximab
Was at uni, but have paused the course to try to figure out my health!

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   Posted 9/1/2010 6:34 AM (GMT -7)   
I am 22 years old my height is 5'1 and I weigh 100 pounds

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   Posted 9/1/2010 7:26 AM (GMT -7)   
I started adulthood at six feet, but in a little more then decade I have lost about an inch and a half.
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   Posted 9/1/2010 7:27 AM (GMT -7)   
I too was diagnosed at 18 and think I had already quit growing too. I am 5'5" tall. I did start smoking at 13, and am the shortest in my family.
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   Posted 9/1/2010 9:36 AM (GMT -7)   
There may be another explanation though. I was told that sex would stunt my growth. I wont say who told me ...Or at what age ...
If we would read the secret history of our enemies,we would find in each mans life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 10:15 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm female and 5'7". I was diagnosed when I was 20, but had symptoms for a few years before that. I'm 39 now.
Crohn's Disease for 18 years.. 1st Resection June 2009 developed anastomostic leak and EC fistula. 2nd Resection, April 1, 2010-to fix leak and fistula-feeling fabulous now.  Taking 100mg Imuran for maintenance. 

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   Posted 9/1/2010 10:42 AM (GMT -7)   
Just 5' 0", only just...

Too many years with CD
Two bowel resections, several obstructions.
Fibromyalgia and recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and lupus.
B12 Shots bi-weekly

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   Posted 9/1/2010 11:33 AM (GMT -7)   
coincidence, I'm 5'3" 1/2. male old 60

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   Posted 9/1/2010 11:48 AM (GMT -7)   
5'4 female.  Diagnosed at 16, but I was sick for yrs before that.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 11:58 AM (GMT -7)   
5'6. Dx'd at 14 but started having symptoms I think around 12. Was on and off pred throughout my teenage years.
My Dr's thought I should be around 5'8. I always assumed it was the pred.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 12:28 PM (GMT -7)   
I am 4'10" was diagnosed when I was 8 years old. It doesnt help that my parents are both short as wwll though add up the 2 factors and I was just screwed for height ever
Dx with Crohn's 1987, symptoms as early as 1984.
Temp iliostomy February 2007, reversed June 2007, Ovarian cysts, migraines, allergies (incl food allergies) , oral allergy syndrome (diff than true food allergies), Asthma, Gall Bladder removed 1999, Inguenal hernia 1987

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   Posted 9/1/2010 1:17 PM (GMT -7)   
I am 5'3 1/2. Crohns started around age 12 or 13. My mother is 5' and her crohns started at age 13. My dad is 5'7 and doesn't have crohns.
26 years old.
Diagnosed 11/06, suffered for 9 years undiagnosed.
large family history of Crohns. resection surgury 3/07.
currently on 1000 mgs Pentasa 4xd
also have horrible anxiety & constant sinus infections.
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   Posted 9/1/2010 1:17 PM (GMT -7)   
I've had severe Crohns since I was 9 years old. 22 y/o male now and I've gotten to be 5'11. Somehow I've gotten this tall, I probably would've been a lot bigger had I not gotten the surgeries/prednisone when I was younger.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 1:21 PM (GMT -7)   
I've always been very short, I'm 5'0" now and 28 years old.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 1:26 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm 5' and 1/2 inch. I haven't lost anything in height yet despite all the compression fractures. My pediatrician was watching me all my life for growth. If I didn't grow at least 1/4 inch each year he threatened growth hormones. I always managed to just make it. All this and I wasn't diagnosed until I was 23. I'm sure there was some underlying disease going on for years.

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   Posted 9/1/2010 1:33 PM (GMT -7)   
5'6" male, before Crohn's I'd always attributed my lack of height to Ritalin, but it's probably both factors.
Diagnosed with CD July 2007
Currently on Remicade, acidophilus, multivitamin.
Resection December 2009

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   Posted 9/1/2010 3:07 PM (GMT -7)   

I'm 5'6 1/2...was dx at 36 years old. Had symptoms for many years prior to dx. My siblings are 6'4 boy and two sisters at 5'11...so I am the short one!?!

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   Posted 9/1/2010 3:38 PM (GMT -7)   
Daughter 5'9", symptoms since age 16, Dx aged 18.
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