Protein Shakes...good or bad?

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   Posted 4/21/2012 8:02 AM (GMT -7)   
My husband works out and drinks protein shakes. He buys the big bottle at the vitamin store and shakes it up in his special blender cup and guzzles it down. I'm interested to know if it's ok for someone with crohn's disease to drink these protein shakes. I read the nutrition label and it seems ok. Problem is I would have to get a different brand b/c I'm on a low residue/low fiber diet b/c of a severe stricture which I'm having surgery for in may, but anyway this protein powder he bought has 5 grams of fiber. I believe my doc told me to stay 2mg or under of the fiber. So my question is, is it ok for me to drink this in the morning as breakfast or in the afternoon as an in between meal or should I steer clear of it. I know sometimes my husband (he'll love me telling you all this) will have to go to the bathroom if he has too much protein. What are your thoughts? Thanks

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   Posted 4/21/2012 8:10 AM (GMT -7)   
Cooked egg whites are the single best protein souce by far (preferably organic). If he's vegan there are two healthy protein drinks, there's an organic/vegan pea protein powder and there's hemp seed powder which is incrdibly healthy but it tastes not so good lol.

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   Posted 4/21/2012 8:23 AM (GMT -7)   
I make my own "protein shakes" by putting a very ripe banana in a blender with some lactose-free milk and greek yogurt. Add honey for extra sweetness.
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   Posted 4/21/2012 8:48 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks guys for the replies. They sound great although eggs and I do not get along very well. As well as bananas. I get heartburn from bananas and not a big fan of honey. I am in a horrible flare right now. I feel sick all the time. I'm on cipro and flagyl, remicade, and a pill for the acid reflux. After taking the antibiotics I feel so neaseated. Thankfully though that my doc has put me on the flagyl along with the cipro I have stopped running fevers. I don't really have a huge appetite right now and I thought the protein shakes would fill me up as well as give me some nutrients. Thanks

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   Posted 4/21/2012 8:57 AM (GMT -7)   
Lots of people are allergic to eggs but i would try organic before you are sure and only eat the whites. I can't eat bananas or honey either but it's not the food itself, it's the pesticides ect.

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   Posted 4/21/2012 10:34 AM (GMT -7)   
I use Vega One which is an all in one vegan nutritional shake. I blend it with almond milk, a splash of citrus juice, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, honey and frozen fruit to make a meal replacement smoothie.

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   Posted 4/21/2012 12:07 PM (GMT -7)   
What about Ensure? Whenever I have a flare up and can't swallow anything, my GI advises me to take Ensure powder to give me some calories and energy. I generally take 3 tea spoons on half a glass of water to keep going every morning and if I'm very sick and can't eat, I take 3 teaspoons morning and night.
Hope you feel better soon:)

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   Posted 4/21/2012 3:35 PM (GMT -7)   
I was gonna suggest Ensure or an Ensure-like drink. I have Fortisips. They are very good: 300 calories in a 125ml bottle and nutritionally fortified, including quite high protein and low fibre. (Zero fibre in fact, I think.) However, not sure if you can get them outside of the UK :-/ ... But Ensure would be a reasonable substitute and probably no worse ingredients than are in protein shakes.

Failing that, you can make your own smoothies/shakes. There are thousands of recipes on the internet - just google and pick'n'choose.

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   Posted 5/7/2012 12:50 PM (GMT -7)   
I've been wondering lately what role, if any, there is for protein in Crohn's disease management, and I am glad I found your thread.

I, like NCOT, would suggest Ensure/Boost type of beverages. It was what was recommended to me over a year ago when I was in a similar situation to you. It was a good calorie replacement, and is fortified with vitamins, protein, etc. I was drinking about 4-6 per day just prior to surgery. It actually helped stabalize my weight, and helped relieve my gut from as much work as would normally be necessary when consuming 1000-1500 calories.

After surgery, I continued to drink some, but weened off over the course of a month or two while transitioning from liquid/soft diet to a more regular diet.

I'd never consider the protein portion of the Ensure drink, or my diet, until after surgery. When getting discharged from the hospital, I received a diet plan from a nutrionalist. It wasn't a specific menu plan, but rather a list of things that were OK to eat and a target protein goal of 100g per day (for my age, weight, height, etc.)

It was a lot of effort to get that many grams of protein per day, and I'm sure that I would not have hit that level (1) if I wasn't actively counting them and (2) if not for the Ensure/Boost drinks.

It is my understanding that the protein levels help with energy & help promote healing.

So, I've continued to monitor my protein intake. I make sure I get at least 15% of my calories each day from protein. I probably eat more protein each day/week than I would if I wasn't monitoring that specifically. Now, I am certainly aware that my current physical condition could be a normal "remission" and I would feel great no matter what I ate...but I am under the belief that my protein monitoring is aiding in my health.

In February, I had routine bloodwork done, and for the first time in a long, long time...maybe ever since diagnosis, every single measure that they looked at was within the normal range. Most of the things they look at are my red blood counts. I've had non-anemic readings in the past that still had one or two measures outside the normal range...this was the first time that every single number on the report was within the normal window.
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   Posted 7/5/2013 10:01 AM (GMT -7)   
I had a severe reaction to Vanilla Vega One product that I bought in February of 2013. My symptoms included diarrhea and eventually bloody diarrhea. I never attributed it to this product until recently. After being diagnosed with colitis, I thought back in my mind as to when the symptoms began; days after I started taking the Vega One shake. However, the label on the Vega one container assured consumers that detoxifying symptoms such as diarrhea may occur when starting use of the product; so I never discontinued use of the shake mix.
The Canadian Health department issued a warning against this product in February 2013, due to the presence of K. oxytoca bacteria, which can cause symptoms such as bloody diarrhea.
American consumers were however were not warned about the dangers of this product. Thus, it was sold in places like Whole Foods while simultaneously being recalled in Canada.
I would stay away from any of these products being that the heads of this company will do anything to make money, even if that means putting their loyal customer's health at risk.

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   Posted 7/5/2013 10:26 AM (GMT -7)   
My husband also drinks those protein shakes, as do I when I'm healthy enough to work out. The thing I like about them over the Ensure/Boost drinks is that they have significantly less sugar, especially if you're using unsweetened almond milk as your mixer (or water, but I think the almond milk makes it taste better and has all the extra nutrients). We use Muscle Milk, which is only 2g fiber per scoop (which is technically half a serving but is really all you need). You are getting protein from the almond milk and you could add some peanut butter and ice and throw it in a blender for a really yummy smoothie.

Kaz, this one's for you: I'm going to try making it with almond milk and see how it turns out.
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   Posted 7/6/2013 8:42 PM (GMT -7)   
My dr told me to not drink the protein shakes but that is due to my kidneys not functioning well and the protein in those shakes do not process well in someone with kidney issues. However, she said since I can tolorate milk products (go figure ) she said a large milk shake a day...and in about a month I put on 7 pounds! Unfortunately I do not want o have another milk shake! Lol
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