Crying all the time today.

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   Posted 10/4/2007 7:48 PM (GMT -7)   
This is not like me. I'm not even in bad pain, although my body aches and I'm very tired. I feel so low, and I don't have
an answer for it. My mouth is still sore, but for once diarrhea is not being an issue, in fact, I'm going a lot with no great
I'm suppose to go to Florida next weekend, but I don't seem to have the energy nor the enthusiasm.
Anyone have any ideas, why the blues seem to hit so hard. I'm usually such a fighter, but I feel I've had the crap beaten
out off me. I feel good for nothing.....Help!!

Too many years with CD
Two bowel resections, several obstructions.

Laughter is the brush that sweeps the cobwebs from our hearts

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   Posted 10/4/2007 8:59 PM (GMT -7)   
It is difficult to keep things in perspective with this DD. It took me 35 years to learn that I am not a victim of this disease and it does not define who I am. Sure, some days are more difficult than others and it is OK to cry and hae a crappy day. I have learned over the years to face just one day at a time. I try not to worry about tomorrow, how I will feel, or what I need to do. I do daily plan, but do not beat myself up if I don't get it done. Fatigue is a part of this disease and most everyone on the site will tell you it is there everyday. I know I have learned to accept it and do what I can and more importantly what I most do in the day. It is all about baby steps and one day at a time. Good luck and hope you find relief soon.
We can respond to irritation with a smile instead of scowl, or by giving warm praise instead of icy indifference. By our being understanding instead of abrupt, others, in turn, may decide to hold on a little longer rather than to give way. Love, patience, and meekness can be just as contagious as rudeness and crudeness.


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Learning to live with this Disease rather than be its victim after 42 years.

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   Posted 10/5/2007 3:18 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Vicky, Have your doctor check to see if you are anemic. I was had anemia when I was first
diagnosed with CD. It sounds like it maybe that.
Hi, I am teddybearweiser, I am a male.
I was diagnosed with crohns disease when i was admitted to the hospital
in 1992, in Jan of 1993 I was back in the hospital for surgery for my crohns. I had part of my right colon resectioned with ilecolonstomy.
 My GI doctor has me on Asacol, Dicyclomine,Imuran,Celebrex and Remicade. B-12 injection once a month.
My Internest doctor has me on Lisnopril-HTCZ and Folic Acid. Diagnosed
with Osteoarthritis July 2007

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   Posted 10/5/2007 3:32 AM (GMT -7)   
What meds are you on? Last 2 weeks I felt like this when I cut down on entocort. TooK pred again yest for the first time since July, and I feel like a new person today. Where in Fl are you going and for how long? I live in Sarasota. Hope you feel better fast.
Diagnosed at age 19 with CD.
3 small bowel resections, 1 for perforation, 2 for strictures 

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   Posted 10/5/2007 3:45 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Vicky you have been threw alot lately and sometimes a person just wears a little thin. I had what I called a lazy week before this darn cold hit me 11 days ago. I don't know why a person gets the blues at times and other times nothing but happiness. Perhaps this trip will put the spunk back in you. Have you been to Florida before? Are you visiting friends or just vacationing? Hopefully you will get to feeling like yourself soon. Sometimes when the blues hit it is great to get going again. I do find my B12 does give me more energy.Keep in gail

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   Posted 10/5/2007 5:47 AM (GMT -7)   

You know I've been going through the same thing since my surgery. It's tough to snap out of it sometimes. I think I'm doing a little better, but it's because my father-in-law is getting pretty bad (stage 4 melanoma) and he asks for me, so I have to snap out of it. I've been spending days with him, trying to keep everything up beat, and while I'm grieving for him, it's giving me a purpose.

Don't beat yourself up for feeling bad, it's normal for this disease periodically. Hopefully you can have a good time next week on your vacation, maybe it's just what you need, even if you have to force yourself to go.

And maybe you should try and have some blood tests done just to rule out underlying infection or nutrient deficiencies.
49 years old, CD since I was a child.    
Six resection surgeries, permanent ostomy, adverse reactions to Remicade finally off of Prednisone, hoping for a long remission from this last surgery. 

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   Posted 10/5/2007 6:32 AM (GMT -7)   
thanks all, I will try to rally. I think it's tapering pred thats doing this. I have B12 shots every 2 weeks, but at the moment they are
not doing much. My doc tells me it can take up to a year to get back to any where near normal. My levels are still around the 100
Judy, I'm sorry to hear your father-in-law has worsened. I pray he finds peace soon. I know what you mean about giving you purpose,
my grandson does that, but at times I'm even too tired for him. Terrible two's and all!!
We're going to central Florida, it is a vacation, but we have made friends in lake county, they are also from the UK. I want to go, but I
don't want it to be a waste of money, if I feel lousy. This DD stinks...
Thanks for all your help.

Too many years with CD
Two bowel resections, several obstructions.

Laughter is the brush that sweeps the cobwebs from our hearts

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   Posted 10/5/2007 9:23 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Vicky:

Can I come at this from a different perspective? I'm going to ask what is wrong with feeling the way you are feeling today? Can you find a way to honour your sorrow instead of fighting it? Can you embrace your despair instead of fearing it? Can you acknowledge your anger instead of denying it?

Through my experiences I have discovered that when I allow myself the freedom to really feel what I'm feeling -- without fear or judgement -- instead of getting stuck in an emotional black hole -- I move through it and in no time the mood lifts and can again view life with my usual optimism. For a long time, I functioned at a very high level always pushing aside the dark feelings. For the most part it worked, I guess, but the price was that I often felt I was literally wrestling with myself to impose control. So much energy wasted.

I know it may not be popular to suggest embracing the painful emotions, but if they are an authentic response to your circumstances -- and you really have been going through a difficult time lately -- isn't it perhaps possible that honouring and acknowledging them is actually a sign of strength, not weakness?

Just for what it's worth ... and know that this comes with hugs from the heart.

30+ years living with Crohn's.

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   Posted 10/5/2007 11:34 AM (GMT -7)   
Ballenstein, thank you so much for your heartfelt post,

You know, I don't really know why we don't just go with our emotions. Probably because it's seen as self indulgence, or wallowing
in self pity. We've been brought up to believe in the stiff upper lip, and that we have only to pull ourselves together. There also is
the so called "slur" on someone's character, if we should suffer with depression or mental illness. These things are so deep seated,
especially in people of my age group (50+) that the habit is so hard to break.
I truly believe that you have a valid point, and I totally agree with what you say. Maybe we all deserve to embrace our mood,
whether it is a dark one or not. After all, it is a part of who we truly are.

The hugs are really appreciated.

Too many years with CD
Two bowel resections, several obstructions.

Laughter is the brush that sweeps the cobwebs from our hearts

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   Posted 10/7/2007 1:24 AM (GMT -7)   
I don't know either of you well but, Vicky, I feel your melancholy. And Belleenstein, I felt myself saying "yes" to the heartfelt response you gave and I (and probably many others) think I needed to read it, too. Vicky, I sincerely hope what you're experiencing now is temporary and due to P. withdrawals, and that you have a great time in Florida. Here's hoping you do not have to grapple with this dd too much while you're there. - Jamie
36 year old mother of a fabulous toddler.


Diagnosed with Crohn's July 2007. I believe it's in the right side of my colon.
Tapered down off Entocort mid August. Now on Asacol 2400, Protonix 40mg/day.

On Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) since late July and seeing improvement in "output" quality and hopefully therefore absorption. Taking SCD legal supplements: B vitamins, Folonic Acid 800mg, EnZym Complete DPP IV Aid by Kirkman, and Saccaromyces Boulardii (a probiotic yeast).

Current biggest complaints: LRQ fullness and slight burning. Gastritis symptoms are quiet now. What was horrible right hip and low back pain has subsided about 60%.

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   Posted 10/7/2007 7:05 AM (GMT -7)   
I am curious to know if you are taking Entocort and if so have you changed your dosage recently? I know that for me Entocort plays havoc with my emotional state of mind and I have no control over it whatsoever, which is out of character for me.

Marci C.
38 years old, dx with Crohn's disease March 2007, currently on Humira, Entocort and hydrocodone (for pain)

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   Posted 10/7/2007 7:19 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm not on entocort, just the dreaded prednisone, which I'm tapering, nothing drastic, but I've heard other people complain
of entocort also.
Jamie, thanks for your post, it sounds like you feeling a little blue too. Maybe if we take Balleenstein's advice, and embrace it,
perhaps we'll both feel more like ourselves.
I see you're the Mom of a toddler. My goodness I don't know how you Mom's with CD cope. I watch my 2 year old grandson
2 days a week, and that knocks the stuffing out of me. Having said that, he also gives me reason to keep going!!

Best wishes

Too many years with CD
Two bowel resections, several obstructions.

Laughter is the brush that sweeps the cobwebs from our hearts

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