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   Posted 12/3/2007 10:31 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi everyone .. I just finished enjoying a cup of decaf Tim Hortons coffee. Prior to my dx I drank on average 5 cups of regular coffee a day.. Finally I figured out the caffiene was no good for my belly. So i switched to decaf. I did instant decaf for a while, then perked it. I hate it. Its nothing like regular coffee. The only satisfction I get is going to Tim Hortons and buying a cup of decaf but this is getting expensive. I actually bought a new coffee maker online this weekend. A Cuisinart, rather expensive but a friend has one and swears good coffee starts with a good coffee maker. This may seem foolish to those of you who do not enjoy coffee, but I swear this is becoming a financial and I believe a quality of life issue for me .. hahaha. Any suggestions on this coffee issue ??
28 Year old Female. Dx with Crohns 2005. Currently take Imuran 50 mg.
Dx with Pyoderma Gangrenos (PG) Nov '07, currently on Prednisone 40mg for PG, slowly tapering from 60mg ...  most importantly the taper is in effect !

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   Posted 12/3/2007 10:57 AM (GMT -7)   
I live for coffee, so I understand. I don't know what Tim Hortons is, but I think having one cup of coffee you like is a smal price to pay for a bit of pleasure. I would suggest buying good, bulk beans, and grinding them yourself or in a small amount at the store. take care, B
48 y/o woman.  Diagnosed 4/06 after colonscopy, SBFT, CT-scan all showed crohns. 3 months later, after pred and remicade, all tests showed no crohns. In December had adhesions cut through a laparoscopy. Now just taking Glycolax, metamucil and vicidin as needed.

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   Posted 12/3/2007 11:22 AM (GMT -7)   
I cut down to 1 cup a day from about 4-5 cups. It's been rough, especially with the fatigue from pred withdrawal, but the 1 cup doesn't aggravate my symptoms. And, I make a strong 1 cup.
Female, 30. Diagnosed August 2007 with Crohn's Colitis. Asacol 400 mg 12 x day. Canasa, Cortifoam, just finished Prednisone (tapered from 60 mg). Orthotricyclin Lo, Calcium, Trinity (probiotics), and multivitamin.

Glad Bag
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   Posted 12/3/2007 12:28 PM (GMT -7)   
decaff is like Near bear....sure you can drink it, but why?
"All we need is is all we need"

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   Posted 12/3/2007 12:30 PM (GMT -7)   
I also understand, I live for my early morning cup!

MMAC, Wife & Mother of 3 (14, 13 & 7) - Diagnosed w/CD June05 (terminal ileum)

Asacol (9 daily), Imuran (150mg), Prenisone (15mg), Cipro (1000mg)Lunesta (3mg), Phenergan (when needed) - Remicade as of 7/24

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   Posted 12/3/2007 12:52 PM (GMT -7)   
Not a coffee drinker myself, but my daughter is a barista at Starbucks. She won't touch coffee at home, says it doesn't taste nearly as good. What about mixing 1/2 decaf with 1/2 full on?

CD 19 years offically, 29 unofficially. 3 resections '93, '95 '97
Symptoms constantly but all tests show only minor ulcerations. Currently having multiple episodes of gastritis with no known cause.

Prednisone, 6MP,Prevacid, B12 shots, Bentyl, Xifaxan.....

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   Posted 12/3/2007 1:03 PM (GMT -7)   
LOL paintedsongs....our american friends (with the exception of those who visit us here in Canada) don't know what (who) Tim Hortons is (aka; Tims)....

Tims sells coffee makers and coffee so you can apparently enjoy the exact Tims coffee at home, since you mentioned you already bought a cuisinart coffee maker, may I suggest you buy Tims packaged decaff from them so you can still enjoy it more cost effectively.

To be honest I don't notice any difference in taste between caffeinated and decaff but the quality (and Tims definitely has that) could make a difference to those coffee connoiseurs out there.

Caffeine can exacerbate IBD symptoms so it is best to go with a good quality decaff.


My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it!  LOL  :)

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   Posted 12/3/2007 1:14 PM (GMT -7)   
My understanding is that decaf coffee still has some caffeine in it. I still drink one cup of caffeinated coffee in the am. It doesn't seem to bother me, but I did cut out all other caffeinated beverages.
48 yr. old female, diagnosed with Crohn's Sept-Oct. 2007

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   Posted 12/3/2007 1:38 PM (GMT -7)   
I've had to give up so many things, but I refuse to part with my cup of morning coffee. A person has to be able to enjoy something! :-)

Mormor Vicky
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   Posted 12/3/2007 1:43 PM (GMT -7)   
I can't live without my coffee.
Vicky / 47 years old
DX'd with Crohn's during a resection August 2006
DX'd with Steriod induced Diabetes November 2006
Considered in Clinical remission but have minor signs of disease activity
Daughter (26) also has Crohn's since she was 12.
Currently on 4000mg of Pentasa only for Crohn's
No longer able to take 6-MP because of Bone-Marrow Suppression
Cymbalta, Metformin, Lipitor

Becoming undone
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   Posted 12/3/2007 1:49 PM (GMT -7)   
My suggestion, is similar to before, grind your own beans. Keep them in an airtight container in the freezer.(Oxidation reactions detract from the taste.) Also, try and keep it away from light (also those funky oxidation reactions...that's why wine is stored in dark glass). I guess you could buy the decaf beans...Me, it's the coffee itself with its acid and tannins, that even decaf doesn't help.

I too miss my coffee. It's the eggnog latte, and pumpkin latte time of year. I cheated and had one 2 weeks ago, and paid for it. But lordy, what Nirvana...I savored every sip...They must serve this in the Elysian Fields.

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   Posted 12/3/2007 4:40 PM (GMT -7)   

i've got to have my tim's. as long as i don't drink more than 2 a day i'm fine.

i drink regular coffee(used to drink double/double). i found that if i cut back on the cream it's better for my gut.

38 yrs old male. dx with cd of ileum June 2006.
3 feet of large intestine and 1 1/2 feet of small intestine removed because of complications from diverticulitis (fall '03) i.e. hartman's surgery(starting to wonder if i was misdiagonized and was actually CD)
med. : 100mg imuran ,remicade Dec.06 every 6 weeks
 arthritis in fingers and knees

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   Posted 12/3/2007 6:08 PM (GMT -7)   

My fellow coffe lovers.. get this one, my wonderful hubby just brought me home a cup of my fav decaf Tim Hortons, as mentioned Tim Hortons is like a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, its a chain. I take it for granted that everyone knows it b/c I am in NY and we have it here ..   Listen to this : As I am reading through these posts one of the cats jumped on the end table and knocked the WHOLE cup on the ground. Not even 1 sip left :(   I just about went wild, hahaha... Reading these posts had only made my need for the coffee stronger...bad luck tonight or something..  I will wait for my new coffee maker and I will take some of your suggestions. I have had Starbucks decaf, actually just on Saturday and it was also wonderful !

28 Year old Female. Dx with Crohns 2005. Currently take Imuran 50 mg.
Dx with Pyoderma Gangrenos (PG) Nov '07, currently on Prednisone 40mg for PG, slowly tapering from 60mg ...  most importantly the taper is in effect !

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   Posted 12/3/2007 9:38 PM (GMT -7)   
I am heading to the kitchen right now, my mouth is watering. I forgot my after dinner cup. I drink usually 2 cups of strong regular a day and have started using agave nectar or honey instead of sugar, that was a sacrifice. I even bought soy creamer last week but just can't get used to it.
Diagnosed at age 19 with CD.
3 small bowel resections, 1 for perforation, 2 for strictures 

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   Posted 12/3/2007 9:47 PM (GMT -7)   
I know what you mean I know I use to drimk a lot of coffee but it got to the point it was not setting good with my gut so had to give it up all together.I was all so a coke cola allholic and I had to give it up as well.I have all so have to give sugar up as well and I know drink my tea unsweeten took awhile to get use to it but its not so bad.I know every time I smell coffee I get real tempted to get a cup but then I stop and thing to my self now is this worth the greive I will have after drinking it.but at east I can enjoy the smell of it any way.

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   Posted 12/3/2007 9:51 PM (GMT -7)   
LOL paintedsongs, I assumed you were Canadian because I never knew they had Tims in NY...very cool!

My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it!  LOL  :)

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   Posted 12/4/2007 3:46 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi I have a coffee maker too not the Tim's though ,I just buy the cheap big containers of coffee but I don't use as much coffee as they recommend so it is not real strong. If it bothers me too much I switch to tea. Probably shouln't be drinking it but will see how it goes. Now I have the odd cup at Tim's when I go to town. So I have gone back to the coffee train after being off it for years.I also am getting a carry cup for car and vacum set for xmas ,so when I am running to Dr.'s and hos. I can take what I want to drink . Canadian Tire had them on sale last week and I did take it to the Santa Parade. Gotta love me I guess will be a nice treat for me and will save a few dollars .lol gail

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   Posted 12/4/2007 7:55 AM (GMT -7)   
I have one cup a day. Granted, it is a 32 ounce cup, but who's counting. :-)
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