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   Posted 12/11/2007 8:28 PM (GMT -7)   
 Hi everyone, I'm a senior in high school, i have crohn's and i haven not been feeling great lately. I have not been in a full day of school since nov. 16 th, and i went a partial day nov. 30. Anyway, i went to a specialist at the u of c. and he put me on a prednisone taper plan, but he said i will feel sicker before i get better. So i started on nov. 27, and i really have been feeling sicker. More D, i'm tired all the time, i could sleep like 14 hours. Joint pain, bloating, abdominal pain with D, the whole bit. So i have not been attending school at all. However, i do receive homebound tutoring, but i wanted some unbiased opinions, like should i just suck it up and go to school, or should i just rest and work at my own pace during this withdrawl period. I mean i already got accepted to some colleges, and i'm only about 1-1.5 chapters behind everyone and with the break coming up i could probably catch up, but sometimes i almost feel guilty for not going to school, i mean is there something wrong with with me? I just am honestly so worn out all the time i feel like i cannot sit from 7-330 everyday. I apoplogize this is quite a vent, but i just wanted some other opinions besides my family's.
Thanks :-)

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   Posted 12/11/2007 9:17 PM (GMT -7)   
Kix... don't feel guilty about not going to school. My son has recently been diagnosed with Crohns. He is a junior this year. It has been a long yr for us. Last March we thought he had food poisoning. to make a long story short.. it was an undiagnosed ruptured appendix. It had been ruptured for over a week. He was extremely ill. By the time they figured it out, he was pretty bad off. He spent 9 days in ICU and several more in the hospital, followed by 2 more operations. He had an open wound that would not heal up until this last November. We found he had Crohns by a routine surgery. One of his open wounds would not close, he had to change the dressing 2 sometimes 3 times a day. After an MRI they found he had a fistuala. When they went to fix that, they saw the damage to his intestines and colon. The dr. took out 13 inches of intesine and diagnosed him with Crohns, UC, and IBD. Ok.. so back to the school part. Justin missed 3 months of school last year and quite a bit this year. In california he has to pass the exit exam to receive his diploma. He hasnt taken the math yet so we are not sure if he will pass or not. Anyway... talk to your school counselor. tell them the situation. They should be able to help you out. Your health comes first. You are not faking it to play hooky. maybe you do feel like you can go to school, but you shouldnt push yourself. stress is not going to help you out. I think my son feels bad not about missing school itself, but the social stuff that goes along with it. He feels like this is supposed to be the best time of his life and it is passing him by. Do you feel that way too? He is 17 and small for his age. He is embarrassed to tell any of his friends what is wrong with him, this is all fairly new to him. My advice to you is to go at your own pace. don't press it. IF you feel like going, then go. Your teachers will understand. Your family will understand. I dont know if any of this helped, but I would like to hear more about your crohns and how you deal with it. I could really use some advice on how to help my son. Thanks!!!

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   Posted 12/11/2007 9:50 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi shastalakegal, thanks for responding to my post, it was very helpful, and i appreciate your reply. i know you mentioned you would like to hear more about my crohn's so this is my story in short.....I'm an 18 year old female, I live in the chicagoland area, i have had stomach issues since 9th grade im a senior now, but anyway i was diagnosed with u/c when i was 16 but then got ill and was rediagnosed with crohns when i was 17. I then had 2 separate hospital stays for crohns exacerbation. that was in nov/dec of 2006. i stayed about 11 days total in the hospital on both visits. Umm, on the 2nd visit in mid-december i started remicade and it was very helpful, i went from having D to going to the bathroom normally. By this time i had missed school from about thanksgiving and did not return until after winter break. I was about a quarter behind and delayed taking most of my finals. the 2nd semster was a little bit bettter i got homebound tutoring and went on a 504 plan, which allows me special privliges, like not taking gym, more time for assignments, bathroom/elevator access if needed. i still missed alot of school in between then. I dont think i ever made a whole 5 day week except once. But i finished junior year fine i got A's and Bs. But i had to finish over the summertime. Also, this whole time i have been on pred. from bieng in the hospital till now. So the side effects have been causing me trouble. I am currently on 5mg of pred. 6-Mp, remicade, protonix. I am so sorry that your son has been so ill, i can't begin to imagine how hard it has been for both your son and family with the surgery and new IBD diagnosis. i will keep him in my prayers, and let him know i say Hi!, from a fellow teenage crohn's patient! (i dont know any myself).  and that i too feel embarrasssed alot about the whole thing, high school is rough and lots of teachers dont evn know what crohns is let alone the students. The social part really sucks too i feel like i have not seen my friends in weeks, but i do try to do things with them on weekends if i can, and make sure to keep in touch with phone calls, and AIM. I'm really just focusing on graduating and feeling well for college. On advice to help your son, i mean my mom and my stepdad have been really supportive of me, and encouraging, they don't badger me about school or anything like that. I do let them know when i don't feel well, but they have always been very loving, escpeically my mom, and she just rolls with the punches with me, but one thing that used to annoy me that she has backed off a little bit, is when she asks if i took my meds, or did i try this or that, and i'm not saying you do that to your son or anything, but i am responsible in taking my meds so it used to bother me. However, if you notice your son is not taking the meds then yes be persistent about it becuase it could make the situation worse. i also experience some anxiety and depression so i have seen a therapist about it, i don't know if your son is it expereicing this or not, but it really has helped me to talk to other people who aren't so close to my situation sometimes. But.....this post is getting really long and im not sure if i helped you in anyway, but best of luck to you and your son, and hopefully i can talk to you more through this threads!! thanks!

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   Posted 12/12/2007 6:44 PM (GMT -7)   
Hey KIX,
I too am an 18 year old highschool.....yay!.....who has Crohns. I go through the same things you do. Its very hard to go through everything alone. I mean people say they understand...but unless they have Crohns or Colitis they really dont. I was Diagnosed when i was 12, and had some pretty bad times. I am doing better now after a few years of flare-ups. I do have an older sister with Crohns but i also know what its like to not know someone who goes through what you do everyday so, if you would like to can email me or i can give you my myspace. ( I also met alot of people who had Crohns through CCFA Summer camps. I met people from all over my state who are the same age and made friends i know ill have for a lifetime and dont look at me weird when i talk about having Crohns because...they have it too.)

well let me know if youd like to talk more. and good luck(senior year is hard for most but harder for us who have Crohns)

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