Questioning if CF is a possibility?

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   Posted 1/15/2007 8:17 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello internet searching has lead me to this board hopefully for some insight. 
I am 35 years old and was diagnosied with Asthma back in 1994 and for the most part haven't really thought anything more of it until recently.
Back in November I came down with a "cold" and that is nothing new but what was new is that all of a sudden my heart was racing....I ended up at the hospital because the pulse was so high I couldn't hold a water bottle without seeing it bounce in my hand.  They did and EKG and said that it was tachycardia (high pulse rate).  I left thinking nothing more of it.  I assumed I must have taken seomthing that increased my heart rate.
This week I came down with another "cold" / virus and it quickly dropped to my lungs.  I called the doctor because I was having tighness breathing as it felt like the lungs were filling up.  By the time I got to the doctors office I had a temp of 102 and once again tachycardia (they put me on an EKG machine)....this time I knew I hadn't taken anything that would increase my heart rate.  I didn't take any cold medicine and I don't drink anything with caffeine.  They took a chest Xray to make sure it wasn't pneumonia and said the x-ray was fine.  Said it was the Flu and gave me Tamiflu and told me to do nebulizer treatments every 6 hours as needed.  My husband has come down with the same thing and I have noticed marked differences between us, most markedly is the mucous production.  I have gone through 2.5 boxes of tissues trying to keep on top of clearing my sinuses of a thick mucous (almost membrane in consistancy) while he has maybe blown his nose a dozen times.  I am also continually clearing a deep wheeze phlegm from my chest.  Where he has coughed barely at all.
I started to look online for some answers as the racing heart has me scared and frightened and I know it isn't normal to have this... and I find it very strange that it is happening when I get these "colds" that effect my respiratory system.  Looking on the internet can be very dangerous, because you can talk yourself into a diagnosis and make it fit....I had origionally started searching on thick mucous production and tachycardia and it lead me to CF.  As I read I fit some of the profile but not other parts.  I have in the past few years suffered from bouts of extreme abdominal pain, that may or may not end in a bout of diarrehea.  I continually have issues with the sinuses as far as congestion and pressure.  I have bouts of thick cervical mucous (once agian, memberane like).  I have hypertension (which I have had since grade school). 
On the other hand, I have no problem gaining weight (I am considerably overweight).....I do not have any of the clubbing mentioned. Even though I have constant sinus problems I don't have growths.  I haven't had any lung infections. On the whole, I don't have issues with breathing until a sickness comes along, and then it causes havoc with my respiratory system.
One thing that I thought was interesting is that the sweat or skin has a salty flavor to it, because I have a dog and my dog loves to sit and lick me.....she could careless about licking my husband.  She will give him a *kiss, come over and lay next to my leg like she was sitting down to a dinner plate. 
I don't konw, just trying to figure out what is going on with me as doctors don't seem to have time to actually sit with patients and be concenred with a total picture.  They look at each thing and treat it as individual components, not trying to connect the dots!
Any help in dissuading me would be greatly appreciated!

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   Posted 1/16/2007 1:44 PM (GMT -7)   
Frankly, it is doubtful.  But, I suggest getting a sweat test anyway.

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   Posted 1/19/2007 6:07 PM (GMT -7)   
I doubt it too. It would seem more likely that the heart racing is due to having a cold and not getting enough oxygen. I haven't ever heard of people with c.f. being significantly overweight. Usually, their problem is quite the opposite! They can't gain weight! As to the dog(s) and even sometimes cat(s) will lick me because of my if you use lotion, that might be the reason for the licking. One of the dogs does really lick my son's skin (he has cf), but the other animals don't do that. I'm thinking you probably "just" have asthma that isn't being taken seriously enough by your doctors, and that it's made worse by weight and/or inactivity. Just get after your doctors and find one who will take your asthma seriously!

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   Posted 1/19/2007 9:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Mom4Life :-),

I have CF, am 30 lbs overweight and in fact, have fought my weight my whole life. I am one of the few who don't have digestive problems and have never taken an enzyme. I was diagnosed late in life, at 25 after the birth of my second child, and I'm now 51 and healthy. I was also mis-diagnosed as Asthmatic, with severe allergies all through childhood, and do not have any clubbing. So, yes, paulabog it is a possibility that you could have CF.

There are just too many variables in the CF world to say one way or another just by your symptoms if you have it. Certainly if you have enough of the classic symptoms, it would be worth the sweat test to at least rule it out. Good luck and keep us posted! :-)
Live life, Laugh often, Love more :)

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