Thursday Roll Call, New Years Day 01/01/2009

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   Posted 1/1/2009 11:56 AM (GMT -6)   
Good Morning Family...................Happy New Year and my question for you today is:
What has had the greatest impact on your life?

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   Posted 1/1/2009 12:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Heej Kitt,

You too the very best wishes for 2009!

This one is so hard, and I can't give you a definitive answer. A few things pop up, like the one and only time I lost my mind and wished I could exchange all my talents and gifts just to be whatever it was to make a certain girl interested in me.
But music is a great influence in my life as well, although it was not a sudden impact. It has been built up over time, and now it plays a major role in my life.
One last thing though. This one might be what I would say to answer your question. One night, just before I joined HW, I was in bitter (mental) pain again, as all week. When the pain reached its climax, it became too much, and my mind somewhat shut down. No more thoughts. It was still in my head, quiet, and I was in total peace with everything. That moment is what I am looking for ever since.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say it one more time, as it keeps me focussed.

Kitt, is there something for you as well?

Take care!
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   Posted 1/1/2009 12:37 PM (GMT -6)   

Thanks for posting the roll call. I have to think about this one and get back to you. There have been many people who have influenced my life, but I want to get it down to one.

Have a great day,

Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 1/1/2009 12:53 PM (GMT -6)   
my parents have made a great impact in my life. they have always been there for me, when everybody else has turned their back on me. they are great.

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   Posted 1/1/2009 1:56 PM (GMT -6)   
greatest positive impact on me has been God & my friends

Ne Ne
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   Posted 1/1/2009 2:09 PM (GMT -6)   
The greatest impact would be getting diagnosed with crohn's... I had a life then but for now it seems that the crohn's has taken over. I use to be able to work and now I can't. It's the biggest reason I've got depression.

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   Posted 1/1/2009 3:35 PM (GMT -6)   

I noticed that in your signature you are taking pristiq and abilify. I take effexor and abilify and it works good. I was just wondering how it is working for you and how long have you been on the abilify.


Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 1/1/2009 6:18 PM (GMT -6)   
The greatest impact on my life so far was a relationship which I was in 9 years ago. I was 16 and I started seeing a guy, I was with him for nearly 3 years. I hate to attribute such significance to someone I feel such contempt for, however this guy treated me awfully, he was viscious & violent, controlling & manipulative, and slept with probably numerous girls behind my back. At the time I was so weak and ashamed to admit that I let someone treat me in this way, He hurt me so much physically and mentally, and eventally after 3 years I found the strength to walk away. I feel that this has been the root of my depression and anxiety & why I have found it very hard to form a functional relationship with my current partner. Yet I also feel that I am a stronger person, that this horrible relationship has made me the person I am today.

And that is a good person, sometimes I struggle & my relationship now is hard at times because I have issues with trust and self esteem, but it is all part of me and I am working to move forward. I wouldn't be who I was without the impact of the past - but that is exactly what it is - the past.

And so I apologise for my long & not very nice post but the question struck a chord!
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Ne Ne
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   Posted 1/1/2009 6:49 PM (GMT -6)   
the pristiq, and abilify, are working fine as far as I can tell. Its the crohn's that's hard to deal with. I have a therapist that I deal with.But going from life to being house bound almost it's hard to deal with. I like coming here it does help.

Dawn turn yeah
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   Posted 1/1/2009 11:37 PM (GMT -6)   
there has been so much that has impacted my life that i dont know where to start!

1) Fibro and having all the doctors and tests and everything all the time

2) my Grandma, the only person who understood me and I felt such a special bond with her, it killed me wen she passed away....

3) fighting the depression and anxiety and conquering the self harm and bulimic tendencies and pills and all that crap that I did to myself... that had a HUGE impact on my life...

4) finally talking to a special teacher who was there for me and encouraged me to get thru all the bad things.

5) coming out to my was a year ago today that I came out to myself... it was and still is hard to deal with, but I've adjusted and my friends are wonderful.

6) life itself has impacted me because I feel like I see the world so differently than most people. I want to be a doctor and I feel like I have this weird "gift" or something. that sounds crazy, but I can feel it sometimes. My ability to separate things in life is something alot of people cant do...

7) my persistence and passion for medicine and life. thats what keeps me going when Im down, knowing that some day I will make a difference in peoples lives and I will care for them with every ounce of respect that I have...

Wow, I just re-read this and I sound like some special wanna-be weirdo! lol But, thats really how I feel...I have learned repeatedly that I see the world much differently than most people... and most people seem to look at me weird and my friends make fun of me sometimes, but thats okay! lol

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and best wishes to all!!!
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   Posted 1/2/2009 12:46 AM (GMT -6)   
I don't know where to start either! Greatest impact is when I got really sick in october, I had the "chronic flu symptoms" with swollen eye, and a lot of eye pain. After weeks of trying different treatments, a week in a hospital, I went to Casey Eye Institute. After another hospital stay (due to emergency biopsy) I found out when results came in that I had 3 things wrong. A blessing to have no cancer. But I had two rare diseases, Necrotizing Gramultous Inflamation of Orbital area, and Wegener's Disease. Thirdly, Necrotizing caused small tumors in my eye. Hows that a blessing? My treatment got better, we knew what to treat now. My family grew closer to me, even though I am the stray in the family. I am blessed to have my family and many friends, and my church congregation. And I'm blessed for the internet, for sites like these. Im blessed for our wonderful medical technoglogy, I found out through research 90% of people with Wegener's died within the first year til there was a medical breakthrough in the 1970s. There's still no cure, but there's treatment to prolong the lifeline now. I just pray they find a cure. I really dont like the pill form of chemo that I do daily :S

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   Posted 1/2/2009 6:23 AM (GMT -6)   
Happy new year to all .or should i say i wish you all a better one than the last would be more realistic .

Kitt as for the greatest influence this i thought about for a bit but for me it was my year seven ( first year of high school here in the alnd of aus) teacher .He was an elderly fellow and he had a loud voice when he needed to use it .But i think for the first time in my life someone believed that i had the talent to do what i wanted .That year i started in the lowest grade in school by the end of that year and with the help and encouragement from him i achieved so much and ended the year in the top class ( i think that year i found my escape from life it was books ) .
I`m sure by now this lovely teacher has slipped from this world to the next but he taught so much in that year than i think i have ever learnt ,too bad he isn`t still here to continue his great work .

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   Posted 1/2/2009 10:06 AM (GMT -6)   

Happy New Year Kitt, and everyone here

Losing my youngest son has been THE impact of all impacts for me and my family.  It changed me forever of course, and the things that used to depress me or cause me anxiety no longer exist.  I learned that there is nothing that will phaze me anymore.  I used to suffer from anxiety and depression, and now, just the anxiety from losing him, and watching his brothers grieve.   I no longer use the term depression in regards to how I feel, for it isnt depression, it is profound sorrow.  I think that when one goes through the loss of someone very close to you, it changes your outlook on everything.  You no longer feel sad for yourself, for's the "what might have been" what he, and our family is missing. I dont dwell on it so much now, because I would never have been able to function at all, and that would have been so much harder for my family.

For my son, I am trying to hold my head up, and move forward, (for my surviving sons as well)  I can face almost anything now.


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