My storie and still fighting

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   Posted 2/14/2009 6:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Greetings to all and wish you of you a Happy Valentine's Day. Here is my story kind of long so be warned. I am a 31 year old sheriff deputy and was told about two weeks ago that I have diabetes. For, the past year I have been in and out of the hospital. It started in Feb. 2008 my shoulder had a tear and I had two disks in my neck that is herniated. I went through alot of tests and was given some shots, and meds to take to help with the pain. Then in May 2008, I ended up in the hospital my doctor thought that I had appenditics. After, all the tests it was determined that my left ovary was stuck in my small intestines and had two cysts on it. The doctor said it needed to be removed. Several years before I had my right removed due to cysts and that it was stuck to my stomach wall. So they took my ovary and I had to start taking two meds for hormones. Started throwing up for about a month and after all the tests the doctor found a blockage. Well, two months later I ended up back in the hospital to have the blockage removed. I also, have had Gred which turned into barrett's a precancerous condition and it got worse with all the throwing up. Ended up with a hiatal hernia as well. Then , in Oct 2008 went back into the hospital with a lap nissien fundolopcation and while in there they found my gall bladder was messed up and I had alot of gall stones, so they had to remove that as well. Then, after recovering I went back to work and was feeling really, really bad like I just could not go. I have a 11 year old son and could not get out the bed execpt for work and fixing him food then would end up back in bed sleeping all the time. Was, just so tired and felt sick all the time. I thought I was going crazy, I have/had also suffer from depression and the doctor has me on cymbolta and xanxa as needed. Well, ended up back at the doctor three different times for feeling so bad and wa told that I was in my healing stage and that it just takes time to heal. Did I mention I am a fairly big girl always have been not over weight so to speak but since May I had put on about 60-65 pounds and had not been eating much of nothing. Well, was also told it was a sinus infection, put on meds still didn't help, my doctor ran thyroid tests, cbc, and everything came back good. Then ended back to the doctor so she did a b-12, and Mono test and both came back positive. I started takung b-12 shots about a month ago once a week for fourth weeks then once a month. Also, told the mono would have to run in course and given two more meds because I had a sinus and throat infection and a EBV test done to see if the mono was past or present. Well the mono came back old infection, also chronic or reactiaved. Have no clue were I could have picked it up from. Then about three weeks ago I was still no better and she had me do the GTT. That evening after having it done I got a call telling me that I have diabetes and that I needed two eat a two thousand caloire diet, take 500mg metformin twice a day and to check my sugar on the meter twice a day and see a diet doctor which I still havent heard from yet. I got a copy of my GTT test results and my fasting was 108 and at 30 mins it was 221 then one hour 271 then at the two hour it was 178. I have been checking it since last week and it has stayed between 90 and 110, and once I eat a teaspoon of jelly it went to 141. My doctor says that sometimes diabete is not detected because when they do a finger stick its good because you havent eaten and that mine seemed to shot up after I had something that wasn't good for me. I am trying a low carb diet on my own but I haven't been able to figure out what all I can eat how I can eat 2000 calories and lose weight, much less get that many calories in me. Since I have Gred its hard to eat lettuce, drink milk and eat healthy because it doesn't agree. I do love pasta and meats, breads, and fruits so im trying to use those and eat less of them. I have lost a few pounds see starting the metformin. Also, in the past I have ended up at the hospital because I dyhrated when I get sick and my doctor says that it prob because as a diabete that you loose more fuilds therefore if you don't drink enough then you dyhrate. Well, I know this was long but wanted to share a few of my battles and any advised would be great. I have no clue what to do and I have been researching alot. Couple questions is it true that your finger stick will be lower in first stages of diabetes and that's why only a GTT will detect diabete? Is my numbers really high enough to be on meds? What other meals can I have? Does 2000 calories sound really high amount to eat? How many carbs should you have in a day? I know that these are just opinions and what you have been through that is why I am asking, any helps would be great. I also have high blood pressure and on linsiopril/hct20-25 for that. I also, have to keep phengran on hand because of the lap nission I can't throw up so when I get sick I have to start taking that. I am on so many meds and what to get off all that I can and any advised would be great. I also am taking ambien and remeron 15 mg to help me sleep. Thank you in advance for the help and again sorry so long and sorry my spelling is bad. God Bless each of you. And if I can be of any help to anyone please just ask.

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   Posted 2/14/2009 6:37 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi there,

I've read through your post, but only understood half of it-my brains still not back in gear.

I can help you on one thing, and that's the calories. 2000 sounds like a blisfully low amount to me. I have to have 4,000+ calories in a day-it's sooooo hard to do.
2000 cals, is what should be the daily intake required for the average female. So, I guess that does sound like a sensible amount to be eating.

I don't know enough about diabetes to really advise you. I've only ever looked up CF related diabetes which is slightly different.

Remeron, can increase your appetite and cause weight gain, it can also cause higher blood pressure in rare cases, so if you didn't have that problem before I'd question your doc about it.

Sorry can't be any more helpful. Just thought I'd chip in with what I knew.
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   Posted 2/14/2009 7:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi xena,

I always thought that you needed only 1200 calories to maintain weight. But I could be wrong. If your doctor said 2000, then that is probably right. With Gems saying that she is on 4000 calories, I would imagine that 2000 would be accurate.

A lot of depression medications do cause weight gain. There are a few that aren't suppose to like welbutrin and effexor. There are others, but my brain isn't working either.

I would talk about exercise. And eat small portions frequently to keep your sugar level. The highs and lows can be dangerous. I believe that it is recommended to eat four to six times a day.

You sure have been through a lot. A lot of surgeries in a small amount of time it seems. I would try to take things one day at a time, living in the moment. Stress can cause your sugar to rise also. And so can heat. I sure hope that you are feeling better soon. I hope that this has helped some and that somebody will come around who can give you more advice.

Keep posting,
hugs, Karen
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   Posted 2/14/2009 7:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Karen-I'm going off what crisp packets tell me-so I could be wrong.  confused


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   Posted 2/14/2009 8:31 PM (GMT -6)   
hi xena!

I honestly only had time to read through part of your post (I'll get to the rest later), but I really wanted to encourage you to get a second opinion about the barett's. I was diagnosed with that also a few years back (i'm 31 now also). I had so many issues with the hospital stay that my mom contacted an expert on Baretts (a family friend who is one of the very top researchers on it in the U.S.). He said that almost everyone who ever gets it is at least in their 50's. Now, maybe somehow you're the exception, but in my case it was a two-fold issue. The history was an issue, but I found out I had "silent migraines" (nausea, dizziness, etc. like a migraine but without the headache) and also he scraped my esophagus with the scope, which apparently is fairly common. I was started on treatment only to find out that it was a wrong diagnosis & if I would have stayed on the prescribed pills then I really would have developed it.

Like I said, I'm not a doctor & I don't know your case, but I was told it was way over-diagnosed & that many people under 50 who are given that as a diagnosis don't actually have it.

I will talk to you later. It sounds like you definitely have a ton of other stuff going on. I'm so sorry for all you're going through, but everyone here is really great & supportive and we are happy to have you join!


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   Posted 2/14/2009 9:55 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for the replys they were of great help and support. Frances, I am one of the ones that is unluckey and have confirmed with several doctors of the barrett's. I have had Gred for many years and have at least one scoop a year done. I was told I had barrett's about 4 years ago and every year tested for it and it got worse. I did see and have my test results rechecked several times. I also had the lap nissen done in Oct to help from barrett's turning into cancer. Thanks again and God Bless.

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   Posted 2/15/2009 12:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Oh xena, that's so sad. I'm really sorry.

I don't have diabetes myself, but I did have a student one year with really severe diabetes. Usually a good number in between meals for her was 100. If it went down to 70 we gave her sugar. If it went up to 170 we gave her insulin & called the nurse. Above 200, we were instructed to call 911. I'm not really sure how much of that was specific to her, though, so it's probably best to check with your own doc.

I have problems with hypoglycemia myself. It was really hard to get my diet right b/c of a milk allergy. I do okay with goat's milk, but that's probably not okay with your GERD, I don't know. What really helped me was to schedule a few appointments with a nutritionist/dietician. We sat down & talked about caloric needs, types of meals that I enjoyed that were good for me to eat, and did some meal planning so I could have something to reference going forward. She even pulled some recipes for me to help me get started. I was on a 3K diet (trying to gain weight), so the main issue was figuring out snack foods that were healthy & could give me plenty of energy. Plus, it's really hard to keep drinking water when you're eating all day. I heard the explanation why once, but I'm not sure I could explain it to you. Probably the nutritionist could. Usually you can find them through hospitals or fitness centers. Since you're diabetic the cost might be covered by your insurance.

I've been on a lot of meds myself in the past. Hopefully once you start to get things under control you can back off on some of them. I have been on phenergan myself & I think it's a pretty good med. Probably once you get your diet under control you won't need it as much. Same with remeron & ambien. Once I got my own eating schedule under control, worked on managing stress, got a bed time routine in place & started putting lavender in my pillow (it makes you sleepy) I could cut out the remeron & lunesta. I've heard losing weight can also help with sleep -- though I wouldn't know. But I do know that getting your blood sugar under control does help keep you more alert in the day & sleepier at night. It's not going to knock you out, but it will maybe help.

I don't know if any of that helps you at all, but I just really wanted to encourage you that it's not the worst thing in the world to be on so many medications, but by making lifestyle/behavioral changes, a lot of people, me included, have been able to cut back on how many meds we need. Hopefully the same will hold true for you. You seem to be a really strong person, very focused on what you need to do to get better & that will carry you far. Hang in there! Remember that the best parts of life are still to come -- we just have to keep climbing the mountains until we get there. :)

peace & prayers,

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   Posted 2/15/2009 10:28 AM (GMT -6)   


Hello, this is Kitt. I am so sorry you have had to deal with so many problems.

My best advice for you re the diabetes is to make an appointment with a endocrinologist for the diabetes. Also a Registered dietician to help you set up your meal planning to take into consideration all your issues.

I deal more with the Type 1 Diabetics at the schools and they are the kids who are so smart and learn about their disease quickly. 

I recently purchased some new books on Diabetes.  The one is a reference book that you may benefit from:

Diabetes for Dummies, 3rd Edition by Alan L. Rubin, MD. It speaks to newly diagnosised Diabetics and is an easy read.  You do not want the one for Type 1 Diabetes so if you choose to purchase the book, be sure you get the right one. I always order through Amazon and if you look in our Resources to the right, you will find Amazon listed under book sellers.

Great advice from all.



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   Posted 2/17/2009 6:40 PM (GMT -6)   
Sorry that you are having so many problems the only advice that I have for you is to get a second opinion and if after the second you still are not comfortable with the diagnosis get a third.Also ask around to see what other people in your area feel about the Dr.`s you are seeing.
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