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   Posted 1/5/2010 2:10 AM (GMT -6)   
I posted here bc i wasnt sure what other category my problems would fit in as i am having afew but am extremely hopeless. First let me start by saying i am 25 years old and am having a mental brakedown due to some health concerns which i will explain now. i dont know where to start besides i will try to brake down the past year... so here goes. early in the year i had afew drinks with friends, later that night i passed a large amount of red blood with my stool (first time ever) it was bright red and filled the water to make it turn red, it was not mixed in with my stool att this point but there was a decent amount in the toilet. since then i sum times get small amounts (still red) mixed in, but rarely as i have stopped drinking since this happened. the DR said it was most likley internal hemorrhoids but i didnt know they could bleed so much it was like a water spicket of blood. ok now to the next thing, my lymph nodes on the sides of my neck (below my ears) swell, im not talking big here but they get very tinder and annoy me. they never go completely down but they change in size (sometimes barly there and at worst just tinder about 2-3mm in size)my dr isnt worried bc they arnt huge and change in size but i am! now about half way threw the year i broke out in Petichea (red spots) at this point my dr orderd a cbc and i requested an hiv/aids test along with the other stds to rule them out, all of which came back good. about this time i started to notice my healing was running slower than normal, i weedeat and get some minor scratchs and it takes me about 1-2 weeks to heal (they where minor). ok the red spots went away and everything seemed to be normal untill BOOM ring worm hits about augest last year (i still have it!!!!!!) and low and behold the redspots are back! had another cbc orderd in sep and all came back PERFECT. im really starting to worrie bc the ringworm isnt reasponding well to antifungal creams and ive had it since augest! my head is pounding right now and thats been the norm for about a week. my absolute worst fear is something like leukemia!!!! I have started a faimly (2 kids, one is 4 the other turning a year in afew days) THAT NEED ME!!!

i dont know what else to ask for or where to go from here, ive seen tons of things on the internet and im really at my wits end, when the family goes to sleep i stay awake and crack up, tears all that and i dont know what to do so that i know they will h ave a father. im lost and hopeless and will welcome any replies.
PS: i wouldnt be as worried if i didnt have petichea appearing and reading into some of it SCARES ME, when i was 15 i had mono and dont know if it could cause them this many years later as i never got them befor. im sorry for the mispelling and scatterd thoughts, i am so stressed over this i cant even hold a conversation with my wife. please help!

god bless all of you i pray for some of you after just reading your post.

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   Posted 1/5/2010 5:00 AM (GMT -6)   
hi better days, i am jamie and i suffer with petechea as well. mine comes about during massive amounts of stress, i had millions of them all of my body. my sweat was contributing to the reaction-thus making it worse. i am a poor healer being a type 1 diabetic. let me allay some fears with petechea. people with hiv/aids get a similiar rash, but what we have is moreso endocrine caused. i do not have any std's either, and because of the similarities i too was tested-my tests were for clamydia and gnorreah and herpes simplex. with the blood in the stools i would consult an oncologist, i get blood from time to time, me when stressed-at the moment i tend to get diarreah with stress and minor bleeding, this for me is stress induced, yours well i think you need some specialist help.
the sooner you can get some medical stuff happening the sooner you will feel better. hey you have a family that needs you. the head, most likely stress tension headache, and or migraine, both i know well. it may be time to look further into reducing some stress and worry regarding you and being well for your family. must be hard, but i feel the more attention you put into your physical and mental health the sooner you will be on track. need to de-stress as much as you can. be writing, be it air guitar with your faviourite music one-i love this, listening to judas preist tonight as i am de-stressing.
you have done well in posting and seeking support. continue being brave and get some stuff checked out bythe appropriate specialists. your breaking down at night is something very common to most people under pressure, over the years i have cried a river. in terms of your mental state be wary of not having this checked out. as alike me and you, both having complex stuff, it can simmer and boil quickly, moreover it can impede physical wellness and healing of medical problems.
look after you. i hope it all gets better real soon. am here for you. jamie, male, 37. with compassion my friend.

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   Posted 1/5/2010 9:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Better days,
And welcome to the depression forum.  I think Jamie is right on spot.  But try not to dwell on the situation, just deal with it as need be.  Get tests done to rule things out.  I think a lot of it is stress related too. 
I get rectal bleeding, but not as bad as yours.  And it can be hemoriods.  If it were someting internal, you would have black stools.  So try not to worry about that too much.
Have you ever tried just plain bleach for the ringworm?  That is what they use to use way back when.  It kills it on spot.  I hope that it works for you. 
The hives I am sure are contributed to stress.  Do they itch?  Or is it jsut a rash?  Think about things, like soap and detergents too.  Often a channge can create this.  Or even you may become allergic to something that you don't know about.  But stress is a huge factor here.  It does wierd things to our bodies.  I get itching from medications.  Though  I don't know if your rash itches.
I hope that things get better soon.  One thing I do recommend is not going on internet looking for answers to things, it can make you worry too much, which makes everything else worse.
Take care,
Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 1/5/2010 10:57 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi better_days,

I hope you get some relief soon. It's great that your doc is finally ordering tests. You should keep in mind the option of a second opinion as well. Your doc doesn't sounds concerned enough.

Are you seeing a therapist or counselor right now to help you deal with the stress?

Take care,
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   Posted 1/8/2010 5:38 AM (GMT -6)   
better days, just checking in to say hi and to see if you are okay. with compassion, jamie.

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