What do you do for your depression?

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   Posted 8/2/2010 12:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I have been depressed to different degrees for the past year. My main problems being finding a job I am passionate about (that pays the bills), feeling stuck to the ones I don't like (again to pay the bills) and lacking any close friendships in my city (I'm from the opposite coast and moved here without knowing anybody). I have a great relationship with my boyfriend, but find not having people outside of him starting to feel somewhat suffocating. I'm slowly attempting to work on that.

I find counseling extremely unhelpful for me (and don't want to use any medications). I dont like to discuss my problems and after doing so feel I just wasted time I could have been productive doing something else (which probably wouldnt' happen as I lack any sort of motivation). I like to be in action, fixing the problem, in a forward movement. I feel like I do everything I can to fix my situation and hate feeling like I have to depend on someone else to make the decision which will affect my life (hiring me for that awesome job for example).

When you lack motivation, what do you force yourself to do try to get out of the depression? I know I should exercise more, cook more, etc, but where do you find that motivation to get up and do it?

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   Posted 8/2/2010 1:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Layla_Lee,
In answer to your question "What do you do for your depression?".  I take medications and go to therapy.  I try to walk a lot too.  I try to keep busy.  My depression has been in remission for about a year now or more. 
If I were you, I would start slowly.  Maybe make a list of the things that you would to accomplish and check each thing off as you do it.  You may be looking at the whole big picture when you could be breaking it down into pieces that are more managable.  That is the one thing that I can come up with.  Break it up into smaller tasks and take them one at a time.
I always say take life one day at a time.  Do not dwell on the past or worry about the future.  This is an easier way to live.  And it works for me.  Spending time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future takes a lot of energy.  That tires us out.  So think about it and see if you are doing this, it could be what is depleting your energy.  Start out slowly.  Usually once you get going, it creates more energy to complete the task at hand. Like doing the dishes, it always seems like such a big job when you look at them, but if you gradually start them, before you know it you are about done.  At least that is how it is for me.
I wish you the best.  I hope that others will come on and share their experiences with you and give you some tips on coping with these things.
Take care, keep posting.
Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 8/2/2010 6:28 PM (GMT -6)   
My experience kind of relates to your issue with trying to meet more people in your area besides your boyfriend. I started the whole "college experience" last year and I knew no one going to my university from the start. I chose not to take part in most of the Orientation activities because 1) Honestly they are pretty pointless and 2) I had severe anxiety about being in this new environment. Anywho, I met my best friend in Pre-Calculus and we bonded over our mutual hate...for pre-calculus =P Point is, maybe if you start going to places in your community where you can meet a different crowd, for example, the park, your neighborhood where you live, even the grocery store or something silly like that...you'll meet more people and if you work up the motivation to talk to people...maybe your social network will gradually expand itself. I found my motivation for going out and meeting new people in my new school environment from my knowledge that if I was going to enjoy school, I was going to have to have at least a few friends. So I put myself out there, started introducting myself in classes, etc. If you can acknowledge the fact that you need more people around besides your boyfriend, maybe that will give you the courage to go out there and do something about it. And another quick little word of wisdom I learned from my mother.. if you want people to stick around, you have to make yourself approachable and look friendly. Sounds kind of odd at first, but really I've found that it's true. People are naturally drawn to others that make them feel comfortable and that are friendly, so when you get that motivation to get out there and do something about whatever's bothering you, keep that in mind. It worked for me and I wish you the best!

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   Posted 8/3/2010 10:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Layla,

I understand completely what you are going through. I moved roughly 300 miles away from where I lived for 21 years, about 8 years ago and never really made one, true friend. When I was 23, I met a man who lived in my town and we started dating and eventually, I moved in with him, got pregnant, we got engaged. I ended up having a miscarriage of twins and in the same year almost lost my mother. A year later, I ended up with a bacterial infection of my large intestines and during the time I was deathly sick, my ex fiance' made me move back home with my mother, where I have been residing for the past 4 years now. Fast forward to now, and I'm making frequent trips down to visit my friends and family from my hometown, and I start dating someone I went to high school with who was always a great friend. A few months later, I end up pregnant again, now at the age of 29. I just recently lost the baby and needed surgery done and am coping with that, along with generalized anxiety that has gotten severe, and mild depression. The father of the baby left me while I was pregnant, and I have been stuck up here like a hermit, in my mother's house. I spend most of my time on the computer, talking to friends or doing other things. I rarely ever leave my house, but this was going on before I started dating my most recent ex, my old friend. After I started seeing him, I was getting out of the house more, spending time with old friends, etc. When things went bad with him, they did with me also. I had to wean off of an anxiety medication called Klonopin (Clonozepam) because it was harmful to the baby. Once I saw my Psychiatrist, she put me on the anxiety medication again and that same night, was when I started miscarrying. I have been in the hospital 4x and each time, I was sent home with "good vital signs" and nothing wrong. After my ex and I split, I was having such bad withdrawals from the Klonopin, I was having spasms in my arms and legs, I could barely walk, I had severe burning in my stomach, all of my muscles felt like they were unable to be used because I was very weak, and many, many more things. Now, I'm still in my mom's house, mainly by myself most of the time. I know I went into a lot of details here, but I wanted to try and let you know that you're not alone. I never want to leave my house. I actually went to church with my mother the other day, and decided to rush out of there when mass was over, because someone I knew was in there..And I didn't want to discuss my loss or anything else that was going on. Therapy doesn't help me either, and I've gone to a few different therapists. It's slim pickings though where I live, because I have medicaid. The breathing exercises do not help and I can talk to my family if need be, or a good friend. But maybe you should attempt to try it again, because that's what I'm going to do. I know I need some kind of help. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to send me an email. Just remember, you're never alone. Wish you all of the best and take care.


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   Posted 8/3/2010 10:42 AM (GMT -6)   
I also want to add that I have no desire to do anything that I used to enjoy. I used to be on online disk jockey, playing music for people and enjoyed doing that a lot. I also enjoy cooking, just sitting and listening to music, reading and writing poetry and watching good movies. I haven't wanted to do any of that recently and it's only getting worse for me. I refuse to go on any depression medication though, since they tried me on Cymbalta last night and I woke up very sick at 5am. So again, if you want to talk, feel free to send me a message. I know exactly how you feel, and I'm not even working right now. I recently got my driver's license in April and got a car, but have been unable to drive it due to everything that was going on in my life. The reason it took me so long to get my license is because of my anxiety. I really hope you get out of this rut, just like the rest of us are in. I know it takes time, and time heals all wounds. Please, Please talk to someone about this.

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   Posted 8/4/2010 4:17 AM (GMT -6)   
i walk. solitare for the mind, music, music and more music!! keep well and take care.


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