bad depression please help

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   Posted 1/9/2011 4:17 PM (GMT -6)   
i had a minor depression 4 years ago associated with health worries, anxiety, and bad insomnia. my doc has me on 40 mg paxil, 300 wellbutrin, 300 seroquel and 10mg diazapem. I suffer from acid reflux but i sleep like 3 to 4 hrs a night and have for 4 yrs. i cannot get off the benzos as i breakdown without them withdrawal has never been successful despite 4 attempts. whats horrible is i still have severe anxiety and my mood is so bad i dont want to move i hate doing things and i thought all these stupid pills were supposed to help. anyone with any advice. i will just sit alone for hours doing nothing. it got progressively worse over the years as i couldnt sleep then all the stress and medications caused me to have acid reflux which i worry about so then i dont sleep, so then i worry. no pills helps me sleep at all nothing

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   Posted 1/9/2011 4:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello, Joe1619,

I see that you are a regular member and have no doubt posted other
threads regarding your problem with depression and acid reflux disease.

You've listed a number of medications which you take, and you may be suffering not only from reactions to the medications, but you may have also foods in your diet that are contributing to making acid reflux worse.

It's helpful to go online and search acid reflux disease to learn
what provokes attacks and see if there is anything that you are taking
that can cause this and what home remedies are available to help
ease the symptoms.

Personally, Alkaseltzer works for me. Do you know about which foods
are acid-reacting upon digestion? If not, please see a website called acid-reacting; see if any of those are part of your diet on a daily basis. While you can't erase, perhaps, the effects of medications, you may be able to reduce the acidity of acid reflux by changing your diet mildly to lower the level of acid-producing foods in your diet.

I've said this so many times: the body has a threshold of sensitivity to certain foods, but once we pass that threshold, we're going to have adverse reactions. For example, sugar is notorious for producing acidic reactions. All milk products are highly acid in reactivity. (It's the sulfur-like content called thiols which create the problem for some.) In fact, there is a website called "foods high in" which gives you a list of those . Check it to see if you use these foods in your diet frequently. Then, please check an opposing website called "Alkaline" to see which ones will give you a better digestive event. Strangely enough, one philosopher said that foods which we eat that taste bitter are digested as sweet, and foods that we eat that are sweet are digested as sour or bitter. An example is the lemon: while it tastes sour, it is digested as one of the most alkaline foods that a diet may contain. It's extremely calming and good for the body.

That's the kind of thing that works for some of us. In addition, it is
best not to drink or eat anything that has caffeine in it. Caffeine is highly acidic upon ingestion.  I would add that the artificial sweeteners are also very acidic.  The only one to date which has been shown not to be harmful is Stevia.  Ask yourself if you use many diet drinks or
alcohol in your diet.  If so, it is best to remove them for your health.
Finally, it is best for you to turn off your t.v. and computer at least
one hour before going to bed because the light emitted from the screens may virtually stop the production of melatonin (a chemical that induces sleep).  If you are an older person, the production of melatonin is reduced, anyway, and adding melatonin will work for about three
months only, so you need to provide other ways to get to bed without
light interfering with you body's ability to help you go to sleep.  Some
people use 5htp tryptophan as an adjunct to helping get to sleep.
(There is a very rare but possibly dangerous illness called "the Serotonin Syndrome" in some people who are taking SSRIs for depression, so check with your doctor on that one--if you are sensitive, however, to 5htp tryptophan and are one of the rare people who have a reaction if you are taking SSRIs, all you need to do is drop the 5htp
from your schedule and the illness will dissipate within 24 hours. )

I'm not a doctor and can describe only that which has worked for me or others. You should discuss this with your general practitioner to get his opinion regarding your diet.

Good wishes,

It's Genetic

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   Posted 1/9/2011 5:07 PM (GMT -6)   
It's Genetic has some really good points there. We are what we eat as they say. A good diet is very important to how we feel. There are a lot of things that food allergies can cause and depression is one of them.

I am wondering if you need a med change. You are taking 300 mg of Welbutrin. I can't sleep on 200 mg. That could very well be effecting your sleep. I take ambien for sleep and it works good for me. It sounds like you have a little bit of anxiety going on at this point too. Are any of your meds good for that? I see that you are taking seroquel, is that for a mood stabilizer? Or something else. I take abilify and that works good for me, also there is risperdol. So you do have options with the med situation. You are on a high dose of welbutrin, you may need something else for sleep. But only your doctor can give you the best advice, and it is trial and error for awhile.

Try working on the things for your diet, it really can help the way that you feel. Especially with the acid reflux. I took a med for that, but can't remember the name off hand. If I think of it, maybe it was nexium??? I am not sure, but I think it was. I was under a lot of stress and was having issues and the doctor prescribed it for me.

I hope that you feel better soon. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 1/9/2011 5:38 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Joe,
I have personally dwelled and obsessed over health problems that I think I might have or will eventually get.  Maybe you should try some natural ways to deal with your depression and anxiety.  And for the acid reflux try a glass of milk in the am and right before you go to bed.  As for the depression wake up someday and hopefully you will be ready to change your life.  I feel like the root of all my problems and anxieties are all rooted from what I have made them into... Do fun things; get out more.. Hope I could help.. Hope you get well.

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   Posted 1/23/2011 7:31 PM (GMT -6)   

I have suffered with depression all my life, but none as bad as this year. I am on 40 mg of prozac, I take ativan for anxiety and ambien for sleep. My doctor has me on omperzole (prilosec) for reflux. I am sure I didn't spell the name correctly but I take 40 mg twice a day for the acid reflux. I have also had a fundalplycation for acid reflux but I still need the medication. I just recently got hooked up with an online therapist who is really wonderful and has really been helping me more than any other therapist I have ever seen. Please Please hang in there and keep asking questions of your doc or switch to one who will give you answers. Try a gastrologist for your reflux.
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