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   Posted 7/31/2005 11:57 AM (GMT -6)   
I know I havent been around here lately.  I hope to be around more now.
I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who read or posted to my posts regarding the problems at work. 
I however, unfortunatly lost the battle.  I lost it this past Thursday.  Although I knew there was the possibility, I really down deep never thought it would happen.  I would have to meet with my supervisor each Thur. and the week before she said she had nothing.  There was only one little incident this past week.  I had left a very skinny file on top of the file cabinet when filing files away.  I looked up there but did not see it.  The next day someone was looking for the file and so I went thru all the drawers looking for misfiled.  My supervisor did too.  It took me about 30 min. to go thru most of the drawers if that and she claimed it took her a good hour (one of several lies she has told me).  I found the file on top and gave it to the person who was looking for it.  He just laughed when I told him where I found it.
What makes me so mad and angry is that I was on probation in June and they made me have a therapist fill it out due to my ADHD.  My t recommended a very good one which I went to.  Unfortunatly he was not on my plan so I had to pay a $250 deductible.  I along with several of my friends feel very certain that back in June wanted to fire me but had me get this form filled out and an additional 30 days just to cover their butts.  We feel they had no intentions of keeping me in the first place but they are never going to admit to that.  I know $250.00 plus 20% of the remainder isnt a huge amount of money but to me it is, especially since I feel certain that I wasted that money.  This t has an email address on his card.  Do you think I should email him and let him know what happened?
Thanks again to everyone who posted and supported me.  I am going to need support now with being unemployed and looking.

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   Posted 7/31/2005 4:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh Chelsi,

I'm soooo sorry sis . . . I hope you find a job you will actually enjoy!! That place sounded dreadful.

Yes, I think the therapist should know that the company you worked for is referring people like you, knowing that they are about to be jobless. He should know what happened to you.

Keep us posted regarding your progress finding a job and I hope that this will actually HELP you!!

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   Posted 8/2/2005 1:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I hope you are right about getting unemployment.  I filed with them on Friday and called them yesterday to make sure they got it since it was online.  She said yes but had a few ?'s.  First she asked about school.  I explained that I was taking 1 night class and she wanted to know what night, time class started, ended, dates started and end.  I just wanted to say geez lady, you want my bra size too?  I did not dare tell her that down the road I would be seeing a t one night a week.  I am not looking for any evening jobs.  Then she said I would get a letter in the mail telling me when they are going to be calling me to "interview" me because I got fired.  She said it would be 4 weeks before I would start getting anything but I did get the letter yesterday telling me how much I was going to make a week.  I collected more 4 years ago.
The only reason I would be worried is over some incident that I am not even sure I did.  My supervisor told me about it and that she had proof but never would show it to me like she would not show me any proof of other things I do not think happened.  What happened was that I did the switchboard on the Friday before the 4th.  My normal hours are 7:30-2:45 on Fri. and the office hours are 8-3:15 which is when the switchboard is open.  Well she claims that I closed the switchboard down early.  She said someone commented to her that they were up there at 2:50 and it was shut down.  She said the key pad computer shows I entered the actual office at 2:31 and later it was 2:41.  She does not even know what time it was.  Well IF I did this, and I have no memory of leaving early, the only reason I can come up with is that I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:45, my normal leaving time and closed up and left.  IF I did do this, I was totally spaced out because I would never even think of doing something like this, let alone do it.  I told her that she leaves at 3:30 and I at 4:00 the rest of the week.  What is preventing me from leaving right after she leaves?  Noone else in our dept. is there so noone would ever know except the receptionist and I told my supervisor she could check with her. So, why would I leave early when doing the switchboard when there is a chance of being caught when I never did it any other time when I could get away with it.?   That would be the only reason I could think of for not getting unemployment.  A friend told me last night that when unemployment gets the letter from my co. they will probably just laugh.  I have emailed my supervisor and ask for a copy of my personal file.  I believe I am entitled to it.  She said she sent the request to her supervisor who is in another office in another state.  I hope I get it.
Are your drs. making you take off?  I am thinking that they cant let you go for that.  What if you were a cancer patient who had to miss work for their illness?  I dont know how old you are or if you are married with kids but I think the time the little kids of today get to be of working age, depression is going to be a much more understood disease than it is today.  Have you started looking for another job?  Could it be your job that is causing the depression?  I dont know what it is you do but I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts that you dont lose your job.

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   Posted 8/3/2005 2:29 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Scaredy,
Thanks for your support.  What exactly do you do in Telemarketing?  If it is high stress I probably would not be able to  handle it. 
As for my records, I was looking for a form online for our reviews and ran across a form to request you personel file.  We will see if they do it.
I have yet to hear from unemployment as to when they are going to call me.  The mail has not come today so maybe it will be in there.  I filed on Fri. and on Monday I got a letter of determination telling me what I was going to get weekly if I am found eligible.  When they do call, I plan to tell them the truth and to ask them what my ex employer said and see if they will tell me.  I am keeping my answer very simple.  I would think the interview would not last more than 10 minutes.  I dont know if they ask for your side or just ask specific questions.  I wonder what would happen if I tell them one thing, the truth but my former employer says something different.
What meds are you on?  My pdoc is in the process of changing mine.  When I first seen her 7/2 she said she had no idea what to do with the meds I was on.  I was going to another pdoc for about 3-4 days and I was never comfortable with her and my last or nest to my last visit she made me mad that I decided to find someone else.  I really like the one I have now. In fact, I saw her yesterday and time before she gave me 2 weeks of samples as she is decreasing my effexor.  She meant to give me some yesterday but forgot so I called and l/m and then went down to get them.  She was in the waiting room talking to some lady, for what I have no idea.  When I was leaving she asked how I was doing and I told her not good.  She asked when my next appt. was and I told her and she said if I needed to to call before then.  My last pdoc would never have done that.  My t doesnt take those calls in between visits.

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   Posted 8/4/2005 11:17 AM (GMT -6)   
Please don't give ip hope. If you lost that job, consider it a clue from God that there is a better one out there you. I know that is no consolation right now, but remember you do have the option for unemployment until you find the right job. I will hold good thoughts for you. God bless!
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