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   Posted 7/25/2006 2:48 AM (GMT -6)   
 It's the same old story being told all across the US (as well as other affluent countries!), the one that starts with the following: I have a weight problem...obesity...fatness...UNpleasingly plumpness...beluga...oink, oink, oink...UGH!!!!
So they say, "Lose weight! Get up and exercise! Lay off the sweets and the sodas! Don't eat much!" What wonderful suggestions! eyes  Uh-Huh....
Okay, there's no magic bullets. Gotta face the facts. I just wish that I wasn't so hungry lots of the time! I try not to eat out of boredom and when I do eat, I don't empty the kitchen! The local buffet bar doesn't close down after I leave their restaurant. My metabolism sucks too! Wait! I take that back! My metabolism doesn't suck, cuz I ain't got any in the first place!
What should I do first? To be honest, it would have to be giving up ALL the sweet sodas. I drink mostly diet, but lately, I've been getting sweet ones out of the coke machines when I'm out and about... nono
And's so darned hot I barely wanna leave the house and when I'm in the house I'm always so tired. Exercise bores me too. I have a bad foot that has never been right since I twisted it bad about 10 years ago. But yeah, there's gotta be some sort of activity I can do to get my butt up and moving!
Goodness how I love sweets and for the past few days I've been craving chocolate worse than a starving dog does a steak! Us womenfolk have needs ya know...especially when times are getting close upon us... yeah
Now some folks are such health nuts that they won't eat meat. The same is true of many animal lovers. (I love animals dearly, but my motto is: If I didn't meet it, I can eat it!) I reckon that a shark wouldn't shed a tear over me and he wouldn't even wait 'til I was dead to eat me, so I have no qualms about eating him back! HAH! It's true though that a cow would have no interest in gobbling me up, however, I betcha if I turned green and had petals instead of hair, those cows would show me no mercy either! And too, whenever I've been to a restaurant or a grocery store, the beef is already dead and me not eating him ain't gonna bring him back to life. I won't let his death be in vain, so it's actually my duty to eat him. Ah, I digress...What I'm trying to say here is that I love my protein! Vege's are nice, but they don't stick to my ribs! I ain't no rabbit afterall!
So what's a fat woman to do? I guess I'll have to starve myself to death, cuz nothing else is going to do it! Now if only I could figure out how to starve without knowing I'm hungry....

"If you watch the stars at night,
And you find them shining equally bright,
You might've seen Jesus
And not have known what you saw...
But you would notice a gem
In a five & dime store."
From-"Mary Was An Only Child" by Art Garfunkel

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   Posted 7/25/2006 5:25 AM (GMT -6)   
Im no psych, but when i needed to get fit, i first needed to conditon my mind.

Stand in front of the mirror evreymorning and drill into your head "I need to change this, and im willing to do whatever it takes"

My motto with food is, cant eat what you dont got. So all you really need is super self-control when you're going shopping, the rest of the time its eat what ya got.

Set daily goals, yearly goals fail too often.

Good luck.

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   Posted 7/25/2006 5:36 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Janet,

I feel your frustration! (And I love steak and drink too many fizzy drinks!) Someone told me something about diet drinks the other day that shocked the heck out of me: they don't contain "sugar" (the specific chemical compound that we know and love), but they do contain "sugars" (when they say "sweeteners" that's really what they're talking about) and those can and do add weight just as you would expect any general "sugar" to do. And they're all processed and artificial and have a strong tendency to bring you down after the initial rush. So they won't be doing anything for your metabolism or state of mind. One little thing you can do that can really help is, if you take sugar in your tea and/or coffee, use honey or dark dark brown sugar (as unprocessed as possible): they're both much more yummy than the white stuff (and even light brown sugar), and they're (more) natural so you process them better.

Steaks, now they're different and all in all pretty lovely!

You probably actually need *more* of something though ... water. Boring, I know, but actually a glass of water with lots of ice in it on a really hot day -- nothing beats it. It fills you up and cuts down on the cravings, is *really* good for your brain, and it gets your body working more effectively. Bear in mind that I don't always follow my own advice on this one, but when I do I do have to acknowledge the truth of this.

Exercise bores me too: I have a strong disinclination to doing it for the sake of it. But I now walk everywhere and I must've shed about half a stone over the last month. That gets your metabolism working too.

So, from one non-health-freak to another, take care,

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   Posted 7/25/2006 5:40 AM (GMT -6)   
hello, i'm new here so i don't know how much good adive i will have... but from what i have experienced i know that i can't get my eating habits under control if i am not in control emotionally... if everything else is spinning around me, then the last thing that i can focus on and give energy towards is what and how much i eat... i see that you are a veteran memeber, and i'm not sure, but i would guess that you are being treated for depression? i am sorry if i am wrong about that... but i would hope that as your depression got better then so would your eating habits. everything needs time, and hopefully over time as your emotions even out so will your eating and your body... but i know that is a pretty optomistic statement and i know it's not that easy, i definately understand what its like to feel unhappy with yourself and to want food all the time... i have noticed that since i have been on meds for depression that my need for food has become less strong... maybe i am just being very obvious, but that is what i was thinking when i read your post. but i hope you are doing at least okay, hopefully better and i wish you a lot of luck with everything. ( :

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   Posted 7/25/2006 6:03 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Janet, I cant give you advice on what your going through personally as I haven’t faced this but I have seen my mother struggle with her weight for years.  My mom was always very thin as a teenager and when she was with my dad and after she had me my father was so obsessed that she would gain weight that he wouldn’t keep food in the house and basically tried to starve her.  So when she left him she started to gain a bunch of weight and had weight problems ever since, most psychological, but unhealthy all the same.  She had to have gastric bypass 2 years ago as she has severe heart problems and has to have valve replacements and couldn’t do it with all the weight.  But on to your post.... I was wondering if you have tried seeking help from like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or something of this nature?  It can be very confusing now days on knowing the correct portion sizes to eat and with all the chemicals that are put in foods that are processed what is harmful and what isn’t.  I know that processed carbs are bad for our bodies, such as white breads, sugars...I have cut these things out of my diet.  I only eat whole grains for breads and pasta which is hard as I am Italian and was not raised to eat in this fashion...  tongue Janet, you can do some stretching exercises inside your house, just stretching is going to get your muscles warmed up and feeling better.  Also, maybe if you have a Curves work out center in you town you could look into that?  I know you said exercise bores you...but Curves really only has women that go there and the mast majority of them are over weight.  So you’re not going to see any skinny minnies walking around in spandex showing off for the boys.  I am told they have personal trainers to help get a routine going for you and help guide you when you need it.  And the biggest thing is it isn’t very expensive.

Rosie, I have also read the same thing about the diet sodas.  A lot of them are coming out made with you know if that is also a problem or not?  I am totally addicted to Diet Coke eyes eyes



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   Posted 7/25/2006 6:19 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi all,

Michelle is absolutely right: state of mind really does affect eating habits and readiness to do exercise. Which makes it *really* annoying when you go to the doc with depression and have to listen to him/her talk on about how exercise will help you with your depression ... even though I know they're right, darn them!

Els -- not sure about Splenda, but my guess is yes, same thing, because I think it's another artificial sweetener. I share your passion for/addiction to the evil sweet brown fizzy liquid! I am, however, now trying to be fair on some of the other drinks out there and am very generously sharing the room in my tummy with water and *!*fruit smoothies*!* (yum yum yum, they're so yum!).

Best to all,

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   Posted 7/25/2006 11:45 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks all for your kind of my problems is that I feel like my life is so constricted with few pleasures, that if I give up my goodies, what's left?
PS-When mom starts getting her SS, we'll have more money freed up and I hope to join a gym. That won't be until NOvember.
Bless the beasts and the children...

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