Diagnose with Low Testosterone and then Not!

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   Posted 8/20/2006 7:20 PM (GMT -6)   
I was persuaded by some friends to get my testosterone levels checked. I have experienced many of the symptoms of low testosterone all my life, especially in the sex drive, and low energy categories, along with many others.
I have experience most of them most of my life. I am 46 male.

I had my blood drawn several weeks ago and the results came back from the Dr. as follows.

My overall # was 220

My unbound? # was 95 

I called an endocrinologist(sp?) to set up an appointment.

I was taking this as a positive more than a negative as treatment may result in a feeling of wellbeing.
Well I had 5 vials of blood taken and last Fri. I received the results.
As has been the case all my life everything came back normal sad
My testosterone was now at 333.
The endo will not treat me now sad
I was so hoping for this to be the answer.
Anyone else have low levels?
Is 333 considered "normal" for a 46 year old?

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   Posted 8/21/2006 4:51 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi tase,

I'd just like to welcome you to healing well.
I know that there is a link between low testosterone and depression but I am not a doctor so can't advise you on what is normal levels for you.
I hope that your doctor can do something for you about this.

Keep posting and welcome again
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   Posted 8/21/2006 6:03 AM (GMT -6)   

I failed to mention that I have indeed been under Drs. care for 6 years for depression.

I am on meds and I just spoke to him last week prior to the new blood results.


He was so happy to hear that I would we undertaking HRT (Hormone Replacement Theropy)

I was just wondering if anyone has been involved with testosterone or HRT?



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   Posted 8/21/2006 1:02 PM (GMT -6)   
If your regular Dr. thought that the HRT was a good idea perhaps he could call the endo for a little professional chat. Perhaps in this case 2 heads will be better than one.

Good Luck.

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   Posted 8/21/2006 3:12 PM (GMT -6)   
I had to force my PCP to let me even get tested for low t. I asked him to humor me and he did. I must say he did seem a little excited when the 1st results came back showing low t levels.
I see him again on 8/28. I will try and get retested then.
A little more non t related info.
Like I said I was diagnosed with dep/anx around 6 years ago. I was and still am under a lot of stress as my wife has some pretty serious mental health issues and I have a job that I am miserable in.
I have always had very, very low self esteem. I have also always been lazy.
My problem now is that I don't do anything more than the very minimum in my life. I force myself to go to work. I spend 8.5 hours doing nothing (can't believe I have not been fired yet). I cannot motivate myself to do anything.
At home I watch sports on TV and play around on the computer. We rarely go out. We don't take vacations. I have no desire to do anything.
I am totally aware of the "just get off my butt and do it" route, but I can't seem to get myself off my butt.
This is where the testosterone stuff came in. I was writing this kind of stuff in another forum (non-health related) and 2 members who suffer from low t jumped on my symptoms, since they were so familiar to them. They raved about HRT. Told me how much better I will feel...
Like I said I wasn't hoping for the "magic pill"
This is quoted from an article, but says what I was trying to say.

Benefits most often described by patients occurring within one to two weeks include an increase in energy and well-being, a small increase in libido and spontaneous erections. Full benefits may take a number of months as androgen receptors develop in the tissues in response to the testosterone treatment. In the longer term there is an increase in muscle strength (particularly when combined with a programme in the gym), bone density and cardiovascular blood supply is improved and mental alertness and an elevation of mood is often marked.

Well time to leave from doing nothing to go home and do nothing.

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   Posted 8/21/2006 4:20 PM (GMT -6)   
Thanks atedogs
We have been tinkering with the cocktail a little bit recently
450mg welbutrin
75mg effexor
1.5 xanax before bed.
If you don't mind me asking, what combo has worked for you?
BTW I guess I lied-I forogt it was my twin SIL's bday and we are going to MIL's for ny strips on the grill.
We do visit the mothers every once in a while.
Also I have a 15 yr old kitty
1.5 yr old kity &
12yr old bichon frise that I love to death.
In fact the 15 yr old was on my lap for my 1st post, thus typing with 1 finger, I was forced to keep it short.
That is the #1 rule in the house-"Don't Disturb the Cee" (his name is caesar) :-)

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   Posted 8/22/2006 10:00 AM (GMT -6)   
tase,  How cute! tongue   Another animal lover in our mix.  I had a 11 year old Shih-Tzu that dominated my household.  I loved her to peices but she is in puppy heaven now...I hope your physicians can get to the bottom of this for you.  Hopefully, it will give you a new lease on life.  We are happy to have you here....keep posting.




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   Posted 8/22/2006 10:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Maybe it is the luck of finding a new group (you guys) or the luck of sounding so pathetic on the phone with the Dr. on Fri. It doesn't matter which.
Anyway, yesterday Mon. I decided to make another call to the endo. I felt that perhaps I have been so obviously saddened by the news, and thus ended the conversation stating, "I guess I won't need that 9/22 appointment now."

I felt I rushed her, since she was reading most of the results for the first time while on the phone with me. I felt that maybe after we hung up and I canceled my appointment coupled with the fact that she made it clear that she had a large pile of results to look at, that after we hung up that would be it for my case.

I decided to call her Mon as I said, and left a somewhat detailed message asking her if she could please review all my results, just in case something else stuck out or whatever. I told her if she found nothing she didn't have to call me back, and thanked her. Much later in the afternoon, while waiting for my wife to pick out some bday cards, my cell rang, and it was the endo.

She said funny I should mention going over my results because she actually took my file home over the weekend. She said I sounded so sad that she wanted to really study my results. We discussed several options and plans of action. Bottom line she felt that I should at least try HRT for a short while, and if it turns out not to effect me, we can rule low t out and look elsewhere.

She had already contacted my php's office asking for blood test results for the past several years to see if there was any type of pattern for different things. My php is on vacation, but pretty cool that she had really taken up my cause.

She said several years ago, she would have put me on HRT right away, as my numbers where sure close to low, but insurance companies now make it very difficult for the endo's. They need concrete evidence of the ness. of the treatment. So we are going to get retested next week at a different time of day, and she will try to come up with a good case if the ins co decides to give her a hard time.

Really really long story, short (sorry for the length of these posts), it appears that I will get at least a shot at HRT and I now have some hope for my future.

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   Posted 8/23/2006 9:38 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Tase, I am very pleased that you will be able to try the HRT and at least see if it helps or not.  I am hoping it helps for you....keep us posted.

Atedogs...dear, noone could possiable come close to haveing as many pets as you tongue .  But since we are on the subject I have 3 cats... Lizzy Borden (yes, she is as evil as her name sake) Winnie Pooh, and Normandy who is my baby.  I also have one Mutt dog named Henry Miller...dont ask why, my mom picked out the name...he came from the pound and was 1 day away from the gas chamber.  He's half Scottie and half Lab...smart little dog, just learned how to smile.  That's it for me besides all the birds we feed and squirils...




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   Posted 8/23/2006 1:22 PM (GMT -6)   
Geez Ate, you think you have enough pets?:)

Yes they are a great comfort. As my very lowest, either prior to or just starting my meds, trying to find the right combo, it was enough for me to be able to touch any of the pets that were in bed with me.

My wifes cat, who has since passed, would usually be in the bed would usually be just close enough for me to touch. And the dog I could touch with my feet.

I hug my critters as often as I can, especially the 2 seniors.

Thanks for everyones kind words

Hugs to all
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