got 2 kids for sale or rent - anyone interested!!!!!!

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   Posted 2/9/2007 1:54 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm at my wits end.  I love my children dearly but by Friday, I'd gladly give them away for awhile!  My husband's shift work is what I call the single parent shift because he's asleep in the morning when the kids get up and he's gone in the evening.  I have little to no help.  And today is a pdday so I had to get both kids to daycare.  I ended up going upstairs and breaking down and my husband had to go finish getting them ready so I could take them over to the daycare.  I am still shaking a bit, on the inside.  But work today is difficult.  Even more difficult to focus.  It was just so exhausting in every way possible.  I haven't posted in awhile.  Not that I'm doing better or worse, it's just been hard lately.  I check in and read through posts but I haven't been up to posting for myself lately.  It's so hard to talk/write these days.  Everything just gets caught in my throat.  I have made a huge decision and in two weeks time (feb. 27 - my 30th birthday) I am seeing my Dr. to have my sick leave form signed and I'm going to be taking almost 4 months off work (that's what we're allowed in Canada through the Employment Insurance program).  It was a difficult decision but after going through a couple of really shaky weeks, I was forced to come to the conclusion that I needed some time off to heal.  Just making the decision lifted my spirits.  But I have to get through the next couple of weeks.  I try to get one night away from the kids every week but this week I have not managed it, and it's adding up.  And tomorrow my husband may be on course all day so I won't have my usual supported break on Saturday, when I often don't get out of bed til 1pm and then I take a really long, relaxing shower.  I just don't know what to do.  My parents are the only ones that respond when I say I need help.  Friends are rarely available and I get frustrated relying on my parents all the time because they are really busy too.  We run a little law firm and my parents both put in very long hours.  And I can't afford a babysitter either.  Anyways, I just needed to vent my frustrations after this morning.  This afternoon my son is going for his psychological assesssment and I'm very interested to see the results.  My husband and I are seeing a counsellor on a regular basis now and I think we're making some headway but his schedule complicates everything and I'm left to clean up, look after and generally run the house by myself.  And I think mentally it would be one thing if I knew I didn't have anybody (ie. a single mom) but when I have a husband and I'm still stuck taking care of everything and everybody all the time, it's just incredibly frustrating.  And I have to struggle with everything to get even the smallest thing for myself.  I wanted to take a course one night a week and I was unable to find a babysitter for that one night.  Nobody was available to do it and my mom didn't want to commit without back up.  So I ended up not being able to take the course.  It seems like such a little thing but for me, it's all those little things adding up.  And I'm tired emotionally and physically.  I feel ancient and I'm only turning 30 at the end of the month.  Anyways, I just wanted to attempt to post and vent a little, see if it helped at all.  Maybe a little but sometimes tapping into the emotions like this morning, is a dangerous thing if you can't do anything about it or there's nowhere for them to go.  It's hard to bottle them back up again and it takes some time.  Time....  It's always about needing more time and not enough time....    Thank you for listening.
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   Posted 2/9/2007 7:58 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi slowlygoingcrazy..I don't think there is a parent out there that at sometime hasn't had similar feelings about their kids..sheesh, parenting is the hardest occupation of all!

Taking time from work is a good idea - if it means that you are Really gonna work hard on feeling better about yourself..but if you are gonna mope around home and 'overthink' it may not be such a good idea eh?

Working around someone who is doing shiftwork is always difficult, but surely he must have some days off to have quality time with you and the kids? At least he has a job - there are plenty of people out there that do not :-)

Make the most of your kiddies while they are little..they grow up far too quickly and are leaving home before you know it :) Can you join a parenting group and be able to talk to other parents..I used to find that always helped..


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   Posted 2/10/2007 7:07 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi slowly, welcome back you have been missed my dear.  Maree has a wonderful idea about the parenting group perhaps you can see if there is one in your area?  I cant really give you any advice regarding children as I dont have any, I wasnt able to have any.  But I can imagine how stressful it is for little brother who is turing 30 this yr has 5 kids, 3 that live with him and his girlfriend and she has one of her own.  Two of the kids are newborn twins 3 months old girls, a 2 yr old boy who is very intergetic and her oldest daughter who just turned 10.  It is quite a house full and my brother rarely helps out with the babies...maybe it is a man thing I dont know.  His girlfriend dosent get much support from her family other than money wise so, my mom takes a day a week and baby sits for them so she can have a break.

I really think that there should be more options/support for parents who are struggling.  Not only emotionally but money wise as well.  For so many years women have been expected to raise the children, take care of the house and keep a sunny smile on their face.  That is not withstanding any kind of physicial illnesses, depressions, or other mental disorders, or even having to keep a seperate job.  I really dont see how they have done do it...or the ones who make it look so easy.  I know I couldnt be a parent, it is the hardest job in the world.


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   Posted 2/10/2007 1:35 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Slowly,
Its great that you have finally made that decision to sign off work. Trouble is, I'm guessing that you can't wait now for it to happen so you can take a step back and start looking out for you too? I bet work is just as stressful, trying to get everything done before you go? Two weeks seems like two days for the 'work you' and two months for the 'personal you'. Take it a day at a time, its hard but its what you would tell me.
Just try to look forward to all the things that you can finally tackle without having to worry about work too.
I'll drop you a mail.
Take care
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