I'm frustrated!

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   Posted 8/27/2008 11:46 PM (GMT -7)   
The last Food I ate was early Afternoon Yesterday.I made a small Egg Beater Omelet and in Unsalted Butter Sauteed a small piece of white Onion,a small stalk of Celery,2 small Jalapeno Peppers and threw in not even a handful of Baby Spinach Greens.I also had 98% Fat-Free Oven Roasted Turkey Breast.
I fell asleep sometime in the Evening or last Night (can't remember the time) and had a much needed nap because Yesterday was a nightmare and a "high frequency" stressful Day.My Aunt is about to drive me to pull my Hair out!STRESSSSS!
Upon waking I've drank Water and had a cup of Coffee.Just checked my Blood Sugar and it was 158!
I don't have a high Caloric intake because most times I don't have Food to eat and besides why should I eat 1,800 Calories per Day when my metabolism is slow and I'm currently not getting enough exercise?
What's it gonna take to get lower numbers quit eating and drinking altogether?
My mission is to lower my readings on my own with the belief that I CAN.I don't want to take Diabetes Medication


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   Posted 8/28/2008 8:19 AM (GMT -7)   


Your body requires certain nutrients whether you supply them (by eating) or not. One of the necessary nutrients is glucose. Several different metabolic pathways exist in your body to make sure that your brain and body systems have a supply of glucose at all times.

Your body can process carbs that you eat, or, if you fail to eat- it can convert protein (from muscles) and fat (from your fat reserve) into glucose to keep your body running. This process is called gluconeogenesis  (it literally means to make new glucose). The liver assists in this conversion process. It has no way of knowing how much glucose you might need- so it churns it out until food arrives.

Meanwhile, your insulin feedback system reacts as if you were eating glucose from carbs (it can't tell the difference because all glucose molecules are the same regardless of the source), and your insulin resistant body is unable to clear the sugar - so your sugar rises even though you haven't eaten or haven't eaten enough.

Gluconeogenesis is just one of several starvation mechanisms- there are more and they're all designed to slow down your metabolism, maintain homeostasis, preserve your fertility, and keep you alive during times of famine- your body can't tell if you decide to underfeed it, or if food is unavailable- it behaves the same under both conditions. If you want to see what you are doing to your body- go read about how anorexia affects the human body- anorexia means underfeeding by the way- not just the horrible dysfunction known as anorexia nervosa- the process is the same every time you underfeed. You do damage.

If you want to regulate your blood sugars by diet and exercise- then you have to do the work to determine how little you need/how few carbs etc. You need to eat enough to NOT trigger the starvation mechanisms in your body. You can't read that in a book. What works for Jeannie, Lanie or me will most likely NOT work for you. If I eat like Lanie and Jeannie- my sugar is higher than if I eat higher carb. I need 75 - 100 carbs a day. I require fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts, starchy vegetables ( carrots, winter squash, pumpkin, parsnips, rutabagas) and beans to keep my sugars in range and my A1c around 5.0-5.3. Lower carb, or if I eat certain grains, everything goes up for me- I know this because I've tested myself over and over, fine tuning my current requirements, and if you want to be med free- you have to do the work too.

If your pancreas is checking out on you- you will need medicine- it's not a failure, and it's not an option if you are doing damage to your body with extreme shifts in sugar levels. None of us wake up and say- I want to take diabetes medicine. If you want to stick around, you have to do what's best for your body- and it might include taking medicine.


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   Posted 8/28/2008 9:51 AM (GMT -7)   
Sandy gave you the medical reasoning and explanation.  I can only offer my thoughts which are not based on science, perhaps.  Sydnee, I think a lot of this might be caused by an irregular schedule of eating and sleeping.  Many of your posts are during the wee hours of morning, so I believe you're not on any kind of regular sleeping schedule and therefore you might not have a regular eating and exercise or waking schedule either.  The omelet you described was fine but what about the turkey breast?  How much of that did you eat with the omelet?  My point is maybe that meal had too much food to eat at one time.  Or, maybe not - I don't know.  I do know that the body metabolizes food much more efficiently when it's fed moderately on a regular schedule, not sporadic meals that might be overloaded at times and not enough at other times.  Have you tried being on a regular daytime-awake, nighttime-sleep schedule?  And, as always, keep testing your blood sugar about 2 hours after a meal to see how you react to the food you chose to eat.  It's true that we all react differently to food.  What I can't eat, maybe you can and vice versa.  Before you get so frustrated that you give in, I think you need to get onto a regular schedule first (as I described), test your blood sugar, and then see any patterns.  According to one of your posts, you were able to bring down your blood sugar readings since you've changed what you eat, so you are still able to have some control.  Just my two cents.

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   Posted 8/28/2008 12:22 PM (GMT -7)   
Sorry to nit-pik, Sydnee, but the 158 was not a fasting test (if that's what you meant it to be) - you had coffee and had been up for a while. Take your fasting reading upon waking. The coffee might be the reason you were slightly elevated (it usually affects me :-)

I've read a lot abut metabolism and Sandy hits the nail on the head with her explanation. I can even assure that as a Type 1, this is what happens to me if I don't eat. It's just not good - for diabetics or not. It took me years to convince my non-diabetic sister that skipping breaky or eating sporadically, is not the way to lose weight. She lost weight and felt better after only 1 week of eating regularly. Not a lot but, regularly with good choices.
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