new question..I go to my doc again this 10/4 if no generic meds he will put me on the insulin pin

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   Posted 10/2/2007 11:57 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi guys,
Sorry, dont want you to get sick of me, but I do have one more question.  First of all thank you so much for all of your support, hugs and help in the past.  As many of you may know, I have hit that stupid doughnut hole with medicare.  I am on Metformin which is no problem, it will be 5.00,because it is generic. But the doc last month or so put me on Actos as well to try and get my diabetes under control.  (this was before my blood sugars went crazy when my husband died on sept 6th)  Then I hit the doughnut hole where with medicare with my plan anyway, they only cover generics for 5.00 and everything else is full price until you have paid another 1200.00 out of pocket for the year then they cover 95 to 100% of everything, which I wont make by Dec 31st.  The problem is, my new doc was and is really hot and heavy on putting me on insulin injections right off the bat.  Most of you didnt like that idea in august when I first came here.  The actos, is now 95.00 a month, and if he cannot come up with something else to go with the metformin, I fear that he will go back to the idea of doing the insulin injections with the pins that he has tons of in his office, so it would be free.  Okay here is my question:  If I do the pin injestions of insulin for november and december because I cannot afford the 95.00 per month for actos or whatever, can I go back to the actos or whatever, come January?  Will that mess me up too much?  My system is still a total mess from the death of my husband, so it is hard to tell what is really truly going on with me.  I trust you guys more than my doctor, your opinions are many, and they seem to all be collectivelly the same, so please let me know what you think, and I hope to hear from you before this coming thursday at 2pm pst.  
Thanks in advance!!!
My diseases are as follows: Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Disease, Diabetic II, 3 herniated discs in my neck, 3 bulging discs mid back, arthritis mid back, clinical depression,major grieving the loss of a loved one,  anxiety disorder,hypertention, chronic fatigue, resless leg syndrome, high cholesterol, repeated broken tailbone that has healed, but created a nerve pain when I stand more than 4 minutes & cramps up so have to lay down.  Diabetic neurapathy, (I used to have pain that radiated from my tailbone to my sciatica and down my legs that felt like bones where frozen cold, but have had no leg pain since I started taking Lyrica a month ago!) OH YES, DONT FORGET BAD SPELLING SYNDROME THAT COMES WITH MY FIBRO FOG.....HAHAHAHA
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   Posted 10/3/2007 10:17 AM (GMT -7)   

There are generics for blood pressure and for cholesterol. If you are in the US, WalMart sells them for 4.00/month- the list of 4.00 prescriptions is huge and they just added more (phase 2). Many of my local stores (meijer, giant eagle) have matched prices to keep the other scripts coming in (meijer actually gives free antibiotics for children now). There are plenty of sulfonylureas (like glimipride) on WalMart's 4.00 list.

When I was put on Actos- I got free samples for 4 months- ask your doctor to get you the samples. The drug company reps give them away like candy. I think there is a generic actos/metformin combo on the market now.

Here's my thinking on insulin- your body runs on insulin- NOT metformin, not actos, not avandia, not sulfonylureas, not Januvia - if diet and exercise do not work for you, why wouldn't you want to take insulin? The orals each have their own set of side effects-that often ruin other parts of your body while helping you to correct your bg. Insulin might make you gain weight because your body is now able to actually use the fuel you give it (so cut back on the fuel). I think I've read that a very very small number of individuals have reactions to the carrier fluid that the insulin is dissolved in- but that can be remedied (there are different brands).

As long as you pay attention to how to match your carb intake to your insulin intake- you shouldn't experience lows. I asked my doctor to put me on insulin when I was diagnosed with a fasting level of 456 and an A1c of 15. The diagnostic test showed that I still make plenty of insulin to meet my needs, so we agreed to try the oral route for awhile- and fortunately I have been able to tame the sugar beast for now- but if I were to start creeping up again, I would hunt around for a doctor who agreed that insulin was the best route to control- you don't walk around with a hang tag that says INSULIN USER- there is no shame in correcting a metabolic defect with a NATURAL substance- the same substance that your body prefers. (off my soap box now). I hope you are doing better these days Kari- I pray for you often.


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   Posted 10/3/2007 1:08 PM (GMT -7)   
Sophiabella, jeez I hope your luck starts to turn soon.
As for having to use insulin, I think Sandy is right on the money. Injected insulin is nothing to be afraid of - I've got used to it in my 27 years of 4 shots a day. Wait a minute, that's coming up for 40,000 injections if my mental arithmetic is up to scratch! If only they earned air miles I'd be laughing.
I'm not Type 2 obviously, but the oral meds do one of two things - either they make your own insulin work more effectively, or they help you produce more of it. Injected insulin is perfectly natural, unlike the oral meds, and will enable your pancreas to ease off on the insulin overproduction and hopefully preserve your ability to produce it for longer.
In the longer term you need to aim to reduce your need for insulin by following an eating plan that doesn't cause a high demand for it (watch those carbs!) and by enjoying regular exercise. If you can aim to achieve these things, your hormonal balance may well be restored and you may well be able to stop the injections. Lucky for some!!!

All the best,


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   Posted 10/3/2007 6:06 PM (GMT -7)   
I used Lantus, a long acting insulin, for over a year and have only just recently discontinued it (on my own with the new low carb food plan). The Lantus, for me at 12 units per evening shot, brought my morning sugars from the 120-130's to 90-105 within a week. I didn't gain weight, I didn't lose weight... just kind of floated along. I was also on Avandia which I eventually couldn't afford.

When I went for my Lantus training I was instructed to throw the bottle away after 28 days. My doctor ok'd me to use it until it was gone as long as I kept it refrigerated the whole time. She said, when the numbers go up the Lantus is probably gone bad. That never happened and I was able to keep that $80 bottle of Lantus (Sams Club Pharmacy) going for almost three months. Depending upon your dosage you can probably do the same. The fact is, though, if you eat less carbs you will need less meds, so it's best to start with what you are putting in your mouth so you don't have to medicate as much to control the excess sugar.

For anyone who cares to contact me (jeannie143 at healingwell dot net) I do know of some ways to save on medications. I learned about this from another member here on the forum and it has saved me quite a bit of money. I will be happy to share what I know in an email. I prefer not to post the information on the forum for personal and legal reasons. (And no!!! I don't make them myself,LOL!)
~ Jeannie, Forum Moderator/Diabetes & Fibromyalgia
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   Posted 10/4/2007 8:41 AM (GMT -7)   

Geez Jeannie

I was wondering what you were 'baking' down there in your basement- was thinking of offering my superb chemistry skills......sandy yeah

I just want to live happily ever after-every now and then. Jimmy Buffett

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   Posted 10/4/2007 12:31 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi sophiabella,
Is you doc a GP (internist) as he/she doesn't seem to really be with it when it comes to diabetes meds.  INSULIN and ACTOS are two very very different things.  ACTOS REDUCES your body's resistance to insulin....much the same as Metformin, but it is a much more powerful drug.  It does NOT stimulate the production of insulin in your body.  NOW your doc wants to give you raw insulin shots IN PLACE of a drug that increases your insulin sensitivity?????  That is NONSENSE!!  You should be on a drug like Glipizide or any number of drugs that ARE generics that STIMULATE your pancrease to produce more insulin!!!!!  NOT insulin injections!!!  Insulin injections should be where you arrive if you are seriously seriously out of control or if you have maxed out on orals and they just aren't doing the job.  It should not be a first line defense for a Type 2 unless you are WAY out of control!!!!
Get a new doctor, fast.
scool  Warren
PS - There is nothing wrong with insulin injections, and they don't mean you've "failed". They, however, should be a treatment that is much farther down the line for most type 2 diabetics!!
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   Posted 10/5/2007 7:46 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Sophiabella,
I just wanted to comment on your delimma with the "doughnut hole".
I don't really know what your financial situation is, but I do realize that you have
recently lost your husband (I am so sorry for your loss), and have probably
had a reduction in your income. You might call the social security office to ask if you
qualify for "extra help", which would assist you with your out of pocket costs.
Also many states have state pharmaceutical assitance programs (SPAPs) that may
be able to help you as well. I hope this info is some help to you. (((Hugs))),
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   Posted 10/5/2007 9:04 AM (GMT -7)   

From what I have seen on TV there really is a lot of assistance for people who are unable to afford their drugs. Below is the website for Partnership for Prescription Assistance...the organization that Montel Williams is the spokesperson for.

If you type in prescription assistance into google or any of the other search engines you will find an overwhelming number of sites to help you get you meds.

Don't throw in the towel. There's lots of help out there. And by taking some time to research this and getting yourself set up for the meds you need you will also be taking your mind off of your other problems. At least it will give you a different focus.

Good luck and just keep on going, hon. You will make it!
~Forum Moderator/Diabetes~

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