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   Posted Yesterday 11:07 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi, have not been posting for a while.  I was having good blood sugar readings for a while, even some low morning numbers (114)  which was good for me.  Type II.  Not taking any diabetic meds.  Having good aftermeal readings, nothing much above 140 even when making "bad" choices.  However, when making good choices they where in the 120's after meal.  Then doctor put me on Vytorin.  I have been tired, lethargic, and my blood sugars are up.  Went to bed with 103 bg last night woke up with 137.  Had a sandwich tonight, cheese, chicken, grilled, with spray butter.  That was it, and my after meal was 197.  I know a sandwich is maybe not best, but I had nothing else, and this type of meal last month would not rise my bg like that, I would usually have a reading in the 120 if I had just the sandwich, and maybe a salad.  I am very frustrated at the moment.  Anyone here have problems taking cholesterol meds and bg levels.  The thing is  my cholesterol is not that bad.  my total cholesterol was 191 (goal should be below 200 which it was)  my tryglycerides are high 220  goal below 150 and HDL is low 39 goal 45, and my LDL 108 goal below 100.   Now these numbers vary, but I sometimes have better numbers, when I have been good to exercise.  This was without any meds.  I have yet to take my first test on the Vytorin, but I feel lousy, frustrated with my blood sugars, so just wondering if anyone here has experienced this.  I have been pretty perstistant in avoiding the cholesterol meds, until the last "pep" talk from the nurse practitioner.  I am seriously thinking of telling the professionals, ok, tried it, it makes me feel lousy, the benefits do not outweigh the side effects.  Any  similar experience here.  Thanks. Donna

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Donna, I agree your numbers are not all that bad. Personally, I think too many doctors prescribe meds for cholesterol when you can control with natural remedies.

One of the best things for high cholesterol is to grind up 1/4 cup of flax seed each morning and take it with water or you can put in cerel or on salads.

I take all natural herbs, minerals and vitamins for all my problems and I have perfect results on each blood test. I have tried the meds prescribed by the medical professionals and could not function and/or the side effects were worse than the problem itself. I am a firm believer in alternative medicine and something people such explore. I see a homepathic doctor for all my medical problems and he has done a tremendous job for me.

I will say that my success may be different than what others would or could expect. But with natural remedies, you do not have the side effects of meds.

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Hi Donna, welcome back!  It's been awhile since you were here but I'm sorry about what you're going through now.  There are many side effects of the statin drugs and even though not everyone will experience all of them, you might be right about your suspicions.  Some literature and studies point to lethargy and muscle pain and some fluctuation in blood sugar when you're on statins, but again not everyone will have these, so I think you need to talk to your doctor.  You might want to take more control of your diet which in turn will help the blood sugar as well as the cholesterol.  If you really cut down or cut out all bread, potatoes and anything made with flour, you will see your blood sugar drop.  When I did this a year ago, my cholesterol also dropped to good levels.  You could have much lower fasting and post-prandial readings this way and possibly lower your cholesterol as well.  As always, please talk to your doctor.  (Last January when my doctor said she was going to put me on Lipitor, I told her no.  I told her to give me six months to see if I could get things under control my way.  So I got my total cholesterol from 215 to 173 and my LDL from 124 to 93 in 5 months when it was check in May.  This was when I went to a very low-carb diet with regular exercise.)  Remember, we're not doctors here but this is my experience.  Good luck.

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Hi Donna
My whole family has had bad luck with statins- uncles, aunts, parents, cousins, and most recently, my younger brother. They all had the same side effect you mention. My levels are well within the limits for non-diabetic and diabetic individuals. Every visit, my doctor pushes them on me-every visit I decline. Your levels look good except for the HDL which sould be around 50. I take non-flushing niacin (1500 mg in 3 doses) per day ( doctor recommended)- it keeps my HDL between 55 and 60.
If Vytorin contains Niacin in any form- that could be pushing your blood glucose levles up- it's well documented ( Niaspan) in the medical literature.
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   Posted 12/12/2007 9:05 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks everyone for your replys.   Yes if I am honest with myself I can work harder with my blood sugar.   My tests came back for the cholesterol, and they were very good.  Went from 191 total to 152 and LDL went from 108 to 81.  Triglicerides went from 220 to 167.  Soooooooooooo,  I agreed to continue to try to stay on them, and then all day today I kept hearing news articles about cholesterol, and the one doctor on channel 7 news says he almost wants to call them miricle drugs.  To top it off my one friend just went into hospital with clogged arteries, and had a angioplasty (spelling?) and I did some more research that suggests lowering all these numbers will stop a whole number of complications in non diabetic people, but even more so with diabetic people.  I was just being lazy about my blood sugars, and was having good numbers without a lot of work.  It is weird I can almost always tell now if I ate wrong or too much before I test.  It is like right at that two hour mark, whop!  I want to go to sleep.  It passes usually in about twenty to thirty minutes.   And also when I make good choices,  I usually can predict a good aftermeal number.  Had an egg this morn, instead of my oatmeal, and a slice of toast, two hour number was 120, so I think that is good, compared to my pasta meal of 172!  So far I feel fortunate that I can get my blood sugars down with diet and exercise.  I need to remind myself that better control now will stave off the meds for a while.  I am even coming to realize that diabetic meds are not so bad if I need to take them.  I have been very afraid of them, along with the cholesterol meds.  But I can not argue with those numbers at this time.  However, If I continue to feel bad on a regualr basis, I will reconcider taking them.   Thanks again, and take care all, Donna

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   Posted 12/24/2007 5:25 PM (GMT -7)   
Just wanted to tell you that I've had good luck with my low dose of Lipitor and lots of monosaturated fat added to my diet to up my HDL's. I use some splashes of tasty olive oil as a condiment on my salads and veggies along with a regular dressing. Peanuts and almonds sit around in dishes at my house to encourage healthy snacking for me and my hubby and son. And I splurge on an avocado or two each grocery day. They are a luscious treat when still a bit green and don't have to just be for guacomole any more. I can eat 1/2 of one with some lemon juice for an afternoon snack! These have been real helpers for my numbers. Maybe this can help you, too.

Statins have been shown to help many diabetics preventing heart attacks and strokes. They aren't for everyone but they have helped. I choose to use them because of a family history of heart disease. Your mileage may vary.
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