Severe hypnic jerking

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   Posted 5/22/2010 4:25 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi!  I am getting to my wits end with this.  My body won't rest.  The 'supposedly innocuous' hypnic jerking is nonstop, preventing sleep.  After two hours of it, my body starts with full body jitters and sometimes a fast heartbeat.  Also, a sudden severe dry mouth and slight pain across the upper back part of my head.  This has been going on for a few years.
The hypnic jerking happens all over the body, and if I am near something made of down or polyester, it is worse.
Usually I'm on the lyme disease forum, but I figured I'd list it here.
Anyone have any clues?  Thanks

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   Posted 5/22/2010 4:51 PM (GMT -7)   
My dear you are not alone!

When I'm asleep I do all the same things as you. I also usually twitch so much that I knock all on my pills off my night stand I take my lamp out too!
I found this news article for you about hypnic jerking I think that this may help you feel better
That last tip I have to try sleeping with a heating under your back (keep in on low or medium). I do this every night and it's
the only thing that helps my back at night so I can sleep.
~Keep me updated,
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   Posted 5/22/2010 5:40 PM (GMT -7)   
I have the same condition as this, sometimes I'll end up hurting myself. Have you asked your doctor about giving you something for this? I take Mogadon which eliminates my seizures plus stops the myoclonic jerking during the night.

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   Posted 5/22/2010 6:43 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi!  Thanks for your quick responses.
Watched the video.  I wish it made me feel better.  The problem is the flippant response from doctors... the laughing, etc. For me, and others with either EMF or chemical sensitivities (I have it to down and polyester blankets/pillows), it is NEVERENDING.  We can't sleep, and environmental irritants and cell phones in the vicinity seem to make it worse.  It doesn't go away.  I think my body would never shut off.  I once didn't sleep for 3 days.  Started hallucinating.  I've never had these issues.  This has to relate to infection, it's since the lyme and co-infections and dehydration episodes came along.  But then it went away.  Then it came back after I tried Cymbalta.  Couldn't tolerate it more than 4 days.  Then it went away.  Then it came back after I had a lot of mag stearate from supplements.
I will try sleeping with a heating pad underneath me, but there are EMF waves that I think will perpetuate it.  I can try a microwaved one that doesn't plug in... I don't even have one of the traditional heating bottles, hmm.
I just started a FIR sauna, I'm hoping that will help. I'm also being tested for Pyroluria (KPU), I'm pretty sure I have that. 
Do either of you experience the sudden mouth partch too, that wakes you?
I wouldn't be able to sleep without Lorazepam.  I can take less of it when I take Progesterone, strangely enough.
(docs just put me on that, estrogen and vasopressin).  I have tried so many things to get these things to go away.
Sometimes I have felt like food helps it.  Sometimes I have felt like being in the sun helps it.  Sometimes I have felt like being in the cold helps it.. at one point I felt that low dose cortef was helping.  Now I'm on naltrexone, don't think that's helping.
When I had minor surgeries in the past, the Propofol felt so great, and didn't make me twitch at all.  That was with my tonsils.  when I had another procedure and they didn't use propofol, i didn't feel refreshed and i twitched during it. NMDA receptor?
Anticholinergics make the parch worse, intolerable, over and over and over during the night.
Ok thanks for listening. :) Tracy

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   Posted 5/23/2010 10:19 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm sorry that the video didn't help I know they were being too flippant in the beginning I was just hoping that it
would make you feel less alone.
I am also on Progesterone and estrogen as well as all the other hormones. I felt like the progesterone help
me sleep better for at lest a month. I like to take a sedative or muscle relaxers to help me sleep it seems
like when I take one monday night it will help me sleep better all week. I also have sleeping pills that
help me sleep longer, help with pain, and depression. It's called Gabapentin.
If the plug in heating pad wont work try pack that it full of rice. The only issue you will have with that is
they get hot then cool down faster, as well as being more expensive.

I do deal with dry mouth. It is very severe to where my whole mouth and part of my throat will dry out but it does not wake me.
I hope you find some answers!

Hugs and cares,
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asthma, TMJ, vocal cord disfunction.

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   Posted 9/9/2014 5:01 AM (GMT -7)   
In my case.

Since june 2014, I have been developing hypnic jerk. They come and go. I am so lucky, I am not as far as you guys, wow so devestating to hear these stories.

In my case, hypnic jerks develop allways after a stressful moment.

First, you must realize that stress consumes Magnesium (Mg). The more stress you are under, the more Magnesium your body burns.

I call this “Magnesium Burn Rate”, or MBR. It’s the metabolic price tag for all that pressure & tension we feel.

Take an inventory of the dimensions of stress… Food allergies, dependence on processed food, exposure to heavy metals, use of Rx drugs, and the granddaddy of them all — mental & emotional stress. Take whatever steps you can to mitigate these issues.

To remedy hypnic jerk. I am using magnesium tablets 400 gram - .

I am a fan of freudian philosophy, and semiotic analysis. And I see all the diseases as universal viruses. I know it sounds a bit odd.

But I have realized the hypnic jerk is a signal of the universe trying to tell me to stop using excessive emotions for certain topics all causing stress, the brain can't handle being in defense all the time.

I think hypnic jerks for the most part is a self-defense mechanism for future threats, and the lesson we should learn from it, is to learn to deal with future threats in a calm and collective way, without fear, especially sudden explosive fears.

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