fainting or seizures? getting worse...scared

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   Posted 8/3/2010 8:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello everyone. I have posted on the lupus forum in the past and a few others while trying to get a diagnosis. It turns out a lot of my s/s were due to a severe kidney infection that I had for a long time. Since I was treated by abx (for a long time) all of my s/s have subsided except one.
Shortly after my daughter was born I had my first "spell". It was after a large meal. I was sitting at a restaurant, my face felt hot, I felt dizzy and nauseated, there was a strange tingling inside my head, and with my eyes open (and glossy), I just went limp. I was back in the world a few seconds later. During this episode I could hear what people were saying, but I could not focus on what it meant. I could see, but my vision was blurry (almost like being in a dream or waking up from one). After that day, I began having these spells quite often.
I went to a neurologist (after my mom witnessed one she swore was a stroke), and he performed an EEG that was normal and sent me home saying they weren't seizures; I was just under a lot of stress.
When the spells kept occuring I went to my cardiologist (I have Mitral Valve Prolapse) to see if it were heart related. She put me on beta blockers for an increased heart rate, and seemed to think it was somehow related (but without proof).
That's been nine years ago. I'm still having these spells. I've been checked for diabetes a thousand times, because it usually happens after a large meal. Lately it's gotten much worse.
I have had problems with "motion sickness" since I was a child. But lately that's gotten worse too. I went to see a movie with my husband that wasn't 3 D and I felt nauseated and dizzy, so we left. A few months later we took our kids to see a movie (not 3D either), and I had to go wait in the car-same problem. THEN just 2 weeks ago I was visiting my mom and she wanted to take the kids to see the last airbender in 3 D. I took a dramamine before we went and made sure I'd eaten something. I didn't even make it throught the previews. There was light flashing in my face from the screne and it was so loud. I pulled off the 3 D glasses, but the blurry screen just made it worse. I shut my eyes and I began to feel sick, weak, dizzy.
I staggered out and into the bathroom. My head was reeling. Then the familiar tingling. I leaned over the toilet because I thought I was going to throw up and boom. I lost control of my legs, fell forward, (kind of slumped), and my face became numb around my mouth. I was shaking all over. Apparently I left the stall open and a woman was helping me up before I knew exactly what had happened. I did this 3 more times before I could get myself under control enough to go get my mother.
I asked her to just let me have the car. That if I started feeling weird again, I would just pull over. She was walking out with me (to take me home-she wouldn't let me drive), when the tingling returned, then the nausea and I ran to the bathroom. This time she was standing over me when I collapsed another couple of times. She finally managed to get me to the car, but on the side of the bypass I made her stop so I could throw up. My head was hurting so bad. I got in the bed and slept for like 12 hours and felt better. The next day my head felt tired-I can't explain it-and my eyes felt very sore and strained.
Since then I have begun to have this same sequence of events when trying to read a book, watch TV, or even look at a computer screen for very long. A lightning storm a few days ago even made me feel as though I was going to do it again.
What is this? Is it seizures? I don't know who to see about it.
Jessica, diagnosis: unsure

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   Posted 8/4/2010 10:45 AM (GMT -7)   
the first thing you described at the restaraunt is what i always experinced, they never found activity for me as seizures either, but treat me for them, and it works (knock on wood) my husband swears thats not what i have, but i don't know.
Anyway, you have had your sugars checked, so its not diabetes, do you have migraines, it could be migraine auras?
But it sounds like seizures to me, go back to the neuro and tell them again. Esp with the tv and storm makign you do it.
I still have problems where if i try to read in the quiet that the words on the page stop making sense, or sometimes, if i am really hungry, it gets where people dont make sense for a few seconds. But whats weird is, i can write and it makes sense, if i type there are words but not the right ones, but numbers are always correct, i could balance the checkbook, and my motor functions are fine. Its just words.
I take lamictal and phenobarbital, and like i said its keeping it undercontrol (again, knock on wood)
good luck
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   Posted 8/4/2010 11:25 AM (GMT -7)   
Thank you so much for your reply. I do have migraines occasionally, but I do have an aura for them. My left eye kind of gets blurry and my forehead above the same eye feels numb. I'm going to see a new neurologist next week.
Thanks again.
Jessica, diagnosis: unsure
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