Non-epileptic seizures? Has anyone experienced this?

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   Posted 10/20/2013 5:55 AM (GMT -7)   
If you start having seizures late in life, check to make sure it is not related to permethrin related products. Dog flea powder, sprays, plant insecticides, mosquito sprays, not deet, and even termite treatments, like termidor. I am almost certain it causes me to have seizures. I had the flea powder in my house, and I and my dog started having seizures. I even had my dog on anti seizure medication. I thought my dog was going to die from it. I wound up removing all the carpet from my home, and my dog is almost seizure free, but found that some dog foods have ingredients that came from foods treated with insecticides... put him on Alpo and his seizures have stopped. I have to stay off my back porch the house was treated with termidor for termites,,, I and my dog were on the back porch, and I had a seizure sitting on the couch, and so did my dog. We were so exposed to permethrin that we are now sensitive to it. I take Keppra just to help keep from having any seizures, as permethryn seems to be everywhere. These chemicals say they can cause seizures right on the boxes/cans. Check it out. I can't get my doctor to do a check on my body's possible poison level in my fat cells,, he won't even consider it. Buy, when I and my dog got better after getting rid of all poison exposure,,, I truly believe there is a correlation there.... It is worth checking out...

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   Posted 2/13/2014 6:11 AM (GMT -7)   
I think I'm experiencing something similar to what is being described by some members on here. I'm 20 and apart from lung surgery last august have no medical history. In November, whilst at Uni I had 3 seizures and was taken into hospital by ambulance. In a&e they practically laughed it off, told me I was stressed and sent me home. Nothing happened again until January, when I collapsed having seizures at my local GP, and was rushed straight into resus where they spent over 4 hours trying to stop the 20 odd seizures happening! After this I was kept in hospital for 2 weeks and tests, and eventually discharged with a diagnosis of epilepsy, with abnormal electrical activity on the EEG. So after deferring my place at a top university, and coming to terms with having to hand back my driving licence etc; I started to feel unwell again. I was vomiting and having tiny shaking episodes, and to be on the safe side my mum phoned an ambulance. I was confused, tired and unwell, however the first doctor we saw said I had recovered and could go home.
I was then moved to a different part of a&e expecting to be discharged when the neurology team turned up. He asked me "what do you think is going on here?"
And interrupted me before I'd finished to drool out some patronising speech about how he thought I was stressed, without knowing it. And although I felt fine, happy, relaxed, I was in fact likely to be harbouring some suppressed doom which was causing these episodes. Ridiculous man. So. What about the abnormal EEG? He said that about 4% of people show abnormal brain activity but it does not necessarily make them epileptic! and that the seizures observed didn't look epileptic.
What he told me was almost the polar opposite of what I'd been told a week ago in hospital.

I am now at home, (still on keppra, which the dr recommended I stayed on "just in case" ) but feeling confused, and still pretty exhausted. I almost feel like the doctor wanted me to tell him that I was stressed/depressed because then I'd fit nicely into his category of "non-epileptic seizures".

Sorry for such a long post. Has anyone experienced anything like this? A mixture of epileptic and non-epileptic/being messed around with diagnosis?

Elizabeth x

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   Posted 12/9/2014 4:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Doing a lot of research. My daughter in law got hit in the head at work. within 24 hours had these seizure like activities. MRI, CT scan, EEg shows no seizure activity and yet they are very real. Shaking, eyes rolling in back of her head, lot of pressure and headache on side that was hit. Of course this is workmans comp they say she is faking it and released her. Sent one day back to work and loud noises triggered it. Nurses, EMT and others say "that could not be faked" Believe me after a few weeks of this it is very real but cannot convince this neurologists cause it doesnt show on EEG. Soooo frustrated. Now she has no job, no work comp and no insurance yet to follow up with other avenues of what is causing this. Any suggestions. Where do we begin?

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   Posted 12/12/2014 2:10 AM (GMT -7)   
I have what is Dx'ed as Psychogentic Non-epileptic seizures, with possible mixed epileptic episodes. Its soo hard and so confusing.
I say go to a Epilepsy Specialist, have a week long video EEG, and since you showed abnormality its safest to stay on the Keppra and get another option or stick with the one who originally dx'ed.
BUT being non-ep if that is in fact PROVEN true is a good thing, meaning you won't have to always be on or increase meds, little chance of brain damage, etc. There is something called conversion disorder and Psychogenic Non-epileptic seizures, but they don't know on an EEG (unless its mixed or idiopathic seizures)
I always say follow your gut, and not all dr's know everything.
Did they do proper labs to test like lactic levels, etc?
Don't just settle on the "stress" dx as they tend to do that way too often without enough proof or if you feel there was an increase in stress. The brain can do amazing, crazy things when stressed sometimes...

and i know how hard not driving is, I just got mine back in Sept.

and people can be very cruel with the "faking" accusations. whatever you do stand up for her and her for herself on not letting them accuse faking. Even most neurologist will say true PNES or Pseudo seizures are NOT FAKE.
I just experience this last week, after my first seizure in a year. Its usually the Nurses, people with lack of education, but even some drs. I was down right abused at times from people trying to prove i was faking.
Funny you can't fake no pain response, low O2 stats, fast heart rate, muscles so rigid it cause shoulders dislocation, loss of bladder control, vomiting etc.(does she have any of those symptoms?)

tgarrison, stay strong and fight for your daughter. Its a hard road but we can do this.
I also found Frankincense essential oil to REALLY help my seizures. Google it.

Take care and I wish I had better words of wisdom. (I'm unsure if I've posted on this thread before or not)
29 female
Dx's:CP, Depression/anxiety, Non-Epileptic Seizures, repeat Rt shoulder dislocations/surgeriesx3, Nerve damage after IV infiltration wi/ chemical burn in left arm; endo & ovarian cyst; chronic Lyme...I could go on but will spare you all

Meds: pain meds, nerve meds, GI meds, holistic things, etc.
doTERRA essential oils-Frankinsense, Lavender, Balance,peppermint, Clary sage, LOVE my OILS!

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   Posted 12/12/2014 9:39 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks AngMichelle. This has been so frustrating to deal with since we are also dealing with workman comp doctor who says she is faking just to get work comp pay, Really? Anyway we are looking at 2nd opinion and possibly an ENT or balance doc. She continues to have pain and pressure on side of head that was hit and is especially sensitive to sound and loud noises which set them off and tires easily and when she lays down will have a few episodes. We are just fighting for answers and diagnosis. And know these are not faking episodes. Sooo frustrating. A single mom with 3 boys and can't work till they are under control and since work comp says she is faking they will no longer pay. So just trying to find the causes so she can return to work

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   Posted 3/11/2015 4:15 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi, I'm 20 years old and Iv had seizures all my life but in the last two weeks they have been more frequent. I was in the hospital for almost a week.I had numerous seizures while there. Had eeg, ct, mri , and extended eeg. All was normal except the ct which showed a white spot but that was never mentioned again. Was finally sent home being told that they were non epileptic seizures and that I needed to go to a psychiatrist. While in the hospital I started losing the ability to keep my balance and speak clearly, I had to concentrate to get what I wanted to say out and every so often my vision would get blurry. It it's now the days since I was released from the hospital and I can't carry on a conversation without crying because I'm now stuttering so badly and I can't walk without my husband's help. Last night I started feeling extremely painful pressure in my head after a few minutes it went away but that it's when the stuttering started. I'm still being told that I'm not having neurological problems and need to go to a psychiatrist. This is extremely frustrating.
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