Best Sleep Med?

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   Posted 7/31/2008 9:38 PM (GMT -7)   
What is the best sleep med that does not leave you drowsy in the morning?  I'm considering asking for something.  Most nights I can't get to sleep until 2am.  I have no problem sleeping once I go to sleep just getting there in the first place.  Especially this time of year when it's so dang hot outside you don't want to move around until the evenings anyway!  I'm trying phenagren on top of my lexapro and tramadol tonight.  Took the tramadol around 6pm, the lexapro at 10:30pm and the phenagren at 11:30pm.  Here I sit wide eyed and bushy tailed! Sigh!  Maybe I'll watch some political news and see if that will bore me to sleep!  My dog is even snoring!

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   Posted 7/31/2008 11:00 PM (GMT -7)   

hi, know the feeling , i dont go to sleep until around 1am.  I take 150mg of prothiedon, thats dothep,  i think its the same as endep my body couldnt adjust to the endep so I tried the other,  prothiedon helps pain and makes you sleepy.  any doc can supply it.  also i take a drug called zyprexa which also makes you sleepy.   my prob is staying asleep,, dont think I get more than around 5 hours per night and its terrible sleep, but the above drugs will def get you off.  good luck with it .   sue2z

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   Posted 8/1/2008 5:21 AM (GMT -7)   
Try ambien I was on ambien a long time ago when I was having insomnia and it helped me sleep . I did not feel groggy the next day eithier.

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   Posted 8/1/2008 5:32 AM (GMT -7)   
Tramadol is the generic for Ultram right?  I can't sleep with that and have to take one dose in the morning and one dose at noon and skip the evening dose.  Do other narcotics make you sleepy or wind you up?  I can never sleep with narcotics in my system.  I tried Ambien a while back with no results and Trazodole (wait, is that right?) didn't work for me either.  I take melatonin, velerian root, 10 mg. flexiril, .5 mg clonipin, and 1-2 tylenol pm.  It's a lot, I know and sometimes I still have trouble.  if I take nothing, I will not fall asleep all night and once tried to fight medications etc. and just let my body finally fall asleep when it was ready and I was up all day and all night for four days and three nights before I started going psycho and decided meds were for the best!

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   Posted 8/1/2008 5:37 AM (GMT -7)   
Amitriptyline and xanax works for me. The sleep problem seems to come and go like everything else with fibro for me. I also stick to a night time routine. Right now I have the bed and pillows just right. My DH laughs at me over the pillow fluffing I have to do before I go to bed. I need calm before I go to bed, nothing to stimulate me.
I hope you find something that works.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 8/1/2008 6:34 AM (GMT -7)   
Yes narcotic pain relievers can keep you awake. I don't know why, but they do.

If I can't sleep, I do meditation and that works for me. Also, I have mentioned this before, I try to force myself to keep my eyes open, and before I know it I am going to sleep. Reverse psycology I guess.

Good luck and I hope that you get some rest.

hugs, Karen
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   Posted 8/1/2008 11:59 AM (GMT -7)   
Holly, Tramadol knocks me out so I don't take that at all!  See how different everyone is?  No wonder doctors have the problems they have in prescribing things to help us!
I go to bed with the television running.  I'm hearing impaired and need closed captioning so, reading the captioning while lying down nearly flat, causes my eyes to be partially closed and then the reading puts me to sleep.  Try using the closed captioning on your television set at night and see what happens.  Turn the sound off and you will HAVE to read!  LOL  Works for me!
Praying for friends and family helps, too, if I have a particularly restless night.  If all else fails, I head for my trusty rubber hammer!  tongue    I did learn to check it before using it, since Marlee wants to do me bodily harm. devil
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   Posted 8/1/2008 12:08 PM (GMT -7)   
I take 10 - 20mg of eleavil nightly for sleep. I don't feel drowsy in the morning. It has worked great for me.

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   Posted 8/1/2008 1:40 PM (GMT -7)   

Hi broomhilda---

i was also having that issue...i am taking 10mg of ambien and it works like a dream.  pardon the pun. cool    i have found, tho, that i have to take it right when i want to go to sleep.  i find that if i take it and then go to bed, say, 30-45 mins later, i have a really tough time falling asleep.  it's truly been great for me tho.  best of luck!!


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   Posted 8/1/2008 5:47 PM (GMT -7)   
I had tried ambien but found that it made me profusely sad. I'd be driving down the road not thinking about anything in particular and start bawling like a baby. Very alarming. I stopped taking it and have not had that problem since. I take xyrem for sleep now. It was developed to treat narcolepsy(sp) which I do not have. it is in trials to be used for the treatment of fibro so my dr felt comfortable enough to prescribe it for me for an off-label use. It has made a world of difference in my sleep and energy levels. I am thankful we gave it a try. Lisa

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   Posted 8/3/2008 8:35 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for all the advice guys, however, I am in a catch 22 with the Tramadol. Long story but the jest of it is that my Crohns can only tolerate prescription grade tylenol products. Believe it or not, not all OTC tylenol has the same ingredients! I actually found one OTC tylenol product that had castor oil in it! Tummy did not like that one. Can't do any products with iboprophen and the like either. So....the Tramadol has been the ONLY relief I have found for ANY kind of pain on a regular basis. I.E.; migraines, periods, fibro, crohns, etc. And yes, it does wind me up. I usually don't take a dose of it at least 4 hours before bed. The phenergran didn't do anything either. I'm considering the rubber hammer! What about nighttime sleepy teas like chamomile? Do they really work?
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   Posted 8/4/2008 8:55 AM (GMT -7)   
I have a horrible time sleeping.  I can fall asleep, but I can't stay asleep.  My GP offered to give me Ambien, but I really didn't want yet another med.  I've taken Trazadone in the past and that makes me feel horrible in the morning.  My mind is constantly in overdrive, so I know that's a lot of my problem.  Like you, I can't take a lot of the meds that are helpful to fibro (for different reasons than yours). eyes  
I'm really considering a hammer and a few shots of Chivas-that should keep me down for a few hours. tongue
Seriously, I hope you find some answers.  If not, I'm usually up late (and up early, too).  You can always talk to me if you can't sleep! :-)

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Klonopin for anxiety (Guess what?  Doesn't help!)
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   Posted 8/4/2008 10:04 AM (GMT -7)   
Have you tried valerian root or melatonin? My wife is menopausal so between the hot flashes and
restless legs she usually has bad nights. She has found some relief with the melatonin.

Also, have you considered curcumin for your Crohn's disease?
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   Posted 8/4/2008 12:05 PM (GMT -7)   
I took all the sleep meds and antidepressants. None worked very well or very long. I've taken lyrica since October and my sleep has been soooooo much better. Good luck finding the right med. Diane
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