Carbs, Serotonin, and Bad Drug Reactions

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   Posted 8/3/2008 6:55 AM (GMT -7)   
Carbs, Serotonin, and Bad Drug reactions.  Hello everyone.  A couple of things popped up from previous threads: Carbs, well, I don't know if I should blame it on no serotonin, burning serotonin up to fast or what. But I do feel my mood and serenity levels rise while gorging on a Raspberry Jelly Donut, or a Crispy Crunch bar. However, put a chicken dinner or a sandwich in front or me and I can't imagine putting it anywhere near my mouth. I have a hard time swallowing, I have hypothyroidism and Fibro, and BiPolar, somewhere in there is a reason for having a lot of trouble swallowing, solid food., craving sweets and being in devastating pain, 75% of the time .The thread I borrowed from was about a bad reaction to zoloft. I used to get a good result from zoloft, but then it just stopped doing anything, at all. At one point the Doc prescribed Imipramine, a distant relative of amyltriptilene, and I had a reaction like the one described. I couldn't fall asleep as usual, then, I lay on the bed watching specks of dust or something multicolored floating in the air as I prespired profusely. Now I take amyltriptilene (100) mg at bedtime for Fibro and Sleep. I have had xanax, serax, clonazapan, (at all different times) and ativan for anxiety and sleep. None of those caused the reaction described. I would not wait through those symptons wishing for them to go away. Those symptons need to be brought to a doctor ASAP. I might add I had a difficult time on Prozac, I couldn't feel anything. It felt like I was wrapped in seran wrap. With Paxil, I felt better, generally, but then as I tettered off I cryed a river. It takes a while. Now I live out in the woods it keeps my feet on the ground (Credit Kid Rock, his latest with the New Orleans Rythmm and Blues is his best but please fast forward over the profanity (I just zone out during those bits).Where I am today. I am in excruiciating pain, everywhere. No pain meds, doctor doesn't see the fibro, so I guess it's not there. That's called Ă«videnced-based practise, all the rage with recent graduates. I can't see the air. I guess that doesn't exist either. Thank-you all.  

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   Posted 8/3/2008 7:47 AM (GMT -7)   
Tyno, we all react differently to meds. I took prozac for a few days and it had me climbing the walls. Effexor was like trying to function on sleeping pills everyday. I can't even remember what all I have tried. Sometimes they do just stop working for us.
I eat very little meat cause of digestive problems. I do crave hamburger at times. I have swallowing problems too and stay away from dry things that are hard to swallow, like chicken. I have very dry mouth and throat and have to wash everything down with liquid.
But like you I tend to reach for the comfort foods. I thought it was a side affect from the amitriptyline but maybe it is my body wanting the carbs. I'm on two different anti-depressants so you would think that would be enough.
Xanax and the amitriptyline work well for me to sleep on most nights.
I'm sorry your doc can't see fibro. You may want to think about changing docs.
Have you tried the malic acid/magnesium combo???
luv and hugs
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   Posted 8/3/2008 7:54 AM (GMT -7)   
You take xanax, clonazapan and ativan? That's a serious drug mix. Could that be causing you to have a reaction? Plus the amytriptiline will knock you out as well. I hope you are spacing these drugs apart and that your doc knows exactly what you are taking and when.

Don't mean to be a mother hen, just worried about you hon.

I don't seem to remember those threads you refer to so I can't help you there

I had a big reaction with prozac too. Hyper/hypomania. Crying and laughing all at the same time for hours on end. It was horrible. Never take that again!!

You know, it might not be a bad idea to investigate another doctor for yourself. It sounds like you need some pain control, but with all the other meds you're on, it might be kinda tough. Maybe another doctor could get you off some of those and give you a pain control medication?? Just a thought. I hate to hear of you suffering hon.

Well, thanks for posting and I hope you have a great day today.


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   Posted 8/3/2008 8:29 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Tyno!  Well, just because the doctor doesn't "see" fibro doesn't mean you don't have it.  What's his explanation for  your pain?  Does he think you are imagining it?  Grrrrrr!!!!!  (Sherrine's growling again!!!)
People with fibromyalgia can crave carbohydrates...about 60% of them, I have read.  Also, "possible carbohydrate intolerance" is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  If I were you, I would try to stay away from as many carbs as you can and try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  I think you just might start feeling better.  Yes, the jelly donut is yummy and it is a "feel good" long as you are eating it.  But, your blood sugar will spike and then drop like a rock.  You will be very sleepy, too.  If you have sweets, you will crave more sweets.  But if you stay away from them, the cravings will lessen.  So, please try eating nutritional foods.  You are only hurting your body the way you are eating now. 
I hope you are not drinking alcohol.  That works against the antidepressants.  Someone I know is on Paxil and was having a horrible time, but she was drinking alcohol after work.  Once she stopped drinking alcohol, the Paxil could start doing it's job and she says she is feeling terrific now and will never drink alcohol again.  She didn't realize what an effect it had on her and her medication. 
Now, for your pain.  Have you tried malic acid/magnesium supplements?  I started them and they have helped me a lot.  There is a thread all about it if you are interested.  I take ibuprofen (with food) and Tylenol for my pain.  I also use hot showers and moist heat, light massages, and light stretching to help with pain.  I also walk.  That is a wonderful exercise for fibro and for your general health.  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about these and make sure  this would not interact with the medication  you are taking.  You may look into a pain doctor or a doctor that believe that fibro exists.  It doesn't sound like your doctor does.  You are in pain!  It's not all in your head.  Don't let someone that hasn't walked in your shoes tell you that!  Don't settle.  Keep looking until you find someone that will help you.  Meanwhile, we will help all we can.  Let us know how things go, Tyno.  You CAN feel a whole lot better!

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   Posted 8/3/2008 11:45 AM (GMT -7)   
Just for Lindaloo: If you read my bit in parentheses, I believe I said I'd tried xanax, serax and clonazapan and ativan (at different times over time, never at once). I thought I'd better clarify. Thanks everybody.

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   Posted 8/3/2008 4:30 PM (GMT -7)   


Find a new doctor, someone who will listen to you.  A good doctor will keep looking until they find the source of what is wrong and not be so quick to medicate.  When I first started having problems, I had a doctor prescribed Bextra for arthritis but didn't even run any tests to find out if that was my problem.  Well, one day on the Bextra and I was having heart problems.  I quit the medicine and called the doctor and I was told that it was not possible, Bextra is a good drug and it would help.  I went to a different doctor and even another until I found someone who would listen to me.  I found out a bit later that Bextra was dangerous and the problems I had could have killed me.  So don't depend on the doctor to always treat you right just because there is a Dr. in front of his name.  You know your body, listen to it and if your doctor won't listen to you, move on.

I also have carb problems, refined sugar is my enemy, but I love it so much.  And bread, yum!  Why does it have to be this way, we already hurt.  We can't even comfort ourselves with food to feel better.  I eat sugar and I'm pretty much out of it for a few days.  I get cranky, impatient and trip over my own two feet.  It takes my fibro symptoms and makes it 10 times worse.  I can deal with the pain but the fatique and fog is just to much.  I try very hard to stay away from refined sugar, I do eat natural sugar from fruits and veggies (just not the same though).  I must say when I am being good I feel better.

BTW I do not have arthritis, my current doctor tested me and no arthritis.
I hope you find answers soon but if you don't, vent to all of us, we care and understand!!
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