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   Posted 8/12/2008 6:37 AM (GMT -7)   
We've been back from our camping holiday for a few days, but I didn't get the chance to check in.  We actually came back a day earier than planned, the end part of the week was so wet.  For the last 2 days, we were all huddled under the tarp, or crammed in our VERY small trailer.  Try keeping a toddler entertained when you can't move without sitting on someone else! :P  The beginning of the week was good though.  We got a few beach days in, and I got to go on a couple hikes.  At night, my legs were spasming, and I would get cramps in my feet every morning, but it was worth it.  I was ok if I went in the morning (after my feet loosened up), if I tried to do any walking in the afternoon, I woudl fade out very quickly.  Dh and I went for a hike the first day we were there, while we waited for our camp site to clear (we left the kids with my in-laws for the first day).  Didn't we do a really stupid thing!!  I had looked really quickly at the trail map, and noticed that some trails were up to 5 hours long.  We wanted to go for a quick hike while we waited, and just plunged in.  This trail had very steep climbs, adn about 20 minutes in, dh was feeling very unwell.  He is diabetic, we have only known for a few months, and are still getting used to his limitations.  He was having a pretty bad sugar low, we didn't have any sweets with us, not even water.  So then I started to panic that we were on a 5 hour trail!  I kept it together for him, but I was gettign very worried and trying to figure out if we should go back or keep going.  If we went back, we would have had to climb down those steep hills.  After about 40 minutes, I was convincing dh to go back, but first I went ahead to check things out.  We were at the end of the loop that was taking us out!  How stupid are we?  This was very dangerous, adn I'm hoping we learned our lesson.  From now on I'll be making sure dh has his glucose tablets with him, just like I make sure ds has his epipen.
So I had been feeling really great while we were gone, other than my legs, like I said.  Even my face stopped hurting, what a relief that was!!!  I really don't think I can take any more of that facial pain.  But I'm goign to have to, it started again Sunday.  Hopefully it will stay liek this for a bit though, it only hurts off and on, not constant anymore.  Sunday my right shoulder also froze from my bursitis, but it was starting to feel better yesterday.  My left knee went at the same time.  That one I hope actually gets worse; I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow.  The last time I saw him for my knee, it had behaved, so he told me to make another apointment when it flared up.  Of course with all the times I go now, I'm not making an extra appointment, so this woudl be a good opportunity for him to figure out what is wrong with it.  All these years I thought it was patella femoral syndrome, but at the last check up he said no.
I know I'm rambling... but have you ever noticed that everythign is a cycle?  We all know about the downwards spiral of overdoing and flares, or being sendentary, hurting more, so moving less and so on...  I've had periods like this in my marriage too.  Once, when things were getting a little bad, dh and I were moving apart, I decided it was time to work for my marriage.  I prayed for his well being, made myself do nice things for him, think of him through the day, talk to him more, etc.  The more I did these things, the more the love came back, the easier it was to care for him, and now we are more in love than ever.  So spirals can also be a good thing.  When I started getting sick, I really neglected my mothering role.  Instead of parenting the kids when they had a squabble, whining or a tantrum, I gave in; yelled, threatened and had tantrums of my own.  Their noise and whining would send me in a frenzy.  I couldn't think clearly and I would get really stressed.  No more.  Maybe it's because the fog has lifted a bit, or my threshold for moise and chaos has increased, but I can deal with it better.  Taking the time to deal with the tantums and fights, they are getting better too and not having so many.  I'm getting my good kids back, and I feel good about being a better mom again, so the depression and stress over that is lifting too.
But what can you do about the overdoing cycle?  I am feeling pretty good, I have more energy and I don't deep down ache.  My hands and feet hurt bad, but I can deal with it with distraction.  Same with my face.  But if I try to rest, sit at the computer or watch tv for any lenght of time, it all comes back, and then so does the ache in the legs, the need to move them.  I can't be on the move all the time!  What can I do to keep distracting myslef?
Sorry about such a long post.  I guess I missed my new friends adn felt the need to catch up :)
God Bless, I hope you are all doign well today.  (((HUGS)))
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   Posted 8/12/2008 7:26 AM (GMT -7)   
You stop over doing it mamanan, hehehe. smilewinkgrin I just wanted to use some of our new icons. I'm in that boat right now myself, been getting ready to go to a family reunion and have myself so sore don't know how I'm going to ride in the car. Normally, I pace myself, I know your laughing at that one since you have small children. I had a curve ball thrown at me over this reunion when I found out my SIL is coming back with us and my house was a disaster from having grandchildren in and out all summer so I've really been pushing myself to get the house cleaned before we leave. Had my DH not failed to tell me this until 10 days before leaving I would have taken my time getting ready to go to not over do it. Oh yea hubbies, gotta love them, don't we??? rolleyes I like the prayer, God give me patience cause if I pray for strength I will hurt him. yeah My plan was to get done with the grandchildren, get ready for the trip and worry about the house when we got back.
But that is life I guess there is always something unexpected coming at us. I try not to stress and figure out a way to handle things. Lots of warm baths or showers, I'll look like a prune when we leave here Thurs morning. roll
I'm glad you did have some good times while you were gone. I have found any different movements our bodies are not use to like for me up and down on a step stool really makes me hurt. Maybe I need to do it more often so my muscles can get use to it. I have no steps in my house.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 8/12/2008 8:02 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Mamanan-
I'm just trying to figure out what is overdoing it and what is not too. Especially when you get times you are feeling good. The 5 hour hiking trail- overdoing it! :) That had to been scary with hubby and his low blood sugar- Yikes!
This fibro is so unpredicatable, so I take it a day at a time. If you start to have pain sitting, maybe you can drag out the heating pad and move it around on your body. Also, if the pain eases up by moving around you could go for a short walk, do some stretching exercises, get up and throw a load of laundry in.
Can anyone help you get the house ready? I would like you to enjoy yourself a little bit at the reunion! GamJill
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   Posted 8/12/2008 8:07 AM (GMT -7)   
Welcome home, Mamanan!  It does sound like you still had a good time.  It really is hard to pace yourself when on a vacation.  You try to get in all the fun you can because these activities are not at home.  But, you are learning.  The longer you live with fibro, the easier it will be to judge what you are capable of doing without having a big reaction.  Sometimes, even though you know you will hurt if you do something, you'll still do it because  you will consider it "worth it".  I've done that plenty of times.
I'm diabetic and I carry a handful of sourdough pretzel nuggets with me at all times.  They are high in carbohydrates but yummy!  I have a little snack bag in my purse, in my car, and I carry them with me when I go walk the dog.  Sometimes the blood sugar drop is fast and "there you are!"  It had to be frightening on that trail with no glucose tablets or food to help him.  You are both learning so these situations shouldn't happen again.  You did a good job! 
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   Posted 8/12/2008 10:04 PM (GMT -7)   
To mamanan, congratulations on being able to go on that trip.  My husband has been trying to take me on one for ages but I have been afraid that the pain would get worse and I would just ruin it for everyone.  You have shown me that sometimes you just have to do stuff and take the chance.  I suffer alot of facial pain I was just wondering what it is for you. My whole side of face swells and throbs to death even throuogh my jaw and teeth and ear is affected.  Congrats for a good trip and surviving it.  And thanks for taking the time to tell us.  hugs   sue2z

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