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   Posted 10/21/2008 9:02 AM (GMT -7)   
I have had Fibromyalgia for 2 years ,maybe even longer the Dr.s have just gave this pain a name before it was just in my head. My family doesn't understand about this pain I have . I have always been a hard worked and always have gone above and beyond for many people encluding my family and never ask for anything in return. I still try to puch myself everyday to do things but it's getting less.
I have always have always tried to take care of myself and ask for nothing , but my body seems like it wearing out I have a problem excersizing and have gained weight and have had folks make comments about it, I'm in such a flaire up right now I don't know what to do anymore I do take meds but I don't feel the relief from the pain just druged and can't do anything. Please Help How do I make the pain stop or lessen?     How do I make my family and Friends understand?   I just don't want to feel all theses aches and pains physicaly and mentaly anymore.

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   Posted 10/21/2008 9:22 AM (GMT -7)   
Snowbird, welcome to the fibromyalgia forum!  I'm sorry you are having so many problems.  You do need to keep walking and doing light stretching exercises.  If you sit or lay too much you will be stiff as a board and in more pain.  Maybe you are doing too many exercises.  You do have to be gentle to your body.
Check out the Fibro 101 thread...the second thread on the forum.  You will fiind a lot of good info about fibro that may help you.  There are links to the symptoms, gentle stretching exercises, etc.  
I use ibuprofen, Tylenol, and malic acid/magnesium supplements for pain and fatigue.  There is a link, in the Fibro 101 thread, all about the malic acid/magnesium supplements and how they work in the body.  I started using these last December and they do help me a lot.  They don't work for everyone but many members are having good success with them.  Read all about them and see what you think.
In the Fibro 101 thread you will find a link to The Spoon Theory.  This helps to explain to others about this miserable problem.  Here is another link to something called A Letter From Fibromyalgia.  This helps explain, too.  But, don't be surprised if they still don't get it.
BUT, WE get it and understand where you are coming from so come here and vent and we will help you with your questions and help you to live a full and enjoyable life with fibro!
I'm so glad you joined us and I hope to hear more from you.
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   Posted 10/21/2008 9:55 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Snowbird, I'm sorry your having a hard time. If we could all be cured of fibro this would be the hardest working group of people you would ever meet. Everyone of us has about the same story, worked our butts off before fibro. I have not read a post from anyone yet that says they were a pampered person before fibro. I know I was a "I can do anything a man can do only better" woman before this DD. I was also always there for everyone else. I've said on here before that maybe our strength was our weakness cause so many of us seem to have the same personality type.
I was dxd five years ago and I'm 58 so I don't know what is normal energy for a 58 yr old. I also have arthritis in my hands which doesn't help any with getting things done. I do keep moving, not push til I'm really exhausted and in horrible pain cause I have found that is counter productive. I take 4000 mg of tylenol a day and 100 mg of amitriptyline at night. There are many things I can't take so I do use a TENS unit to interrupt the pain signal to the brain on really bad days. Moist heat in any form is my friend. But there are times when I feel like my body is fighting off a virus or something and I try to be nice to myself during those times. But I even move and stretch during those times.
I have found with my family it has taken them all time to grasp this whole fibro thing and get use to the fact that I'm not the same person I use to be and I do have limits. I do not let fibro keep me from the important things in my sons or grandchildren's lives. Educate your family and set limits and they will catch on.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 10/21/2008 4:33 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Snowbird and welcome to the family!

Getting family to understand can be the largest hurdle for many people. What I do for pain may not work for anyone else but I'm 'happy to share my thoughts.

First and hardest is to try and relax. Tension only makes the pain worse. Use heat generously when muscles are in pain. I have to be warm to sleep, except for my face. It's the only way I can rest. Heating pads are wonderful...all shapes and kinds. I've found some good ones on is a good brand.

As for the 'drugged' feeling. I too take pain meds and hate that feeling of being groggy. Finally asked my doc about taking Provigil and it's been a wonderful addition. It helps with sleepy/groggy feeling from pain medications. It's also used for narcolepsy.

Keep asking questions and learn all you can. Be wary of people selling cures and remedies...there are always ruthless folks out there willing to lighten your wallet. Good luck and keep in touch!

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   Posted 10/21/2008 5:12 PM (GMT -7)   

Welcome Snowbird!

It's difficult to deal with family and friends when you have so much pain.  Why don't they understand and support us?  That is so frustrating.  Before I joined all of the wonderful people here, I felt the same way as you.  Everyone here has given me so much support and wonderful advice and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I am happier and dealing with the pain better.  I recently started taking the Malic Acid/Magnesium supplements that Sherrine talks about and feel they are making a difference.  My head feels clearer, not so fuzzy all the time.  I am also learning how to handle things better with my family and friends, although I have a long way to go, I have made progress.  I give 110 percent when I am able and I think that makes up for the days I under the weather.  The guilt is still there but I'm dealing with it better.  Stick around with these wonderful people and I think you will feel better too.  It just helps to talk to people who experience the same things you are.


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   Posted 10/22/2008 3:14 AM (GMT -7)   
i only joined this forum a week ago, and i already feel overhelming support from my fellow sufferers. every day is a battle, a struggle. ive been dealing with this for over half my life and i always feel bad if i complain because people look at you like a mental case- sometimes i really wish fibromyalgia and all its friends (post viral fatigue, CFS, lupus etc) could be SEEN. if they were visible, you wouldnt have to justify your pain and stress and fatigue to all who doubt you.
its good to vent, especially with people who understand.
blessings and support,
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   Posted 10/22/2008 11:18 AM (GMT -7)   

Dealing with friends and family can be the worst.  i got a book by Dr. Devon Starlyndl (sp?), read it and the passed it around to family.  It may sound awful, but I took advantage whenever one of them had a bad case of the flu and said "Try to imagine feeling like that 24/7, well that's a lot like it feels to have fibro"  Usually they just groaned and wanted to know how I kept going.

Flares are not uncommon with the change of seasons.  Keep busy with your walking and exercising, but maybe a little more gently until the flare passes.  Pamper yourself, soak in a hot bubble bath with a scented candle and some soothing music.  Go to the salon and get your hair and nails done.  Get your hubby to take you out for a nice dinner.  Curl up with a warm blanket and watch a romatic movie.

You might want to try a supplement that will raise your level of seratonin, something we all lack with fibro.  I like 5-HTP, but there are others out there.

Gentle hugs,
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   Posted 10/22/2008 2:11 PM (GMT -7)   
Now I understand...................D idea
Lupus since 2005, Fiberomyalgia since 2006,  sjogren's syndrome since 2005,  diabetes since 2006, Depression since 2004. who would not be with all of this.
       I just try to make it threw every day as best I can.
        God please remember I am on the diet platter.
                  So many beads so little time.....
                   Have a great Lupie Day Denise 

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