9 months of doctors and counting, i am so mad at our healthcare

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   Posted 11/24/2008 6:36 AM (GMT -7)   
months ago i came on this site. I am back. I am thinking more and more i have fibromyalgia. Of course i mention the constant aching in my legs and the doctor says i don't know what that is. Maybe you should take a vitamin. Not let's look into it. I tell her i think it may be fibro and she says it is impossible because people with that have tender points. shes never touched me anywhere but my stomache. I am scheduled to see the g.i doctor tuesday. Of course it is a consult. I am expecting after all of their tests they say everything is normal.l. Though I do have some ibs meds at least, which mean im not so full of it anymore.
I have read the treatment for fibro and it annoys me. Now i know how others felt before me. I was diagnosed with a mental illness. I started doing really well. I got a job, and finished my degree. I came off of my meds. I felt good and positive. But when i got sick and it never went away i got upset. People with fibro our often told it is in theier head. Well they just assume it's in my head because of mental health history. No one wants to help me. They think if i am on a bunch of head meds i will be fine. I went back on the meds and the pain is still there. It went away for awhile at least the worst of it. But it was still there and now it is worse. It is almost as if my pain relief timer came on when the lithium was started and then it is screaming i am back. So i had a few good weeks so that must mean it is in my head huh?
I am wondering why i cant think straight. I go to the grocery store and forget half way down the aisle what i started down the aisle for. It gets so bad sometimes. Today I can't find the words i want. I try to make sentences by talking around the words and get mad and frustrated that conversation seems so hard. I can read and i can write. But if i read aloud i have problems. And my mind goes completely blank, which is rare. Usually there is so much in my head it is distracting. So is this fibrofog? what is fibrofog like for you?
I read the symptoms and there are so many, and i have most of them. I feel like when i go to the doctor for me there should be an option for all of the above. I know my jokes are sarcastic but im sure you understand. And what i really want to know is how an ulcer causes pain all over your body? I feel my doctor is inadequate, but it was so hard to find one after i was thrown out and i know when my insurance changes again i will be stressed looking for a doc to take my weird insurance.
Thanks for leting me vent. I may be back soon. and if you have fibrofog, please let me know what it is like for you.

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   Posted 11/24/2008 7:34 AM (GMT -7)   

Jennifer...if you look at some of my posts on here, you will see what my fibro-fog is all about.  Even after re-reading a  post ten times before I send it, I will look at it later and see that I have spelled at least three or four easy words wrong.  It's almost like dyslexia.  In a FOG, I l find myself spelling phonetically(sp?) because that's the only thing that makes sense at the moment.  I couldn't think of the word 'table' the other day and found myself doing what you do,...trying to search for another word.  I finally said "The thing you eat off of with legs."

I walk in the store for one or two items...who needs a list for that??  I do.  I stand there walking down the aisles thinking something will jump out and remind me.  I loaded the dishwasher, put the Cascade in the 'those things that hold the detergent'...honestly, i can't think of what they are called...then walked away and let it sit for two days. It wasn't until my husband asked where all the spoons were that it dawned on me.

If I start something, like mopping the floor, then leave the room for something,  I come back and start something else.

Speaking in a fog?  Forget about it!  I told my son that I had plenty of 'wine gobblers' to use for Thanksgiving! That's what it's like for me.


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   Posted 11/24/2008 7:35 AM (GMT -7)   

Hi Jennifer & welcome,

I am so sorry you are going through this. A good doctor who is familiar with and who will treat Fibro is so important. I hope some way you will be able to find a good and caring doctor or else get some meds to help you feel better.

I guess my fibro fog is sometimes kind of like daydreaming or dozing off, but I'm awake. I forget what I was getting ready to say or do. Things that I have done for years, like at work, I find myself fumbling and trying to figure out how to do.

I will even forget something I told someone and turn around the next day and tell them again! I feel like I am in a bubble and can't get out? It's hard to really explain and I think different people go through different things, but so far for me it has just been this hazy feeling in my head and it's like I'm going in slow motion.

I also have good days when I feel pretty good and my mind is sharp, but those are getting to be less often.

Boy, sorry to make this so confusing, but it is hard for me to explain how it feels! I hope things get better for you! Please keep us posted and come back. We are always here to just talk or help each other.

Hugs!!  Margie




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   Posted 11/24/2008 10:37 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Jennifer, and welcome back!  It sure sounds like  you have fibro.  If I were you, I'd find a different doctor to treat you.  Doctors are not gods, even thought a few think they are.  They also do not know everything.  I love the saying, "Remember, 1/2 of the doctors graduated in the lower half of their class and  yours could be one of them!"  turn    I use an Internist for my doctor but many use a rheumatologist.  Before you make an appointment, call and ask, flat out, if the doctor treats patients with fibromyalgia.  If not, keep going through the phone book.  You will probably have better luck with a rheumy, though.
Reread the Fibro 101 thread...the second thread on the forum.  There is a lot of good info about fibromyalgia in there.  There is a link to Doctors Respond to New York Times Article.  You might want to print that out just in case you are trying to prove it is not all in your head!  It is a great link!
Many with fibro are on antidepressants.  I think it's the serotonin level that is lower and needs to be elevated.  This is one symptom of fibro.  So, it's not unusual that you started feeling depressed.  (Jeannie knows more about this stuff than I do.  I'm one of the rare ones that does not suffer from depression.)
The fog can be quite frustrating.  You have to develop a sense of humor about it because if you get angry, you are stressing yourself and making all the symptoms worse...the pain and the fog!  I used to remember everything but I have been known to have to look on my checks to see what my phone number is now!  Many times the words are on the tip of my tongue but I just can't pull them up!  I usually remember them a couple of days later.   mad    So, that's what the fog does to me.  I need to write things down, etc. so you are not alone here either!
I use ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain and malic acid/magnesium supplements for pain and fatigue.  There is a link all about them in the Fibro 101 thread.  You might consider this.  Be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist.  They should not hurt you since these nutrients are found in the foods we eat.
My best suggestions to you are to get a doctor that understands and treats fibro and to relax.  You are letting fibro stress you out big time and that is just making things worse for you.  Your anger and frustration is understandable but you need to relax, face fibro dead in the eye, and gain control over it.  Right now, it is controlling you.  We will help you do that.  You need to come here, read posts, read Fibro 101, and ask questions so we can help you.  I have had fibro for 21  years and have had a really full and enjoyable life so far and you can too!  Hope to hear more from you soonl
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   Posted 11/24/2008 3:53 PM (GMT -7)   

Hi Jennifer,

It sure sounds like you have Fibromyalgia. You really do need to get to someone that knows about fibro. It makes all the difference in the world. I have "fibro fog' too , and I have a hard time thinking of the name of something or I will forget what I was doing and start something else, but my most annoying "fog" symptom is that I just cannot remember how to spell words anymore. I was always such a good speller, so this really bugs me. I was having lunch with a doctor friend the other day and we were talking about how many doctors I saw and surgeries I had before I was finally diagnosed and she told me something that really made alot of sense that I am going to fowwow up on...she told me that it is OUR duty when we are diagnosed to write a letter to these doctors to tell them what we have been diagnosed with so they will not continue to treat others the same. She is a dermatologist and worries that there are others that are not being treated and maybe going through alot of pain because these doctors are just not educated on fibro yet. I thought about it and thought instead of just hating them for treating me badly, I could write a very nice letter letting them know my diagnosis and what symptoms are usually fibro related. No, it is really not my job, but isn't it my responsibility?Something to think about. good luck, Jennifer. I hope you find the caring physician you and everyone deserves.      

Gentle Hugs,
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