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   Posted 12/23/2008 4:18 PM (GMT -7)   
I forced myself to go to the pool every morning right after awakening. I struggled to get dressed and out on time. I used my wonderful power wheelchair to zoom to the bus when I was late.

I followed doctors orders and made sure I was outside of my home for at least 30 minutes a day.

What to I get for all of this, about 20 snow storms back to back.

I tried to go out of the house yesterday, I got as far as the corner. This due in part to the wonderful janitors who shoveled a path. I could not even cross the street. The curb cuts were covered with mounds of ice and snow. Of course I did not remember where they were due to fibro fog.

So, chastened, I returned home, sat on my terrace and read a book. It reminded me of folks, in the olden days, who sat outside for some sun and air.

Okay, I am thankful for electricity. Without the internet I would have offed somebody. I also have to listen to my 23 year old who is home for the holidays, wail, "It's still snowing, why?" He had plans to visit his friends but they cannot reach each other by car or bus. Unless you live next to a highway, or maybe outside of the city proper, you can forget it on the roads.

And guess what, we have another snow advisory. I need a 4-wheel drive chair. They exist but I have to save $28,000 for one. Of course I would feel guilty using it, I can walk, just not in snow.

There are about 4 snow plows in Seattle and they have not come to my neighborhood. Grrr. I have had it.

I should be working all day. This is a time that I can catch up on my proposal. Am I doing it? Well, kind of.



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   Posted 12/23/2008 5:58 PM (GMT -7)   
Oh Donnaeil I'd be bonkers too if I was you. shocked I went out today even though I probably shouldn't have. I have to get out of the house every few days to stay sane or somewhat sane.
We started with snow this morning, which turned to sleet, which turned to rain and now it sounds like sleet again. The trees are pretty in front, under the street lights, covered with ice.
I keep thinking the same thing about the electricity, as long as I can get on the forum and Ken can play poker we are okay.
It is suppose to be in the high 40s Friday here so a lot of this ice will melt. I really hope you guys get the same warm front. Then you can put up with flooding if it melts too fast.
It's less than three months til spring. tongue
luv and hugs
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   Posted 12/23/2008 6:32 PM (GMT -7)   
Donna, wish you can get out soon. It has got to be awful to be snowbound. For some reason it reminds me of one of the little house on the prairie books where the whole town was snowed in and the firewood and food could not get in on the train. The dad twisted hay all day long to burn in the fire and they went to bed early to try to stay warm.

Do you have an indoor pool? I would love to swim every day but my pool is outdoors and the water is 40 degrees! Since I am not a polar bear in this life, I cannot do it!!

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   Posted 12/23/2008 9:30 PM (GMT -7)   
Marlee, It may be less than three months to spring in some parts of the country, but not in the midwest! Diane
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   Posted 12/23/2008 10:18 PM (GMT -7)   
Donna, my grandmother is in a power wheelchair here at the farm and is sympathizing with you. I'm feeling antsy myself to get out and do some walking with my cane. Have to keep rehabing my hip and knee and the walking machine only gets you so far, lol :)

I agree Diane. . . Here in the MW we are stuck with winter about 2/3 of the year on avg :)
Much Love, Hugs, Peace and Comfort!!!
Your Bro,
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   Posted 12/23/2008 10:22 PM (GMT -7)   
Indoor pool I wish.

I am swelling up with fluid like crazy. My body is achy and stiff. I have eaten about 20 body pounds worth of food and have probably grown 2 sizes in the wrong direction.

I feel downright raabid. Now I remember how it felt to not exercise. One would think I would try an exercise program at home byut, nooooo. I have no self discipline here. Without others to egg me on I am a wheelchair potato perusing the Internet.

Anyone want to chat tonight? I need friends.

I thought about the Little House on the Prairie book when the big snow came. Unfortunately, I am not married and my children would not be caught dead in bed with me. They call me a pervert anyway since I always go around hugging and touching people.

If I touch my feet and ankles I can put dents in them. Sigh.

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   Posted 12/23/2008 11:09 PM (GMT -7)   

im from australia, and your snow storms in the USA are on the news here- showing the severity of them. im so sorry you are stuck inside, thats so frustrating. have you got anything, like a hobby that can distract you or help you occupy your time?

Maz XX

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   Posted 12/23/2008 11:15 PM (GMT -7)   
I have a job, writing. It is a hobby also. Am I doing it while I have this great opportunity? Not enough, I will try again tomorrow. I really need to add a few chapters before the end of the year. I am also trying to figure out a literary dat base using Microsoft Word because I have outgrown basic world processing software.

Australia, no wonder you were doing yard work.


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   Posted 12/24/2008 2:14 PM (GMT -7)   
We in our family are all spoiled californians. Without the heater on it only gets down to 51 in our house. We huddle by the fire to stay warm. We could never do that in some of the places you live. Today I am wearing long underwear, sweats, two socks, slippers and a hat. The gas and electricity bill last winter was over $700 for two months straight. We absolutely cannot afford that. But what else can be turned off??? We still have the hot tub on. I am going to go get in it soon.

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   Posted 12/24/2008 3:02 PM (GMT -7)   

Donnaeil, here in Montana the snow is piled high but the roads are plowed & the highway has a snow berm down the middle about 6 foot high.  Snow is the name of the game here but I still don't want to go out.  It's too cold.  It sinks right into my bones & I ache just thinking about it.  My car is under snow because I haven't used it for awhile, I guess I should start it every so often to make sure the battery stays charged in this cold.  I hit a deer one night about 4 weeks ago & have kinda lost the will to drive.  I can imagine how bogged down it must get in Seattle when it snows, I used to live in the Tri Cities, WA & the cities would shut down when it snowed. 

Hugs, Denise

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