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   Posted 2/3/2009 9:33 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi all,

I am 38 years old Caucasian married male, no children, 3 dogs and from South Africa stay in Pretoria. No lions walking around except on game farms, wild reserves and zoo's. Since October the proud owner of FMS and Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) 18/18 tender spots active. First Rheumatologist I saw gave me Syndol as a pain killer and told me to get use to the pain. Second one pumped me full of cortisone and luckily the third one was professor Meyer from University Pretoria who is one of the top experts in FMS and pain management got hold of me. Put me on tripeline, lyrica and Tramal and a host of other medicine I use including heart medicine which I use since my heart attack at 34, not going to bore you with all the details. I started Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies in 2007 and had to stop studies till March 2008. However when I resumed my brain would not play along as I did still read ultra fast but my retention is lacking. I had an score F for the first time in my life!!!!. FMS is not well known as a disease in SA so it is not even recognised by insurance companies as a disabling syndrome. So also in the workplace it is not recognised as disabling and I have to explain over and over what is wrong with me. But hey such is life. I am sore from my little toe to the top of my head all the time and Tramal helps and I do the warm water therapy as well and although it is given by a professional who also have FMS I am still tired and sore after exercise. So I had to disclose to my new manager my condition. I am busy asking my current University Henley Business School at Reading to extend my period of studies to double the time and I will most probably be stuck in Africa for the rest of my life as I will not be able to complete my MBA before 43 and it was my key out oof South Africa and its diabolical corruption, crime and lies. I am still lucky enough to able to work full time as an Information Technology Solutions Architect. My brother six years removed from me in the UK has FMS to the point of Narcosis and being stuck in a wheel chair. I looked everywhere for answers as too why me and this syndrome.


Had been abused and raped as a kid.
Suffered from Reactive Major Depression at age 22.
Lost a child prematurely at twenty weeks when 24.
Was dropped by the "mother" of that child with no explanations at 24.
Was divorced for "freedom" which was actually the male neighbours nick name at 30.
Remarried into a marriage where the person in my life have a odd disability which disallow her to show desire and spontaneous love and obviously the lack of sexual interaction at age 33.
Had a light heart attack at age 34.
Had to find out that I am not able to have children of my own due to radiation (don't know from what) which lead to malfunction of guess what? the Pituitary Gland and obviously the hormone imbalances it create at age 35.
At age 37 diagnosed with FMS and MPS.

So no idea which part of the pattern shoot me in the foot;-)

But hey I am alive so I am going whether it is well or not. When the going gets tough the tough gets going:-)

If there is any form of encouragement I need it is in terms of my studies. I have no idea what to use to motivate my University to extend my tenure of studies and also struggle to find policies on FMS at Universities as an example to utilise. I also need to understand how people with short term memory loss (Brain Fog) which lead to cognitive disability coped in their studies.

I am going for the exercises 3 times a week, I see a Gestalt therapist and I am earning good money. For the rest I survive.

But I refuse to despair or sit in a heap because of all of the circumstances. I enjoy what I can enjoy fully. I want to complete my studies for myself as well.

Oh for those who would like to know my Myers Briggs Type it is INTJ(work) and INTP(personal life) and I have the label of an A-type personality.

So there you go all of me.

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   Posted 2/3/2009 10:00 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Sangiro!  I'm so glad you joined us and now we know a little about you.  I have had fibro for almost 22 years and don't have a clue how I got it.  Some think it's from a virus, others a nerve problem, others an accident, others an illness, others emotional problems, and the list goes on and on and on!  But, one thing nearly all of us have in common is a Type A personality!  You'll get over that, too!  turn    You will HAVE to learn how to relax and not stress over the least little thing.  It's good to do  the very best job you can but you don't have to obsess over it.
Be sure to check out the Fibro 101 thread...the second thread on the forum.  There are links to a lot of good information about fibromyalgia including symptoms and some good stretching exercises that really do help.  You will find some information that you could print out and show the doctors in South Africa.  Who knows?  One might become quite interested in the illness and it might put two and two together for other patients they have seen.
I do not take narcotics for fibromyalgia.  I use ibuprofen with food and extra strength Tylenol for the pain.  I also take malic acid/magnesium supplements for pain and fatigue.  There is a link in the Fibro 101 thread all about these supplements and how they work in your body.  I also get mine on line so that might be a big help for you in South Africa!
Moist heat helps with the pain.  Hot showers and Bed Buddies are nice.  You can make your own bed buddy by taking a tube sock, filling it 2/3's full of raw long grained rice, and tying a knot on the end.  Voila! a homemade bed buddy!  You can microwave this and it gives off moist heat.  The moisture is in the rice.
You do need to keep moving as much as possible.  Sitting and laying to long will make you stiff as a board.  Walking and water exercise is really helpful...if you have access to a pool.  Also, pacing yourself helps.  You can't do everything you did before fibro in the same time frame.  Your body will tell you when you have overdone!
Fibro fog.  Mine comes and goes.  I used to teach so I know how difficult it must be taking courses and trying to remember what you have read.  I think the best you can do, besides what you have done already, is try not to stress over it.  For me, stress makes it worse and the harder I try to remember, the more I can't and I become angry and frustrated.  Try to relax and don't start thinking that you won't remember things on a test.  That can become a self-fulfilling prophecy!  Trust that God has given you a good mind and that you will remember all that you have studied.  The confidence could help you a lot.  Maybe even try to give yourself "mini-tests" or enlist the help of a friend to quiz you.  In your non-academic life, use your sense of humor about the fog.  You might as well get a chuckle out of some of the dumb things you do.  I've tried to start my car with the key to my freezer...twice!  You just have to laugh.
You have come to a very good place.  We have good people with great ideas to help you live a full and enjoyable life with fibromyalgia.  A positive attitude is a big plus and, from what you wrote at the end of your post, I don't think you will have a problem in that department!  Attitude, faith, perseverence...these all play a part in how you will feel.  Counting your blessings and focusing on things other than how you feel help greatly, too.  
So, read the Fibro 101 thread, back posts, and ask questions.  We are here to help you.  You take care, have a terrific day, and I hope to hear more from you soon!
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