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   Posted 2/20/2009 6:57 PM (GMT -7)   
I was at a home show with my hubby today and they had a booth set up for elctro therapy for pain I walked up to the booth and the lady said can I help you I said yes I have been thinking about getting one of these. She said "for your mom" I said no for me. She said Why I said because I am in constant pain. She said you dont look like you are in pain. Real snotty  I said forget it and walked away. My husband was at the booth next door and asked did you buy one I said Very loud so she could hear no not if that lady is selling  them.. this is the first time in a long time that I have wished pain upon someone. I thought I would never wish fibro on any one But today I did. I actually was angry and let her a perfect stranger anger me. by the time we left the home show I could barely walk,because my feet hurt so bad DOes any one else seem to have more pain when they get emotional?

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   Posted 2/20/2009 10:07 PM (GMT -7)   
For me LeeAnn it would have been the walking that made me have more pain which would have made me feel short tempered which would have made me grumpy and then it would hurt even more to walk. I can't walk or stand for more than ten minutes but I can swim in a pool for half an hour without a problem...

Go figure! BTW, that lady won't last long in sales, that's for sure! Sorry you had a bad experience with a dumb person.
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   Posted 2/21/2009 12:05 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm so sorry! She sounds ignorant.
I find I have problems with pain when I'm emotional, but I think that's more of the fact that it's because I have nothing to distract me. Last night it wasn't so much my emotions which got to me, just trying to follow my 6 foot tall boyfriend around Walmart. He walks unreasonably fast and my legs are about half the length of his! I was limping towards the end, and gave up trying to walk with him.
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   Posted 2/21/2009 1:27 AM (GMT -7)   
LeeAnn, I do find that getting irritated with someone really makes me feel worse in every way. I think you are right, some people do get under our skin and for whatever reason, they steal a little of our power. But we can brush them off and not let them stay with us. I don't know why it is, but I find that rudeness and lack of consideration are pretty prevalent in our world right now. Instead of getting irritated with people I meet who seem oblivious to others, I am going to continue to smile and say 'hello!' to them. I am going to spread random southern charm :)
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   Posted 2/21/2009 6:11 AM (GMT -7)   

I was in Seattle one day with my 6'2" hubby and I am only 5'1" and the same thing was happening. I finally got fed up and just stopped walking in the middle of the street. He finally realized I was gone after about a half block and came back to me. I told him Helloooooo are you here with me or Not? he said yes so I told him if he wanted to continue to go places with me then he had to slow down and wait for me or I wasnt going anymore. I told him I was spending my day in pain trying to keep up and at first he said I cant slow down its just how i walk. So I told him well this is how I walk so its either slow down or you come alone. He slowed down lol. I just had to remind him of my capabilities and stand my ground. I told him dont ya notice when you get to the end of a block that I am not there and come running up all breathless to reach you? He goes ohhhhh durrrrr I never noticed so I told him if you were holding my hand like a gentleman you would have known, more durrrrrrr ahhhhh men but it worked =)
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   Posted 2/21/2009 6:30 AM (GMT -7)   

Hi LeeAnn...I told a friend the other day that I was thinking of getting a handicap sticker to use during these dreadful winters we have here in Central NY.  I can't push the grocery carts through the ice and slush in the parking lots and when it's really cold I can't walk a half mile to the car because my muscles freeze up.  She sighed and said something about 'really abusing the system' and why would I take up a space for someone who is REALLY handicapped.  Meaning her, I might say, because she is in a wheelchair and is morbidly obese...both of her knees have 'disinigrated' due to the weight they have had to carry around.  So once again, pain is in the eye of the beholder and if you're not crawling on your hands and knees or gimping around with a cane, you don't look like you are in pain so shut the hell up!

Hubby has been doing all the shopping since I had to call him and have him help me get the stuff in the car.  This was after waiting at least fifteen minutes for a stock boy or someone to help me.  I will say, Walmart will find someone to help me immediately, if I need it.

We got two and a half feet of snow yesterday and more on the way. confused



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   Posted 2/21/2009 6:50 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Leeann: What we put up with,eh? I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. I don't think we've had two consecutive days without snow. And cold, beyond belief. I don't know how many more of these winters i can take. i could marry some well to do fellow and talk him into sending me south for six months of the year, hey, not a bad idea. I always believed in love first, security second. I might change my way of looking at all that. Anywho, those electro-shock thingy's, are they tens units with the little pads, 4, which stick to your skin and deliver electric impulses to the tender spots or muscles? If so, I have one, I used it twice, there are all these wires that get all tangled up and it's more trouble than it's worth. However, if I had a well to do man, devoted to my every whim maybe he could untangle, and apply it correctly, humh? I think people who cannot recognise that you can suffer w/o there being outward signs that you are suffering, are stuck in the middle ages. These people believe that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist. You ever notice anyone spurting blood, no matter how minor always gets triage first in the emergency room, while someone who has a broken arm or leg w/o bones sticking through the skin, waits and waits. Almost makes me want to stick meself with a hatpin, just to get care. So it goes in the land of Fibro. How about people with Diabetes and Kidney disease, is the disease all in their heads. I had a friend/babysitter once, when I came home from being struck by a truck who said "well, you don't look all broke up to me". I would have fired him except I was to sore to do w/o a babysitter.  
I hope you all get a relatively pain free, sunny, not to cold day, except those in Florida, of whom I'm extremely envious.
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   Posted 2/21/2009 6:58 AM (GMT -7)   
People like that make me crazy!!! And it's not just the ones who come up with some version of "but you don't look sick." Rudeness seems to be all around us these days.
I'm such a non-assertive person, but I'm working really hard to not let it get to me and to confront the person in a gentle way like, "Have I said something to offend you?," or (with a big smile), "Well, looks can be deceiving now, can't they?" 
I'm so sensitive that my first reaction is "hurt" and then my next is usually anger.  I give so many people power over me by letting them get to me.  So hard not to do when you are dealing with an insensitive dingbat.
The best revenge with this lady is the fact that she will probably sell very little due to her attitude.  You can still buy one online, and won't have to deal with the judgement of the ignorant.
Oh and yes, I get much more pain when I'm upset.  I tense up my whole body and make everything worse.
Hugs - Austen
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   Posted 2/21/2009 7:01 AM (GMT -7)   
Lee Ann, the way that salesperson treated you was totally shameful.  In this economy customer service is critical.  If she had been working for me, she would have been fired on the spot and walking home.  shakehead    That really is unexceptable.  I used to be quiet about stuff like that.. but now, I would have asked her who was running that booth and I would have complained to the boss.  Sheesh, people can be so incredibly inconsiderate.
As for the overly tall mates, my husband is 6'4" and I'm 5'1".. he's really thoughtful about our height issue and occassionally has to tell ME to slow down.  He walks extra slow for me and always has.  I start out like a ball of fire when we go shopping and by the time we're done, I'm wiped out.   Bare in mind that I was dx'd with CFS just before he and I got together (because of my Lyme left overs.... I was Lyme free but still had a lot of symptoms.) .. so he knew what he was getting into.  I'm well aware how lucky I am.  He is really great about nursing me back to health when I have a bad flare.  I know it frustrates him but he's the best about reminding me not to over do it. 
Donna, if you can get a handicap sticker.. go for it!!!  The hell with them!!!  I agree!!!
Warm hugs, 

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   Posted 2/21/2009 8:45 AM (GMT -7)   
Lee Ann I wish she had been nice cause a TENS unit does help me. I don't take narcotics so it's my last resort when all heat fails.
Yes, stress causes me more pain and I am more irritable than I use to be. I thought some of it might be age cause I don't have the patience for petty whiny people anymore. It's usually a member of my family that upsets me, I don't let strangers get to me. You should have asked if there was someone that wasn't in a b*%$# that could help you. devil
Donna, the only time I have thought a handicap sticker would be nice was when Ken was in the hospital and sometimes I had to walk a long ways in the parking garage. But I live in a small town where finding a close place to park at Walmart is usually not a problem. But there is no way I could push a heavy cart through snow and slush.
We need to do what we need to do to live our lives the best we can and if there are those out there that don't like it may the fibro demon pay them a visit for a day.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 2/21/2009 10:05 AM (GMT -7)   
Austen Fan, Amen to that. You hit the nail on the noggan.  Now, when I am in extreme pain, I stay home or dispatch a friend or neighbor who might be going that way. When I get upset my fight/flight reaction kicks in. All my muscles go tense, physiologically all the blood rushes from the extremities so the muscles are oxygen deprived. My heart beats really fast. My adrenals release cortisol, which is deadly for me. It happens so easily now. Not that I get angry, I decided a while back, getting angry is a waste of time. But I sure do feel like running away. I think if you need a handicapp sticker you should have one. I had borrowed a friends truck with the sticker once and only used handicapped parking when I was miserable.

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   Posted 2/21/2009 11:13 AM (GMT -7)   
It might have been fun to try the equipment out, lead the person into thinking she was going to get a sale and possibly some commission, and then say you were going to order it elsewhere since she didn't "look" like she needed the money and walk away with a smile on your face!  devil
Just so you know, I had no problem getting a handicap plaque. I was only 41 years old at the time but in a lot of pain from fibro.  Your pain is every bit as bad as arthritic pain, etc.  Plus, you have to deal with the fatigue, too.  At first I felt really funny using it and did get a lot of looks but it helped me so much that I didn't care what anyone thought. Your doctor needs to write for it...at least that's what I had to do...and then take it to the driver's license bureau.
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   Posted 2/21/2009 11:23 AM (GMT -7)   
OooooOO.. good one Sherrine. I like your way of thinking on the come back for the nasty sales woman. I'm gonna have to try to remember that one!!!
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   Posted 2/21/2009 2:18 PM (GMT -7)   
That would have been funny, My husband is doing another show in April I sware if that lady is there I will remember her face and I will do it to her. I think that if you need a sticker or plackard you should try to get one.
Lee Ann

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   Posted 2/21/2009 3:31 PM (GMT -7)   
If you can get the parking permit, go for it. You can use it when you need it, you don't have to use it all the time. Even if you only use it a few times a month, it is still worth it.
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