Update on QT Karen

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   Posted 3/15/2009 12:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Dear Everyone,
        My name is Jason. I am Karen's husband. As u all know karen had a stroke 3 weeks ago. She wil be seeing her doctor soon. We are also going to have to schedule her with a speech therapist. Unfortunately she is not doing as great as i would of hoped. After helping her daughter ( who made fun of her speech by the way nono ) her stroke occured while sleeping. She can't type or speak very well but i will be posting to her forums and other chats for the time being. As stressed out has it has been for me it is more than she can handle. She seems to break down and cry when she can't talk to me. I do my best to try to make her feel as comfortable as possible. She wanted me to thank you all for your prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. She was happy to read all of your posts. I will keep you informed as new information is made available.
Thank You,
   Jason and Karen

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   Posted 3/15/2009 12:31 PM (GMT -7)   
Jason and Karen I will be praying that you both have the strenght and patients you need to make through this ordeal.

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   Posted 3/15/2009 1:15 PM (GMT -7)   
Please let her know that we are all concerned and thinking about her.
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getting by
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   Posted 3/15/2009 1:17 PM (GMT -7)   

Thank you for posting for Karen. We all have been worried about her. I myself was wondering if this was all too much for her. But I guess that is besides the point now.

We have all been praying for her and hope that she is feeling better soon. Thank you again for your consideration. It really means a lot to know how she is. Let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 3/15/2009 1:38 PM (GMT -7)   


Thank you for posting to let us know about Karen. We have all been worried and concerned about her. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to your updates, until Karen is ready to come back. Pls give her a gentle hug for me.

God bless.   Alice.

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   Posted 3/15/2009 2:40 PM (GMT -7)   
Jason, thank you so much for letting us know how Karen is.  I know this is a tough time for both of you but I'll be praying for a speedy recovery and that you two get your lives back together again.  Give her a hug for me.
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   Posted 3/15/2009 3:03 PM (GMT -7)   

I'm so sorry to hear about Karen's stroke. I'll be sure to keep you all in my prayers.

Get well soon, Karen!

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   Posted 3/15/2009 4:28 PM (GMT -7)   

Jason, thank you so much for posting for Karen.  We have been so worried about her! 

Karen, we will always be here for you and I'm happy that Jason can step in and let us know how you are.  We are praying for a speedy recovery for you!

Jason, take care of our wonderful Karen!

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   Posted 3/15/2009 5:05 PM (GMT -7)   

I feel like I know you from everything Karen & I have talked about (still waiting on those free Subway coupons, LOL Just Kidding). I am so happy she has you to take care of her. Tell her that I'm gonna put the smackdown on her daughter for making fun of her. We all love Karen (I usually call her QTK) and I hope I can speak for everyone when I say if there is anything we can do, just ask. Please tell her that I will email her, OK?

Lots of HUGS for my QTK! tongue

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   Posted 3/15/2009 5:24 PM (GMT -7)   
Dear Jason,

How wonderful for you to take the time to let us know about Karen. WE were all totally scared for her and want to know how she is doing. Give her my very best and tell her she is in my prayers.....

Wishing you both the best, Patsie

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   Posted 3/15/2009 10:51 PM (GMT -7)   
I am so sorry to hear about her stroke. How scary that must have been. She is in my prayers. Thanks for the update!

I love my life as a
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   Posted 3/15/2009 11:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Jason, I want to add my thank you for letting us know how Karen is doing. I am so sorry this has happened. You both are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope she recovers speedily. I can only imagine how hard this is on you. Give Karen my love. I will say, I hope her daughter & SIL feel a measure of guilt in all of this. Best wishes to both of you & thank you again. Denise

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   Posted 3/16/2009 5:25 AM (GMT -7)   

Hello Jason,

I, too, would like to thank you for updating us on Karen's health.  As others have said we have been VERY worried about her.  She's such a good person.  She really agonized about what she should do about taking care of your daughter and SIL and the kids.  I can't believe the nerve of the daughter making fun of Karen's speech issues.  Man, that's just plain wrong.

Please give her a very gentle hug for me and let her know she's been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be there while she recovers.  I know this has all be difficult for you too, Jason.  Remember, we're here for all of our Fibro Family and that includes their families.  Please keep us up to date on her recovery.

Hugs to you, too.. Jason!!


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   Posted 3/16/2009 5:58 AM (GMT -7)   
Jason, thank you for letting us know. Please keep us updated, and feel free to come here any time to chat.  This is a wonderful, caring place.
Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about your stroke.  Please try to take care of yourself.  I sending you soft, gentle hugs, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Hugs - Austen
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   Posted 3/16/2009 6:17 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for letting us know Jason, we have been concerned about Karen. Our prayers are with you both.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 3/16/2009 5:29 PM (GMT -7)   
If I were a social worker in her town, I might have to have a conversation with the Adult Protective Services people for how her daughter didn't get her immediate emergency medical care when she needed it. I think the daughter needs to have a reality check from the law re: abusing her mother that way.
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   Posted 3/17/2009 1:46 AM (GMT -7)   
True, she should have been at the hospital earlier but that is now in the past.

Thank you for letting us know. Please tell her that we said get well soon.


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   Posted 3/17/2009 4:23 AM (GMT -7)   
Thank you, Jason, for the update! I, too, have been super worried about Karen. She is such a dear, sweet, wonderful person. My heart went out to her during her struggle over helping out her daughter at the expense of herself. I was so very sorry to hear about her stroke and I do hope the speech therapist is able to help her.

I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Please send Karen my love and concern and please keep us updated when you can.

love and hugs

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   Posted 3/17/2009 5:54 AM (GMT -7)   

Hi Jason, I have been thinking of both of you!

I am praying with some "time" things will start to turn around for the better- let us know what the Dr. has to say and we are here to help in any way we can!

Not finding any humor on her daughter teasing her about her speech- shakehead



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   Posted 3/17/2009 8:55 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for letting us know!
Prayers from me to both of you..
Karen you take care of yourself for now and work with your PT and don't rush things
We'll all still be here for you when you come back...So don't worry things will work
out even when it doesn't seem like it...
We all luv ya
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGZ to Karen}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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   Posted 3/17/2009 9:58 AM (GMT -7)   
Karen, sorry to hear of your stroke. You seem to have a very wonderful man in your life to take such care of you. I'll will keep you in my prayers, may you recover in in quick time.

Jason, you are a blessing for Karen. Keep the posts coming, thanx for the update.

(((HUGS))) to you both,
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   Posted 3/18/2009 5:25 AM (GMT -7)   
Karen, sending you prayers and love. Denise
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   Posted 3/18/2009 12:10 PM (GMT -7)   

There is nothing that I can say that hasn't been said already in this thread. Just let her know that we all are thinking of her and, and you as well. That we miss her, and hope to see her be able to bounce back from this.

Don't be surprised if it takes time. It's not a fast process. But do know that with regular therapy and practice she will be able to recover a lot, if not all.

Take care of yourself...and her. We're all pulling together.

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   Posted 3/19/2009 11:11 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi guys its stil me here. I want to talk about whats happns withme. Its goning prety go when I a walk or get groceres. I get tired alot and have to rest several times a day. I stil cant remember much like bofe like letters and were they go. I all wanted to let I read posts your I hope you dont mind, some days i can say everthing and then its just as dead as the rest of mind ya know. I hate everthing the way it is and I pray that is changed. I got in this funk and get out iof it. And it takes way to long to leave a post so far few days or so maybe.

QTKaren (((((love you guys)))))
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   Posted 3/19/2009 11:27 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Karen!  It's good to hear from you.  You have had strokes before so you know that it takes time to heal.  My grandmother had a stroke that actually paralyzed her left side but she worked at it and was back hiking in the mountains within a year.  So, you will be back, too.  As Jeannie likes to say, keep on keeping on.  You are in my prayers.
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