So this is all just in my head ?

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   Posted 4/9/2009 7:18 AM (GMT -7)   
 Well so the MRI said nothing there, so why does my back hurt so much and my hands are numb and a little swollen , pain in right arm from sholders to my hand ? And my left arm numby and pain to the elbow ? Buldging discs can heal themselves too ?( was rear-ended 4 years ago ) oh yea and I was told it's normal to have a cyst on my kidney ??  So today i have an ultrasound to check out the cyst, ( thats probably in my head also huh ) I was diagnosed with fibro about 10 years ago or so, my doc is saying that theres no reason for my back to be this bad. He is keeping me on these meds , i just have to figure out what to do now.Uggg i'm so sorry i quess i shouldn't have written this. My rheumy really don't do much for me and now i am a lost soul , so just boot me to the corner or the middle of the highway,maybe there i might find an answer. idea   just thought about taking steroids,ill ask my reg.doc for a shot today,courtazone might help a bit.OMG I am sorry just venting here.Just tired of these docs,tests and spending lotta money since i only have medicare.Time to find a secendary.( can't spell for anything this morning) I'm still in lala land from last nights meds...If you don't see me ill be on the yellow brick road,just hanging around there in my owm little world..Wishing you a wonderfull day,gentle huggzzz and i do always say,
Peace,Love,Happiness,Enjoy Life much as it is.. turn Kat //off to the docs.....
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   Posted 4/9/2009 8:00 AM (GMT -7)   
Goodlmorning Kat,

Hope your feeling better after your doc appt. I have 3 bulging discs(discovered through MRI) in my neck and they don't tend to bother me. I have problems with my hips, but NO evidence of anything on xrays or a MRI. I went through plenty o' plenty of docs b/4 I would get taken seriously.

I have a great Rhueme and he gives me cortizone injections(for my hips) every 3 months. I feel they have helped trememdously, took a few times but know I am at a 3 on a pain scale for my hips. But, I am still careful for not over doing things, like walking to long periods.

Just thought I'd share. Take it easy after you appt., relax, zone out, take a nap. Do what you can to rest after being out today dealing with all your appts. I know they can sure stress me out.

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   Posted 4/9/2009 8:10 AM (GMT -7)   
Not in your head KitKat. The buldgeing disk can go back into place, but you actually have to do something usually for them to go back in place, like frequent back traction, but I don't know, I am as lost on this as you are. Back pain, chest pain, rib pain, numbness and pain in arms, digestion a mess that pushes upward and makes me feel like its some form of gerd without the burning. sense of breathing problems, dizziness. Can't walk down a sidwalk 50 feet without by back acheing. The fact of the matter is if I took those symptoms to a Doctor, again, by the time he was done running all those expensive test and probably finding nothing, on my visits to him or her, they wouldn't even talk to me more then about 30 seconds, they wouldn't want to listen to my complaints anymore and though they might not say it, in their heads my problem would be that I have a somaform disorder, which yes, is a fancy word for your subconscious conflicts and the way you think is the cause of the problems.

I think its a bunch of BS. I think fancy words like Somaform disorders and simple ones like Hypochondria, which are basicaly the same thing except that Hypochondria is one type of Somaform disorder and they have about a dozen types, is a escape hatch for the Doctors not being able to solve real problems.

Its true that the mind can make a person sick, but not to the degree your having. There was a time I was doing almost everything right for years. Swimming a half mile in the morning, working some, resting, doing some hiking in the afternoon, getting lots of body therapy. I was generally in a good mood, had no subconscious conflicts and pretty much thinking positively despite the problems. I still had lots and lots of issues going on that they wouldn't have found a cause for then either. Those problems were a prelude to where its at not.

Its not in your head. Its more like they don't have medical technology, diagnostic capacity up to a level that can tell you whats really going on. A hundred years from now, this will look like the infancy of modern medicine, like we view what they did back in the 15 and 16 hundreds the dark ages of medicine. If you had these problems back then they would probably be drilling a hole in your head to let the bad spirits out and killing you in the process, or bleeding you, or covering you in leaches, or if the pain, depression and anxiety drove you nuts, probably hanging you in a cage. They are no more correct today on whats going on with you then they would have been back then.

All you can do Kit is what you can do and try to take heart in the fact that at least technology has reached the point we can support each other in how we feel and that were with you. We do understand and we have the ability to communicate so were not alone anymore. I remember a women back when I was a child 40 years ago that had these kinds of problems. She was basically treated by everyone as the biggest Hypochondriac in the world and totally lazy. She had to hide in her house her whole life in misery with no one that understood. Even my mother that went to clean for her condemned her ever time she left. I asked my mother months ago to describe all the symptoms the women complained of and questioned her about a bunch of others. The women obviously had Fibro. My sister has Fibro bad, wheelchair bad and the family now cuts her the slack she deserves. I told my mother, you know, all those people condemning that poor women her whole life was the same thing as if we were condemning your daughter and me right now, that these problems are all in our heads and were weak and just lazy. Ignorance and judgementalism. Drives me nuts. Probably one of my subconscious conflicts.

I am not much of a hugger Kit, but /hugs. Hang in there kit.
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   Posted 4/9/2009 8:48 AM (GMT -7)   
   Hey Grailhunter ,, tyvm for the hug and wowww can you ever reply to a post !!!
The docs know i have fibro , thats a frikin fact // I went over My notes and doc notes, reports from "05 , guess what ??? I have the same symptoms !!! That was when i was rear-ended / somehow this winter really got to my back,the cold weather got "" stuck "" in there and it don't want to leave,also i remember i was lifting things and that hurt me so i have been like the bad since Jan. Ohhhh I am thinking of a plan, will let you know what it is soon.
 and Grail ? i did Not have back traction, there was a time that i smoked weed and did Thi-Chi- walked a lot and strethes and hey / i could do just about anything / LOL so these days i have to learn how to deal with all this again and i'll get there. It sure picked the wrong time too , i recentlly moved in with my male friend , i'm renting a room here and he don't need to keep seeing me like this.He knew i had probs tho and did se me worse,but dam,hey i'm trying to get better,dang docs / i'll find a good one again to really help me.
 You take care Grail . and thanks again..hugggggz

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   Posted 4/9/2009 1:40 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Binki , tyvm , I found out today that bulging discs can " heal themselves " . so i hope yours heal up,maybe thats why they don't bother you ? I am so glad you get cortizone shots , they really do help. Hey on the pain scale, you seem to be doing good smilewinkgrin .
Mine varies , most days its 7-8 today im on a 3 , heyy pretty good huh //
 Well i hope you have a wonderfull night, and no i didn't have time to nap yet.
Busy day ultrasound, reg,doc today,errends,later i want to go get more fresh fruit, dang it's hot today,so it will be refreshing. You take care now.{{ gentle Huggz }}    Kat ..
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