I am so frustrated!

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   Posted 4/20/2009 6:51 PM (GMT -7)   
I apologize that this might end up being a bit of a rant, but I am so overwhelmed and frustrated right now I just have to let it out.  I'm on all sorts of medication for my fibromyalgia, and nothing seems to work.  My regular family physician was prescribing me percocet, which was the only thing that relieved the pain, and only minutely.  I ran out of pills the other day ( and I was only taking them as prescibed but when I called in to the doctor's office for a new script they said I couldn't get anymore, at least not right now.  I didn't even get an explanation as to why. 
I was in so much pain all weekend long that literally all I did was lay in bed or on the couch crying.  It hurts so badly even to move.  So, this morning I called my rheumotologist and asked if there was any way at all she could see me because I was in an extreme amount of pain.  I was told there was no way she could see me today, and that the receptionist would ask her if there was anything else she could prescibe me.  She called back a little later and all she told me to do was increase my pamelor to 50 mg at bedtime!  But what about right now?  Do I just lay here in bed and cry?  I already had to miss work today because there is just absolutely no way I could do my job.  If I miss many more days, I'll end up being fired.  There's absolutely no way I can go to work when I can hardly even walk. 
I've tried everything I can think of.  I've used my other medications I'm supposed to take.  I've been stretching as best as I can and as frequently as I can.  I've been using thermacare heat patches.  I've also used Capzasin (which burned like crazy and turned my skin bright red).  I've tried a hot shower, I've tried resting, I just don't know what else to do.  I'm considering going to the ER in hopes that they might give me something to help with the pain, or at least to calm me down. 
Sorry for ranting, but I've tried explaining all of this to my family, but they just don't get it or know how to help.  I really don't want to go to the ER because I don't even know that they'll do anything, but I can't go on feeling like this and it just keeps getting worse.
I'm sure all of you understand what this feels like, and I'm just wondering, what would you do?  I really appreciate any advice at all.
Thank You
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   Posted 4/20/2009 8:28 PM (GMT -7)   


I bet a lot of us have been where you are now.  Years ago, before I was diagnosed, my primary would not give me more pain medication, and told me if I hurt that bad to go to the ER.  I never did go, but I researched long and hard until I found a local pain management center.  These folks specialize in helping FMS patients cope with symptoms, and even try cutting edge or experimental therapies.  They are the ones who confirmed I had FMS, even when I had been trying to convince my conventional doc to at least consider the diagnosis and she would not listen.

It seems everyone presents a little differently and everyone has different success with medications and supplements as well as other treatments, so it is really a matter of finding the right doc and being willing to experiment a little.  I wish I could help you right now, I feel for you.  I have spent days out of work even when I did have pain medication, because some days are just worse than others.  There is hope, though.  Do some research in your area, find a pain management center, and you will find some relief.

There are a lot of resources on this site and others to help friends and family understand (to a degree) what you are going through.  There are also a number of YouTube videos out there of people telling their story (some of these are not worth watching but others are very good).

If you go to the ER they may be able to help you short term and they may be able to help you find a pain clinic in your area.  I know it seems a desperate measure, but sometimes we have to take desperate measures when we can't get anyone else in our medical phonebook to help!

Hugs to you and hope you feel better.



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   Posted 4/20/2009 10:04 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Sarabeth!

I am so very sorry you are not being treated with respect. I think Rose's idea is a great one. She, and others have had great success with pain clinics but please do research and interview them before going to them on a steady basis. Changing from one to another does not look good on your behalf.

Also, I would highly suggest you keep a pain diary for a few months. I've done it for a long time and it's not hard at all. Here is a website that has a free diary that you can download and print for free. http://www.painfoundation.org/Publications/TargetDailyLog.pdf
Print one page for every day. I stapled a week's worth together and kept them in a folder. Every time you go to any of your doctors hand the stack to them and ask them to read it. They will not only get a very good idea of the pain you are living with but will realize you are not kidding around. It takes time to fill out the diary daily and if you take the time they will most likely treat you more seriously. If this doesn't get some results...start interviewing for a new doctor!

I know this last idea is the hardest of all...but, try to relax! Stress increases the pain level like crazy!! You already are experiencing that. Worrying and being upset only makes it worse. If you have to miss work then so bit it. Document it in your pain journal.

Only as a last resort use an emergency room for pain medications. Any doctor who told you to do that is a jerk, in my opinion. People who use the emergency room for pain medications are often labeled 'drug seekers' and it won't take long before you are denied or told to go to drug rehab.

Please keep in touch and feel free to email me! Just click the little envelope under my name over there <---

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   Posted 4/20/2009 10:55 PM (GMT -7)   

Thank you, Chutz and Rose, for your caring responses and suggestions.  I really like the idea of keeping a pain diary, and will probably start one tomorrow.  I also think a pain management center sounds like a great idea.  In fact, I was talking to a friend of my boyfriend's the other day and he told me that pain management center was where he got the greatest amount of help.

Tonight, I did end up going to the ER.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  Fortunately, the doctor I had was very nice.  She gave me an injection of dilaudid, which is helping a good bit right now (I certainly still have pain, but it's not as severe... at least I can think clearly now).  She also gave me a prescription for tylenol with codiene, but only enough for a few days.  She said I have to talk to my regular doctor or my rheumotologist about pain management for long term.  I'm going to try and give them each another chance.  I have always liked my regular doctor.  I've gone to him since I was a child.  I think that after he becomes more aware of my situation he'll probably give me something again.  He's never had a problem with it before.

My rheumotologist, on the other hand, probably won't give me anything.  I get the impression that she thinks that all fibromyalgia is magically cured with anti-depressants.  They haven't worked for me, at least not yet.  I realize that some of the medications I'm on take time before they start to work.  It's just that in the meanwhile, I have to be able to function, and I can't do this without some sort of relief. 

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
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   Posted 4/21/2009 12:30 AM (GMT -7)   
Many of us have been where you are. You have received some great advice. I just wanted to say that I hope you find a good doctor soon.

We live with a certain amount of pain even after all of the relievers have been tried however, it is not right for us to be incapacitated and feel miserable all of the time.

Anti depressants can take 2 - 3 months to be effective.

Take care,


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   Posted 4/21/2009 11:08 AM (GMT -7)   
I am glad to hear you took some action, and I know how hard that can be in itself, but once we do take action, that in itself shows we are helping to help ourselves and is a mood-booster! (I know Chuztie said to use ER as a last resort and that sounds like what you did).
I read your second post and could be saying some of the same words...I have to be able to function, even with pain...I have a mortgage and a good job that I need to keep. Docs don't seem to understand that I can't function with SSRI's - they think I am over-reacting, but I actually made a mistake that cost my company money a long time ago "experimenting" with SSRI's (under a psychiatrist's orders). I guess docs can only have so much sympathy - I don't look sick, but complain of pain and have major depression and I want to work?!?! Seems contradictory to me! And you must have a voice in your own treatment options. Anti-depressants work to relieve some pain for some people with fibro. Not everyone. A rheumatologist should know that. Seratonin is a tricky player in the whole scheme of fibromyalgia, so I have learned!
Best of luck to you in your quest for treaments....
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