New problem I want to run by all of you.

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   Posted 5/1/2009 8:35 AM (GMT -7)   
Everyday this week the more I move around the more nauseous I have gotten which is a big problem for me since I can't vomit. Figured it was my lemon of a digestive system and went to the doc yesterday afternoon. He says it sounds more like an inner ear problem to him from my allergies and the time of year. He asked me if I was having any dizziness or lightheadedness, H-E-L-L-O your talking to a fibromite of course I have lightheadedness, but no more than normal. I told him between the horrible headaches and the nausea it hasn't been a good week and he says, "and there is the last piece of the puzzle", meaning the headaches. The weather has been horrible this week. He didn't want to put me on the normal med for this cause of the sjogrens so gave a rx for anti-nausea med.
Okay, I've had allergies forever but have never had a problem with this before and he couldn't see anything wrong with my ears but said that wasn't unusual with inner ear problems. I wanted to run this by all of you and see if this really is an inner ear problem or a fibro symptom that I'm experiencing for the first time??? Ya just never know with fibro.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 5/1/2009 8:53 AM (GMT -7)   

Hey girl...I've been nauseous all week and am blaming it on the huge amounts of Advil I have been taking since my two wonderful falls at Easter.  My stomach burns and I get indigestion the minute I swallow any food...then feel like I'm gonna toss my cookies.  I have Menieres which is inner ear and get an upset stomach when I have that but honestly I have never heard of 'light headedness' causing nausea...only spinning vertigo.  Headaches can cause an upset stomach also.  And PAIN...I think I wrote in a post I had to leave Walmart this week because the pain in my hip and legs were so bad I thought I was gonna barf all over the patio furniture.  I'm not Dr. Welby but I think it's just another wonderful symptom of good ole fibro.

Hope you feel better....This has put a damper on my chocolate consumption.  Of all the unmitigated gall of this stupid disease....



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   Posted 5/1/2009 9:34 AM (GMT -7)   
You know I've actually had some of the same stuff the past week or so. I've had lots of post-nasal congestion and some mild headaches, and my ears feel kinda clogged. I've been totally blaming it on allergies. The other day I felt really light headed and dizzy (way more than normal) - even when sitting still. Yeah I'm sure it's an inner-ear thing with all the gunk I have back in there. I did a sinus rinse and it helped a lot. But that was the other day and my ears are really feeling bad today. Not an ear-ache really, just some pressure in there.

A couple of years ago I had a double ear infection AND strep throat at the same time. OMG! It was horrible. First time I'd ever had a such a bad fever I was actually delirious. I couldn't walk in a straight line. Couldn't tell what direction sounds were coming from. I was a mess!

Anyway, yeah congestion in the Eustachian tubes from allergies or a virus can really mess with your balance, causing dizziness, nausea, etc. etc.

Sorry you've had such a bad week. I hope you feel better soon.
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   Posted 5/1/2009 9:36 AM (GMT -7)   
Marlee, headaches can cause nausea.  My daughter would get migraines that had her throwing up and she couldn't move.  You can have migraines with no pain!  That's how I get them.  I have gotten the flashes of light in my eyes but not pain.  The first time I had this I ran to my opthomologist and she said it was a migraine!  So that could be what is going on.
When pressure systems come through I can get light-headed and, with my hearing loss, I can't hear as well either. 
Sooo, my uneducated guess is that the headaches are from barometric pressue changes this time of year and also fibro.  These in turn are causing the nausea.  Sounds good to me!  turn
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   Posted 5/1/2009 9:43 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Marlee.  Like Donna, I too have Meniere's Disease.  While I do get the spinning vertigo that she mentioned (rarely anymore, thank goodness), I also experience other forms of "dizziness" that my ENT attributes to my inner ear.
I feel off balance a lot of the time from inner ear damage.  I also get dizzy if I move my head too fast or look up or down.  Sometimes I feel like I'm falling in a hole (weird sensation) or I get the sensation that something is moving in my peripheral vision (like when you are parked in your car and the car beside you moves and you step on your brake because you think you are moving shocked ).  Any time your inner ear is involved, you can get some really weird dizzy stuff going on.
I've also been really dizzy and nauseous this past week.  Part of it I know is due to my allergies.  Also, we've had lots of weather changes over the past few days.  Any time the barometric pressure changes, it can affect the fluid in your ears (and the rest of your body, I think).
I also have TMJ which can cause dizziness.  With the fibro, Meniere's, TMJ, and allergies, I'm never really sure which is causing what.  I do find benadryl to be pretty helpful.  Not only does it help with the allergies, but it also helps with motion sickness and is an inner ear "stabilizer." 
I hope you feel better soon.
Hugs - Austen
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   Posted 5/1/2009 1:22 PM (GMT -7)   
OMG Austen when that moving car thing happens doesn't it freak you out???
I had to go to Walmart and pick up my meds at Walgreens. Was suppose to go see my baby boy today. cry It's impossible to spend a day without bending over, I tried.
I know I have some gastritis going on, that's pretty easy to dx when you have a raging fire going on in your stomach. That all started after I started taking the vit D. I'm not going to take it for a few days and take carafate several times a day to see if it helps. I may have to get vit shots instead which doesn't bother me as long as I keep getting D in me cause it does make me feel better, much better. I switched to the soft calcium/D chews.
I do feel some pressure in my ears so it may be a combo of both. All the mucus in my body is so thick from the sjogrens I don't get much nasal drip.
So the conclusion is, I don't get vertigo but I haven't been able to walk a straight line for years. I do get lightheaded when I get up sometimes and sometimes for no reason. I haven't gotten as nauseous today as the rest of the week cause I have tried watching my movements so moving does have something to do with it. I get headaches everyday and have for a long time so I don't think the nausea is from the headache.
Thanks for all your input. It's fun trying to seperate all the symptoms of fibro from other things. shocked
This is a great diet Donna. Looks like crackers are on the menu again tonight.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 5/2/2009 6:23 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Marlee- This doesn't surprise me that your having this. With the weather fluctuating, everything is acting up in my body- I get easily nauseated, the pain is worse, I feel like crud! And I thought the winter was bad- HA! The winter gave me BAD pain, but the spring is affecting all areas of my system.
I started the high dosage of Vit. D too. It does upset my stomach. At first I didn't get that, but now I do. I take it once a week. I'm to take it on Saturdays (today) and if my stomach is the least bit upset, I hold off for a couple days and then eat my mini-saltines and it does subside in a day or two.
I hope once the weather starts to even out a bit you start to feel better, until then- close your eyes and pretend your at the amusement park! tongue Ohhhhh, I am getting nauseated just thinking about being on a ride............
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   Posted 5/2/2009 9:51 AM (GMT -7)   
It does sound like a fibro thing b/c I get this alot with the season changes and the up-and-down of the barometer. My guess that was what caused your headaches? Well that and your allergies...
If it were MY body, if the good ol doc couldnt see anything wrong with my ears...I would leave it at that and chalk it up to fibro. I dont like to put myself through any more testing/ trauma unless I have to. But then again, if he gave me harmless little ear drops, I might use them just to be sure.
If what you are experiencing is the same symptoms I have, they just come and go. I avoid chocolate, sugar and caffeine and it seems to help the dizziness.
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   Posted 5/2/2009 12:25 PM (GMT -7)   
Oh dear Marlee! I hope you are feeling better soon! I know the weather here has really taken its toll on me. I've had an awful week, flare after flare, or maybe just the same flare. When I am flaring, I am exhausted and yet, I cannot sleep. It's a nightmare. Anyway, enough about me. I feel for you, I really do. I hope you are feeling better very soon,
gentle hugs,

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