is there relief for the sweating?

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   Posted 5/19/2009 6:10 PM (GMT -7)   
 Hi, it's been along time since I participated in the forum.  But I am having a great deal of sweating and pain.  And the arthritis is escilating faster then it should.    I am in menopause, but I know what the hot flashes are,  what I god through each day isn't hot flashes.  I am literally sweated all day long.  I cannot stand it anymore.  Nor does the rheumy have answers or suggestions, all he wants to do is give me pain meds.  The GP isn't helpful either, he does suggest going to a fibro clinic.  I don't have time to run 18 miles one way three times a week.
   I have been readin on here about the new med and some of the other ones.   But I really need relief from the sweating.  Now I deal with headaches too. The pollen is bad in southern PA so maybe it's part of that. 
If anyone has any suggestions, I would really, greatly appreciate them.  Please email me though and let me know.    
As for the pain, I have tried the fentanol patches which I am always wet and they don't stay on.  The insurance won't pay for oxycodon because other things haven't been tried.     So I am taking vicodin 750 mg. the rheumy said to take it five times a day.   I think I read though that it can be hard on the heart and that it may cause strokes?
Please if anyone has anything to share about the sweating, this is the most annoying thing to me.  I can deal with the pain.   I keep my room at work at 68 and I have a fan on too.   We slept with out window open all winter, except maybe when it was in the teens.  And the itchy skin is annoying also.   
thank you ahead of time.
please feel free to email me, I check my email more often
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   Posted 5/19/2009 6:28 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Deb,
Have you had your thyroid checked? You can Google low thyroid, or hypothyroidism and see all the symptoms...sweating is one of them, along with dry, itchy skin. Also, have you had your vitamin D checked? Low D levels are very common in people with FM and have all kinds of symptoms to go along with low D.

I wish you well,

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   Posted 5/19/2009 6:47 PM (GMT -7)   

Hi Miriam,

   LOL, Yes I have had my thyroid checked.  LOL.  I laugh because the last time I had it checked it was 1.7  low normal.  BUT IT'S NORMAL they said.   LOL..  I have a cyst on my thyroid too, but again lol, not big enough to be a problem.  I have gained 40 lbs and still going in the last 5 years.   I do get my vit. D checked, but have to do this on my own.  I do take vit. D3.  I have read that vit. D3 is helpful to war off cancer.   My levels were 11  at one point.  I am not told what the levels are. But I take  it anyway. 
When my shin bones hurt I know I am not getting enough.

   And yes I do have dry itchy skin.   But I also have these spots on my arms and legs that start out tan/red, they then they get a crust on them.   A dermatologist told me that they are freckles.  I do not know anyone who gets crusty topped freckles.     I also have lumps under my skin which no one seems to know what they are and why.   GRRRRR.

   I do not have any meds except for the vicodin 750  5x's a day now.  I am taking cymbalta, but that just doesn't help either.  And I can't afford it.     I have tried numerous natural things, to no avale either.  I know they say MSM is good for pain and bromelain, but I have not had any relief with those either.   I guess I am getting desperate now again.  I get this way from time to time.  I had two good weeks in February.   My husband asked what I was taking during that time.  I said I wasn't doing anything different.

thanks though


back to square #1- off meds for now-dx with fibro.  Have a positive ANA. . Pain reliever. lodine- possibly neurotin 300mg, (not sure about that yet) sublingual B-12 , Chronic shortness of breath, sinus infections.  Asthma/COPD.

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   Posted 5/19/2009 7:14 PM (GMT -7)   

Hey Deb...this is just my own experience but the slightest 'off reading' on a thyroid test can wreak havoc with the ole bod!  A half a  point either way should not be treated as 'within normal range'.  It didn't happen to me, but it did my mom.  It took two years to figure out that all her problems were her thyroid and she too kept hearing it was 'low normal.'  The emotional swings and skin issues were what finally convinced the doctor it was her thyroid.  She went on Synthroid and it all disappeared!  Just my two cents!



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   Posted 5/19/2009 7:59 PM (GMT -7)   

Sorry I don't have any answers for you but I can sympathize with you. I am having the same problem. The only difference is that I am not hot in fact my skin is cold as ice. I have had my thyroid checked and was normal as I think all test are here lately. I sweat just walking around my house doing normal stuff, lets not talk about doiing actuall work, real work requires extra clothing. So I totally understand and please if you learn anything pass it on to me. If I learn anything I will be sure to pass it on to you as well. I do understand, i tell my wife all the time " I can deal with some of the pain if the sweat would just go away" it really is the most anyoing thing I think I have ever been through and belive be after 16 knee surgeries and crawling for a living I have been through a lot.

My thoughts are with you and I will see what I can find out for us both.

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   Posted 5/19/2009 9:24 PM (GMT -7)   
Deb, I used to sweat profusely and had to be extra careful what clothing I would wear or would have to go around with huge wet patches underneath my arms. I know, gross. The "prescription strength" deodorant works wonders for me. I would pay $20 a bottle for the stuff, I like it so much. You are supposed to put it on dry underarms, so either the night before or in the morning after you are completely dry from the shower. I can never do it the night before because I shower every morning, but putting it on in the morning helps a ton.

That might help with at least some of your problem.

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   Posted 5/19/2009 10:05 PM (GMT -7)   
Sue, it's not the underarms I am talking about. It's ALL OVER. Everywhere. It's horrible. At first it was just hot flashes, but now it's not. I know what you mean about the clothing. I bought a silky blouse, but I can't wear it to church because of how I sweat.

Our chiropractor said that he believes it is my thyroid, he said he has seen many come in with problems and it stems back to low iodine. He gave me tablets to take and if I remember I was feeling a bit better, but felt sick and thought it was those things. But I may try it again to see if it helps. He said it's like an epidemic in our area, women have the thyroid and men have the prostate problem. And if we're low in iodine then it affects the thyroid. So I will try that. I hate taking meds, but as I said, I haven't found a natural pain reliever yet. Bormelain does help some, which that is in pineapples, and I love to eat pineapples. But too much affects me too.

thanks for the input. We'll just keep plugging away at this lol

back to square #1- off meds for now-dx with fibro.  Have a positive ANA. . Pain reliever. lodine- possibly neurotin 300mg, (not sure about that yet) sublingual B-12 , Chronic shortness of breath, sinus infections.  Asthma/COPD.

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   Posted 5/19/2009 11:25 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Deb -- I also have this all over sweating.....and I do mean sweat, not just perspire!!! It's absolutely miserable and at times downright embarrassing, especially in public, as I hobble around literally dripping!!! I'm way past menopause and I'm already on Synthroid. (I had one lobe of my thyroid removed due to cysts. BTW my thyroid level was also low normal, but that can be deceptive. My doctor finally took several blood samples over a period of time and discovered that my levels bounced around.) Don't have any answers at this point, but I'll keep looking and will share if I come up with anything at all helpful. I also have the skin patches and some small weird lumps -- my doctor called the patches "kera--something"-- she keeps an eye on everything but reassures me that there is nothing dangerous about them.
Anyway....hang in there, and maybe we'll actually get some answers soon....or later....probably later...LOL
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   Posted 5/20/2009 3:31 AM (GMT -7)   
Pain meds will raise your body temperature. As will menopause. I wear only cotton 100% next to my body, it breathes. My mom has MS and heat is the enemy. They make a flack jacket, a vest with little square pockets, half a dozen or so, into which you slide ice packs from the freezer. You could ad lib something like this, fairly easily. Go to a good used clothing store or better an army surplus store. Seek out a vest. Like a fisherman's vest with lots of pockets. Slip a ice pack into several of the pockets. That will make you more comfortable. Also, have you considered taking hormones. I know, there's a hugh controversy. I choose to take them to improve my quality of life now. What's the fun in living to be 100 if you're miserable? Also, at night I dampen my fitted sheet. Not wet, but just a tiny bit, not quite dry. It helps me fall asleep. Also, only 100% cotton nighties. Sometimes I wear these to bed, ever so slightly, damp. A cyst on your thyroid is not to be taken lightly. My grandmother almost died from this. So insist on seeing an endrocrinologist for this. Also crusty moles? Whoever heard of such a thing. Any changes in freckles and moles, is serious. An oncologist needs to see these. Now, I also have to slather on a good moisturizer as soon as I get out of the shower, while my skin is still moist. It locks in the moisture. Without that I'd be scratching in my sleep and creating all kinds of havoc with my skin. Hope something here helps. Also, avoid scented soaps, lotions, detergent, etc. That can irritate the skin and cause all kinds of problems.

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   Posted 5/20/2009 5:08 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks again for the input. I will definately keep these things in mind.
How do we keep going ? I wake up so very tired and want to get back to bed. I know when my body needs rest and it does right now, but I have to work. I think the body does these things to let you know it needs rest. I don't sweat at night though, that's the real question. People have said well do this at night do that at night, I said night time isn't my problem time t sweat, its during the day. No wonder we get so sick, our bodies don't know when to be hot and when to be cold.

I did that thermameter test, to take my temp before rising in the morning and the chiro said I definately have thyroid problems. It was low four mornings. I will make an appt. with the endocrino doc.

but tyno3, I can't stand to be wet so I don't think I will be doing the damp thing. but thanks
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