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   Posted 7/6/2009 2:39 PM (GMT -7)   
I have some questions I'd like to ask.

What kinds of tests will the doctor do to rule out other possibilities?
If it is fibromyalgia, what kinds of medications will I need and what if I cannot afford them?
What kinds of medications do people on this forum take?
I've tried using different pillows and different sleeping positions, but I'm still in pain. I also take sleeping pills every night, as I have problems falling asleep. Anything else I can do?
Any types of diet to follow? I also have peptic ulcer disease and cannot have a lot of vegetables, fruits, seeds, popcorn, or nuts, and I don't know if any of these foods are beneficial in helping deal with fibromyalgia.

Any information would be helpful. Thanks again!!

lost in philly
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   Posted 7/6/2009 4:17 PM (GMT -7)   
FM is still (unfortunately) considered a "rule out" diagnosis, so you will have to undergo quite a bit of tests to rule out all the other possibilities that would be the differential diagnosis. For FM they usually will want to rule out MS, lupus, lyme disease, RA etc. All the Dx that have similar symptoms.
For my Dx I had multiple x-rays (ruling out RA) and MRIs of my neck and brain (ruling out MS) and a few blood tests (looking for inflammation, lupus, lyme etc). Once my GP suspected fibro, she sent me to a rheumatologist who made the official Dx. (FYI--if you ever apply for SSD, they feel it is more credible to have a diagnosis from a rheumy than a GP)
Read some of the older posts to find info on medications. We talk about them all often.
In the fibro 101 thread you can learn alot about FM and how to deal with it.
Otherwise, keep coming back--I am always learning alot from coming to this forum!
Take care,
lost in philly

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   Posted 7/6/2009 7:10 PM (GMT -7)   
I've had umpteenthousand blood tests by 4 different docs, plus x-rays, ultrasounds and mri's. Getting a FM diagnosis is a process of elimination. Keeping a journal of your symptoms daily is very helpful, especially when you are working toward a diagnosis. I keep a binder full of all medications I have or now take with results of all my tests and any notes I see fit to be in it. I take it with me to my doc appts, cuz I can't remember everything. :-) (just in case fibro fog takes hold,lol)An internest or rhumetologist can give you a diagnosis. Their is no "Fibro diet"..... It sounds like you already have restrictions, best to go by the guidelines for your peptic ulcer disease.

Keep reading and searching for answers, wether it is through books, internet and most of all......
A doctor that Believes in Fibromyalgia!

Take Care,
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   Posted 7/6/2009 7:59 PM (GMT -7)   
before i got diagnosed.. i went to orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, psychologists,

i wrote anything i had to ask down in a book... i had one book with all the questions.. and left space for answers.. so that i could go over it again and showed it to each doc i went to ..

there are lots of good books out there on fibro you can get at your library or indigo or any book store.. i personally liked fibromyalgia for dummies or complete idiots guide to fibromyalgia

there are very useful hints in both
Diagnosed - fibromyalgia 2001
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   Posted 7/7/2009 9:20 AM (GMT -7)   
I have had fibro since my teens(I'm 51) and back then fibro was never mentioned.  My dr. at the time was wonderful.  He tested me for everything and it was all normal.  He really thought I had lupus.  I have had numerous tests done.  MRIs, ultra sounds, colonoscopys, endoscopys, x-rays, barium tests, pschological evaluations, and every blood test under the sun.  Probably more.
I think I take more medications than most, because I have had extra problems, such as both my hips replaced, both shoulders have been dislocated, and I was rear ended in my car.
But anyway here they are  Lexapro & wellbutrin for depression, Lyrica, Levothryoxin for thyroid, protonix for GERD, ambien for sleep, rozerem to keep me a sleep, trazadone for restless legs, symvastatin for cholesteral, xanax for anxiety, flexerill for muscle spasms, hydocodone for pain, oxycodone for breakthrough pain, and Botox injections in my trigger points.
So there you go.  I hope this helps you.  Does anyone else take this much?
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   Posted 7/7/2009 9:41 AM (GMT -7)   
I also have had a million and one tests ran, such as MRI's; MRA's, bloodwork, EKG's, EEG's, sleep studies, etc. My Dr. first thought Lupus about 10 yrs ago with the first ANA antiboties test being posative, but the follow up was negative, then he though MS which brought around all the MRI's and nerve conduction tests, he also did lab work for lyme disease...when I started losing my vision and control of my arm he was thinking possible mini strokes, but after doing the MRA & cardiovascular tests it ruled that he's saying fibromyalgia. Now I'm at the point he set me up with a rheumotologists but I can't get in until mid August-UGH! But that's okay, I can and will hang in there....good luck to you, it does take quite awhile to rule everything out so hang in there....

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   Posted 7/7/2009 4:25 PM (GMT -7)   
I got my diagnosis a few months ago but my blood is still tested every two months, the same tests each time for consistency. So, you may still keep getting tests for a while. I work together with a rheumatologist and my GP (whom I prefer). The best thing I did was to ask what each test was for and then go home and research online what my tests results mean. The more I learn about fibro, online and thru reading, the more in control I feel over test after test.

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   Posted 7/8/2009 2:40 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks to everybody here for answering my questions. I hope I don't have to go through another barium test. 6 years ago, when I began having symptoms of Crohn's Disease, they put me through a barium test and an upper/lower GI and found nothing. The barium hardened in my gut like concrete because I didn't drink enough fluids to flush it all out. That was AGONIZING!!

I just found a book here at the library on fibro, so hopefully I can understand more about it.
Another question popped into my head today. Would I need a weight-lifting restriction if it is fibromyalgia?

Again, thanks to everybody here for being so kind and helpful

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