horrendous treatment at A and E

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   Posted 7/24/2009 7:37 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi all
Jst need a good vent so bear with me.
Wednesday nite was feeling a bit of one of those couldnt put my finger on it so i said to my other half im going to get ready for bed the next thing i know i have collapsed on the floor couldnt breath couldnt swallow couldnt speak and had no feeling on my right side
so my othe half called for an ambulacne they where here within minutes got me sorted and of to hospital.
Arrived at hospital and lay there for twenty minutes before a nurse came in to start and take my obs im lying there tears poring down my face as i couldnt speak and was terrifed it was a male nurse who was takn my obs and the next thing i know he has my top up my bra of boobs beared to the world to do an ecg and never once said do you mind me doing this now i have worked for the NHS so i know how it goes then the doc came in and i thought oh no i had seen him before when i had went to A and E and he not a believer of Fibro he came in and pushed and pulled at my arm and leg till i thought i was going to pass out with pain and i let a sream out and he said there your voice there nothing wrong with you he said to the nurse give her 5mg of diazepam its just anixety now i already take 15mg a day so im not annxios i should be the msot chilled out person i know along with my other meds they fianlly let my OH half in and i just said to him take me home they think im a nut case and im putting this on if that was the case i could have won an oscar for my performance so my Oh asked the nurse could he take me home and she said no the doc wanted  to asses me agian and i just siad i wanted him no where near me agian at that point he came in agian and started a whole thing raising his voice and getting quiet angry i spoke to him calmly and told him i had worked in A and E deparments and never came across a doc like it in my life at that point he lost his temper and threw my chart across the room and said he had never been so insulted in all his life and taht i jsut needed to get a grip of myself.
We are going to make a formal complaint and saw my GP the next day and she told me it can happen with fibro and the best thing to do is stay at home and it does pass as she wouldnt want me to be teated like taht agian so its just the usual be in pain every day of life but just get on with it im 31 and have had ti give up work how bad does it have to get.
Hope that all makes sense and i didnt ramble

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   Posted 7/24/2009 8:45 AM (GMT -7)   
What a nightmare!  I'd not only file a formal complaint with the hospital, I'd report him to the American Medical Association.  He should be in a padded room...not out working with society.
I'm so sorry you went through this.  You should have it put in your charts that you do not want to be seen by this doctor again.  If you go through emergency, either you or your "other half" need to let them know.  You need to see a doctor that understands fibro.
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   Posted 7/24/2009 11:14 AM (GMT -7)   
Let's face it folks...there are just SOME who should never be allowed to work in public let alone in the medical field.

He may be a genius at setting bones, or binding wounds, or whatever but that doesnt mean he belongs in that field. Doctor's like that have some kind of a God Complex. He needs to get his psyche in order and get out of .. ER? I imagine that's where you were? I can NOT handle ignorance in the medical field. If you arent 100% in there get the "H" OUT!

Sorry...I had to vent too. I've had so much problems with this sort of stuff. If anyone in the medical field reads this...and you are ignorant...(not saying stupid here) of a disease...fixe that. It's YOUR problem and not the patients. They are there to get help..not to help you.

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   Posted 7/24/2009 11:52 AM (GMT -7)   


that's an awful thing to happen you, my heart goes out to you. Clearly this doctor is what's wrong with the medical profession that believe fibro is a mental illness. At 32, i'm finding it a huge struggle to work and your story has made my blood boil, as you said, why would you want to act like that.

Unfortunately in Ireland, a trip to A&E with nothing less severe injuries or impemding death is acceptable. I walked away with broken vertebrae after an accident at 23 and since developed spinal OA and it unlocked the fibro that was always lurking there.

Try and put this horrible incident behind you.

take care

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   Posted 7/24/2009 4:08 PM (GMT -7)   
And what I've said before bears repeating...

Please remember that 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. Yours may be one of them. In fact, someone had to graduate last... Yours may be THAT one!

I'm sorry you had this bad experience. I'd get an appointment with a neurologist just to be sure. You could be a stroke waiting to happen.
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   Posted 7/25/2009 7:54 AM (GMT -7)   
Written by Hunibee
Thank you all for your replies
As some of you said its not on and we are thinking of taking legal action as well as the complaint and as one of you pointed out i could be a stroke waiting to happen it already did i had one on my left side 4 years ago and it took my six months of physio to get back to some kind of normality and there still a weakness there so now my right side gets sore because im compinsating for my left as it will never be right thats why it was so scary and the treatment so horrific.
I like what one of you said about somebody coming last in the class that was him for sure my OH said the exact words he has a god complex and is just a jumped up we cant repeat the next bit.
Thank you for all your kind works dont know what i would do without this site and knowing im not alone and not going through this alone and that its not in my head.
Sending you all my love. xoxox

Hunibee I moved your post to keep it all under one thread so not to take up so much room.

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Hunibee, I had a bad experience over Memorial weekend when I passed out in the bathroom for several minutes and my DH had to call the ambulance (which cost over $600 for a two mile trip to the hospital). The doctor was busy and the only thing they did for me in the ER was take my PB. I could have been having a stroke or heart attack. I asked them several times to please call my GP and they wouldn't do it. By the time the doc did see me I was pretty much back to normal. The nurse was going to give me a shot for nausea and when she had to measure (out loud) where to give me a shot in the butt I said forget it I'm going home and I have the meds at home. My doc could not believe they did not do any blood work, EKG or anything. I live in a small town with one hos and not the hos I normally go to. I will never go back there even if I am dying my DH better put me in the car and take me to the hos we normally go to. It is unbelievable the care you get in some of these ERs.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 7/29/2009 3:08 PM (GMT -7)   
That's horrible.
I would ask for the Administrator on call if it ever happens again. He or she would come to the ER, and you could talk to them right then. That's absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior. So sorry it happened to you!

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   Posted 7/29/2009 4:48 PM (GMT -7)   
that is abuse. I sure hope you report it. I would also send a letter to the licensing board.
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   Posted 7/29/2009 5:01 PM (GMT -7)   
Golly...I'm so glad I'm not the only one with horror stories of ER visits. I have had 8 bad ER visits. One were I'd been vomiting for five hours straight after eating a piece of plain white bread. I'd been sick for months by then. I called idiot dr...who sent me to ER where they'd give me a shot in the butt and send me home. I'd come home at least 3 times with bloodwork that scared the crap out of me. You know...if there's anything abnormal there's an * next to it. When I finally had a dr. who cared...since he'd been the one to deliver me; he was scared I had cancer. He sent me to a GI after six months of being sick every day...to the point where I would eat a piece of bread with honey on it after I'd worked all day without drinking anything. I had swelling in a disc in my spine; a massive infection that was shutting down my internal organs...hell, the surgeon expressed in his notes that he was surprised I survived the first surgery since the infection was everywhere and needed 6 quarts of that water...wth is it called...to clear out the area to even work on my problems.

ERs are idiots. I'm convinced that's where the stupid doc's end up. Where they can only kill those who are almost dead anyway. ERs actually scare me...I'm always afraid that's where I'm going to die someday. Inside an ER.
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