Fibro and Migraines

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   Posted 8/2/2009 7:07 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello all, never posted here before.
My mom has fibro and she has a pretty physical job and she's like 50 years old. She gets migraines all the time, and they get so bad that she throws up sometimes. She's been getting them as long as I can remember, and I'm 19 now. Could it be from the fibro or from something else? She says doctors never listen to her and this last one put her on an anti-anxiety medication to relieve the stress they think is causing her headaches. She doesn't think it's stress but she's giving it a shot.
Any ideas/suggestions? (meds, supplements, whatever). She isn't on fibro meds.

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   Posted 8/2/2009 9:26 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm not sure if this helps, but I have been dx'd with fibro & migraines.  I have daily headaches, I have to take some type of pain killer every day (excedrin migraine, ibuprofen, tylenol); some headaches get pretty bad.  I have lived with them for many years (25+)....I used to get them to the point I would get sick, but over the years they have eased up somewhat.  about 2 years ago, I started having aura's (sp)in my right eye only and I would lose total muscle control over my left arm.  My primary ran every test in the book, MRI; MRA; ENG; EEG; upteen million bloodwork tests, sleep study; he sent me to 3 specialists including eye specialists.....NOTHING.....they said the aura's & arm issue was migraine related.  They did find out however that I do have sleep apnea, raynauds's disease, cervical disc disease, & now fibro.  My doc is sending me to a rheumatologist this month to confirm.  Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done about my headaches/migraines due to the fact that most of the medications for them make you tired, and with my sleep apnea (& narcolepsy) I can't take meds that make me tired.  As far as the fibro goes, I'm on Lyrica & Sevella....neither take the pain away completely, actually I don't notice much difference yet....but I just started the Sevella and I'm hoping it will kick in sometime soon-I've been on it a month now. 
On another note, my sleep apnea doc stated to me she believes my sleep disorders, migraines, & fibro go hand in hand.  The only advice I can give; which I'm new to all this too so I'm still learning, but I would make sure your mother finds the right doctor to begin with.  One who would not pretend to know what's wrong if he/she doesn't know, but will put your mother first to find the reasoning.....even if it means sending her to the right doctors and running whatever tests they need.  Good luck, I feel for you & your mother's situation.

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   Posted 8/3/2009 12:54 AM (GMT -7)   
I echo what cydful said about finding the right doctor. I feel so lucky that I have a great relationship with my primary doc for 10+ years. we're about the same age, he's seen me wretchedly sick, and very healthy, so he knows I'm a straight shooter when I come to see him. Also, he is very interested in fibro and the central nervous system, and attends conferences and reads up on the latest as his hobby. I have had migraines since I started menstruating, at age ten, and they were like getting hit with a train from the outset. Really bad. I'd see all kinds of stars and colors, and my whole body would seize up, my shoulders and neck get rigid, and if I didn't get into a very dark, cool room in time I'd throw up. for a long time I would get migraines and then nausea and vomit at the movies. My triggers are primarily food and flashing lights (and tunnels). Since the fibro started my migraines have been much, much worse to the point where I thought was having a stroke one time. I also believe that sleep disorders, migraines and fibro all hold hands! I take Maxalt under the tongue when I feel the migraine coming, and can take one again if it starts. For me that works really well - the most I have to supplement it with is XS Tylenol, or Excedrin migraine. I don't use any herbs or natural treatments for migraines. I do take supplements for the fibro: omega 3 fish oil, malic acid with magnesium, vitamin d, and prenatal vitamin.

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   Posted 8/3/2009 5:52 PM (GMT -7)   
cydful, she and I both have Reynaud's though for different reasons. Are fibro and that related then?

Littleneck, thanks I'll tell her about the supplements. They can't hurt. I take it they make somewhat of a difference for you? She also takes Tylenol but I don't think it works anymore as you build up a tolerance (which I also know from experience lol). I'll also look up the Maxalt.

Maybe all the good doctors are leaving Michigan lol.
19yr old female diagnosed with UC (pancolitis) in 2005 at age 15
125mg Azathioprine 1xday / 1 Mesalamine enema every night /
2000mg Fish Oil 1xday / 500mg Turmeric 3xday /
450mg Boswellia 1xday / 400IU Vitamin E 1xday
Arthritis in both knees
Also: asthma, acid reflux, and Reynaud's Syndrome

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   Posted 8/15/2009 8:24 PM (GMT -7)   
hi I get severe migrains also my rheummy put me on soma she said it opens up the blood vesels so I take it 4x a day to prevent sometimes it doesn't work ...

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   Posted 8/15/2009 8:35 PM (GMT -7)   
I used to get bad migraines. Turned out they were caused by my teeth being misaligned. Got braces and no more migraines. I know that's not the answer for everyone but just htought I'd throw it out there.
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   Posted 8/15/2009 9:41 PM (GMT -7)   
Migraines were probably my first symptom of fibro.  I was in my early 20s.  I always threw up.  As I got older other symptoms appeared, but headaches still are a problem for me.  I have a prescription that I take at the start of the headache.  Mine start in the back of the neck and usually when there is a weather change.  I'm 63 now and still get them.
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   Posted 8/15/2009 11:03 PM (GMT -7)   
This has been a very interesting post for me to read. Migraines isn't one of those symptoms that we talk about often but it is listed in the long list of fibromyalgia symptoms. I have re-posted a list that we have on the forum and both migraines and Reynauds are common for us with fibro.

Hope the list helps! And good luck with mom. If she has a computer invite her to join us. There are plenty of people here her age and older!

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   Posted 8/20/2009 3:17 PM (GMT -7)   
This is interesting, as I seem to have progressed from migraines, to occasional severe fatigue, to CFS or possibly Fibro. I still have the occasional migraine, but the generalized pain and exhaustion are far worse problems now. Could migraines, indeed, be a warning shot for developing fibro??

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   Posted 8/20/2009 3:37 PM (GMT -7)   
Med's that might help. Fish oil, B-complex, zinc, methocarbamol (Fibro), topomax (migranes), imitrex (emergency migrane med), trazadone (sleep/Fibro). Neurology and pain doctor with rheumatology needed to consult on the meds.

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   Posted 8/20/2009 3:39 PM (GMT -7)   
I had migranes since I started my period. I know about migranes. But you should also go on the migrane forum for advice.

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   Posted 8/20/2009 9:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Although it is not a problem for me, from what I've read migraines are a problem for my fibro patients.
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