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   Posted 8/28/2009 4:48 PM (GMT -7)   
i am very hesitant to even be on this forum but i though i would give it a shot. i was told i has RA but yet none of the test confirm or deny that. I was also told i have Fibro. I have been to about 10 different doc in the last year and i have pretty much given up. i currently dont see anyone because i feel it is a waste of time because no one seems to be able to help me. i feel as though i have given up hope. i have tried everything the drs tell me to, and nothing worked, i have tried the natural route, which also failed. some days i feel like no one believes me and my pain. i feel like there is a certain dr i should be seeing and just havnt found him, but i just have no energy to keep looking. i am so angry with the medical field i could puke. so the last 4 months i have just tried to ignore the pain and act like im fine, but my knee is so swollen i can barely walk anymmore, my orthopedic surgeon wants to do surgery in sept.......said i have a 50% of it helping......but i dont have any better plan. i just im done ranting, i just hope someone out there will be able to help me.

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   Posted 8/28/2009 6:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi schweab,

Welcome to the forum. We understand the pain and frustration of a chronic illness.
We are here to help and support each other. I am glad you have found us and joined
our forum family.

I really feel your frustration about finding a good doctor. I have been through a
number myself but I have finally found one who is willing to listen and treat my
symptoms. Please don't give up! There are good doctors out there. Were the
doctors you were seeing Rheumatologists? What meds have you been on?
Are you planning on having the knee surgery?

Your main focus should be looking for a good Rheumatologist. You need pain relief.
I'm sure stress isn't helping your pain. I do relaxation therapy on a daily basis.
The more stressed I am the more intense the pain.

I am taking Savella and Flexeril, a muscle relaxer for fibro pain. I have Scleroderma
so I take Methotrexate which is an immunosuppressant. I am also in diagnosis limbo.
My rheumy believes I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is an overlap of
Lupus, Scleroderma and RA. I know the frustration of waiting for a diagnosis. Dealing
with Fibromyalgia is a challenge in itself.

I take one day at a time, that is all I can handle. I am always telling others that a
positive attitude goes along way in dealing with illnesses. Believing things will get
better gets me through the day.

Hope you come back to ask questions or vent, there is always somebody here who

 possible MCTD, Raynauds, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Degenerative
 Disc Disease, Osteoarthritis, High Blood Pressure, Migranes and
 Pseudothrombocytopenia, biopsy shows a Scleroderma variant
 MEDS: Methotrexate, Savella, Boniva,Lisinopril, Folic Acid, Flexeril, and
 Vitamin Supplements

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   Posted 8/28/2009 7:08 PM (GMT -7)   
  Hi there,
  I know how frustrating and hopeless it can feel at times when searching for answers and help and they don't seem to come.  But I do believe there IS hope for you.
  I will offer a few practical suggestions and you can take or leave em.  :0)  First off, if it is RA, there is a member here who has recently posted about some natural products that have done wonders for her.  The products are called bio-sil and supercissus along with malic acid.  Scroll down to check out the thread by Nanamonster.
  Also, you said you have tried the natural route.  Many times it takes years to find the right supplements on our own.   There is a lot of figuring out what works for you and what doesn't.  My journey has been ten years, and over this period I've found a few great things to help, and I am still learning.
  Also, have you tried seeing a naturopathic doctor?  That way you wouldn't have the same guesswork involved regarding what supplements/diet would work best for you.   I have heard many stories of people greatly improving from fibro. from both using natural approaches and/or through the care of a naturopathic doctor.
  Sometimes we just get tired in this journey, and it sounds like you have a reason to be as you've seen a lot of doctors and nothing seems to be making sense.  BUt please don't give up.  I know sometimes it seems it takes so long to access the help and resources we need, but there is a time for everything, and if we hang in there, at some point we can usually expect the help to arrive...
  Also there are several members here who have found things to help them and I'm sure they will have lots of great suggestions for you.  Way to go on reaching out and finding the courage to post!

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   Posted 8/28/2009 7:46 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Schweab!

And welcome to the family. Once you come through these doors consider yourself adopted. ;-) Unless you'd prefer not, but most people who come here are coming for understanding and support of others who truly 'get it'. When I first came I was mighty timid but withing a couple of days I was off and running...and haven't shut up since.

Your story is a very classic one for fibro folks. I was one of the lucky ones since my primary doc recognized it right away. He did all of the tests and sent me to a rheumatologist for confirmation but he was on top of things. It's so very hard to get a proper diagnosis since there are still doctors living in the dark ages and deny fibro exists. It's mostly because they don't want to bother, they are afraid you want pain medications and they worry about their insurance if they have to treat you. Wow, there are some lousy candidates for med school, huh? Luckily there are some wonderful doctors who are knowledgeable in recognizing fibro and treating it. No need to give up, you just need more information.

A good rheumatologist is who you need to see. Fibromyalgia is put in the arthritis family since it didn't fit well anywhere else. They can do all the tests you need to confirm or deny fibro...but it may take a while to get through it a couple of months. Don't hold me to's just a wild guess on my part. If you have to get a referral for a rheumatologist, instead of self referral, do your homework ahead of time. Call the rheumies on your insurance list and ask how they treat fibromyalgia. Always keep in mind that you are hiring THEM, not the other way around. And if they don't treat you appropriately then fire them. I''m very serious about that too. You wouldn't let someone work on your car who wasn't qualified and this is your life we're talking about here!

Fibromyalgia is what I call a 'self help' disorder. You have to do most of the treatment, the learning and the day to day management of your pain. But it can be done and you can have a wonderful life in spite of the pain. The people here are living proof!

Keep us up to date on how you're feeling and always feel free to post more questions/comments or email if you'd like. My email is over there <----- under my name just click the little envelope that's lit up. Schweab...we really do care!

Play fair. Don't hit people. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
~Robert Fulghum

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