New Doc, Not Listening???

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   Posted 9/17/2009 2:27 PM (GMT -7)   
  Hi all.  Am new here, but olllllddd to FM.  Dx'd in 2002 by a Pain Specialist after suffering and thinking I was crazy for 2 years... Anywho... 3 years ago I moved to an area that is in a Physician crisis.  With a primary insurance it took me 9 months on a waiting list to obtain a PCP.  In the meantime, I had absolutely NO care for my symptoms/flares and pain other than Urgent Care or the ER when absolutely unbearable.  Thankfully, knowing the situation in the area, they have been mostly helpful, but of course always tell me I need pain management (really???). 
Well, yesterday I finally got my appointment to establish with a PCP, who is known in the area for pain management.  After waiting almost an hour and a half between waiting room and physical room, he spent (max) 15 mins with me, going over the five pages of paperwork I took an hour filling out trying to be very thorough about my history, what does and does not work to treat my FM including any PT, exercise and meds.  He then gave me some sample packs of Pristique and sent me on my way. "Come back in 4 to 6 weeks".
My entire circle of family and friends are asking, "How'd it go???" and I can't even respond because I am so angry and frustrated, and I start shaking and crying when I think about it. (Also, as an aside, it's pouring cats and cats here today, and I don't know if anyone else has flares as bad as I do with humidity, but OMG, I am broken-hearted today)
So, I called the Dr's office, told them I wanted another appt asap, felt like my concerns were not addressed, and I need to spend some more time with the Dr.  I need (some folks may not like this, but it's MY treatment...) muscle relaxers and pain meds for the bad days and or nights, ALONG WITH the SNRI, and if he's not treating me with these, I am just going to end up in Urgent Care AGAIN the next time I spend a night awake on my couch crying from the pain.  I have no problem using these meds sparingly and only when absolutely necessary, but with all the bs out there, is this new Dr. going to think I just want "fun" drugs???  I am wondering if I've done the right thing by requesting another appt. asap.  Btw, I do have pain that is severe enough that I have to cut some of my work-days down to half-days even though I can scarcely afford it.
Sorry so long, I'm just at my wits end, and feel I have NOWHERE to turn anymore... Thank you for listening and any advice.

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   Posted 9/18/2009 5:30 AM (GMT -7)   
I am sorry your Apt did not go as well as you would like.. and sorry you are having such a  hard time of it...
I know when I had my first Apt with my family doc.. I sat him down and told him I have been having problems finding a Good Doc.. and I need someone that is willing to listen and has the time to listen. if he did not or was not willing then say so now so I can move on . LOL..
Turns out he is awesome I have been seeing him for about 5-6 yrs now.
its so frustrating when you spend money for an Apt and walk away feeling you accomplished nothing... I truly have been there so many times.. and on Occasion still find this when I try a new specialty Doc.. Like the pain Doc I saw. total waste of time.. my family Doc is better,.,,., its got to be hard in your area. as you said seems to have problems with enough Doc.s
I do take a list of things I want to discuss.. and my journal with a summery of my symptoms...I am lost without my note pad..
I believe you do need to tell your Doc what you need from them .. i.e. : pain management
I wish I had some great advise for you .. but sadly do not..
I did want to welcome you to our Fibro Family ... you have come to a great place.. lots of good support, understanding .. and we have some really great people who truly do care.
Good luck on your next Apt..... Oh   idea    I have found , and I got this from a Doc once.. he said seems that they Doc's pay more attention to your pain issues if you take a family member with you ... makes the Doc realize that there is a serious issue going on when we need to take family as support during an Apt.. my neurologist  told me this.
I pray you have a better Apt. Take care.. and keep us posted. ok..
Soft Fibro Huggles. smilewinkgrin

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   Posted 9/18/2009 6:04 AM (GMT -7)   
The politics of pain. I am so angry right now, it is unbelievable. I am angry that the drug companies have so much power reaching into the lives of families and individuals suffering out there, in need of relief, when it is their intention, to only be concerned with the almighty dollar. How far the health care industry has fallen, concerning "quality of care". Certainly there is a "quantity of care", all kinds of tests and procedures and protocols, but at the end of the day we come home with a prescription in hand for pills called "Prestique", when the research blatantly identifies the drug as being the replacement of Effexor; because the margin of profit fell as Effexor becomes a generic. I don't personally blame the Primary Care Physicians. They are trying to provide medical care within the climate of HMO's and Big Government lobbyists, while being threatened in their own survival from deviating from the (excuse me) Capitalist Norm. Doctors who don't abide by the "unwritten" protocols, for Pain Management, find themselves at the least unemployed, and sometimes even end up in jail.

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   Posted 9/18/2009 6:29 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks to the couple of you that have responded.  This has of course been on my mind for the last 48 hours, and I like the suggestion of taking in a family member.  My long-term boyfriend and I live together, so he knows and sees all too well what I live with.  He's the one who rubs down my back and hips and shoulders and hands with Tiger Balm every night before we go to sleep.  He's the one who will drive me to the ER at 4:00 am when I am having a tension headache from spasms that is a 10+ and I am seriously wanting to hit my head against the wall. He asked me if I needed him at my appt on Weds. and I said, "no I should be fine, I've heard he's a great pain management doc... "  Next time, for sure.
I just had such high hopes for this appointment, and this doctor.  To have my pain managed again for the first time in 3 years was something I was hoping for, praying for, and counting on. And I felt like I'd been stabbed in the back when I left his office.  I'm sure so many of you have been there, as I have before as well. 
Any input on care from a Rheumatologist vs. a Family Doc (this one I'm seeing is a DO, does that make any difference?)

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   Posted 9/18/2009 12:59 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi B
Ya its amazing how much more our Doctors  pay attention when you have someone with you .
your boy friend sounds wonderful and very supportive for you , yeah this is important. as you have probley read there are lot of people that don't have this. truly a blessing .
I hope you get back in soon to discuss pain management and get something to help you .Constant pain sure does wear on you .  shakehead   know first hand .
I was Dx'ed by a Rheumatologist with Fibro about a year and a half or close to two years now .. sorry losing track of time over here . but I see my family doc for pain management .. really because I will never stop seeing my family doc. and his office is like 2 min away , right around  the corner from my home.
I have tried two pain doc;'s First I just did not like him , 2nd all they did was injections for your back. totally the wrong place for me. figures my Rheumy sent me to this one..
 ( I always wonder why they send you to a Doc and don't make  sure he really does what you are sending your patient there for adn don;t send this new Doc any report explaining why they sent you  there makes no since to me at all )
ya I don't really think much of my Rheumy any more . not really much help ... I get more from my family doc and it cost less. for a co pay . Hummmm. makes you wonder .
the beating your head on the Wall.... statement .. Boy can I relate to this . LOL...
my husband come in the Room one day and caught me beating my head on the big glass  door. ( what ever they are called. ) wow.. Fog at the worst times. I tell ya ..anyway  the look I got was something else. ****
Sorry I'm rambling now. and best go.
Take care . and best of luck on your next Apt ...
Spirit ~

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   Posted 9/18/2009 2:58 PM (GMT -7)   
Some Doctors are the pits, I agreee take someone with you, my husband comes with me to make sure the new Doctor listens to what I say, I do not take anything from the doctor, it is my body and I and know what is wrong. Do not just sit and let the doc walk over you they are there to trat us not brush us off. Yes I live in Australia but because I live in a small city there are few Doctors taking new patients so now I am looking for a new one because my old one left the area. Now I look for one that is a little bit human.


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   Posted 9/18/2009 3:47 PM (GMT -7)   
hi B,
welcome to the board. I've had terrible trouble with docs for the same reason as you. I enede up leaving work on wed and getting a jab in the ass and a script for decent pain killers as i told him i was fed up getting anti inflamatories for a condition that is inflamatory.
He only took me seriously as i couldn't hold it together and started crying, the pain meds he gave me did work somewhat but i couldn't possilble work with them as they cause drowsiness but whaen i go to bed i cant sleep on them.
Anyway, bring your bf along with you for the next app and express that you are not a drug seeker and if he wants he can give you a minimum amount of tablets and he'll see over time that your not chugging them.
I also told my doc that i was there genuinely looking for help and that if he preferred i could get hooked on illegal drugs and then i'd be back with bigger problems, he actually took that seriously.
i hope you get on well, let us know.
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