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   Posted 9/20/2009 9:24 AM (GMT -7)   
Summergirl, I put this thread up because your post was getting lost in the other thread.  This way, members will see you and respond.
On the blue bar, right above the threads, you will see "New Topic".  Click on that to start a post.  Put a title in the subject line and then type away!  When you are done, click on submit and you are set.  Hope this helps you.
Welcome!  Be sure to check out the Fibro 101 thread...the first thread on the forum.  There is a lot of goot info there that can help you.
Hi I am new here as of today, i wanted to start a new post but did not know how. I was told i had fibromyalgia 12 yrs ago. i am 46 yrs old woman. I have suffered greatly. Especially in the beginning. Not knowing why my body was falling apart. It was frightening. And ya know after all these yrs , it still is , to me any way. I thought i had it beat when i was 40 yrs old. I went on a very strict diet , on my own, And i really dont know what happened but i got better 98 percent better. i was pain free. I was just starting to sign up for kick boxing lessons and a week later i was in bed,. I have no idea what happened. Here my miracle was gone. Now im at the worse of it. if it is still justy fibro. New painful aches and pains, ones i have never had before. I am scared to death, i need others to talk to. I hurt so bad especailly my head. i cant even ie it down on a pillow, im going throughh so much and no one understands , my mom did but she passed away 2 yrs ago. I had an mri on my brain for the bad headachess 2 yrs ago, and my neuro doc said i have a brain disease. He said hes not sure if its MS or Lyme Or something else but he wants to do a spinal a lumbar spinal on me. To me that is the most frighteneing thing to hear from him. I was in p/t from April to the end of august for a bulging disc in my lower back. i have so many strange symptoms from fibro im so scared to have the spinal i live with enough pain. I am afraid it will leave me with so many more things and issues, that i just dont think i could dela with. I have beeen with the same man 23 yrs and its finally tearing us apart. I am a strong person , but all of a sudden all these new symptoms and pai n i feel like im going to become a cripple and im scared it feels like the pain i have in my head will never go away. i dont know if im panicking or if ,,, oohhh i dont know im afraid to have th elumbar spinal Please some one talk to me. I am all alone with this i feel like im fighting for my life here and my sanity. my doctors just say they dont know how to help me honestly i dont think a spinal will. anyone who has a few moments to respond please do, i have been battleing this for 12 yrs i think im finally losing this battle. thank you Maria
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(thank you Sherrine for reposting this.)

Hello Maria and welcome to Healing Well. I am sorry that you are suffering so much right now. But you have found a wonderful community here where you can get support, and talk things over with others who 'get it'. Those two things alone have gotten me through some hard times this past year. I think fear plays a huge part in increasing our pain. Once you know what you are dealing with, it is much easier to face.

I feel like a hypocrite though, as I just posted a new thread where I am scared and feel like I can't cope. I am also dealing with new pain now, where I just thought I had learned to live with fibro.

If your doctor thinks a spinal tap would be helpful in getting to the bottom of your troubles, don't you think that it would be a good idea? Once they know for sure, you can go on a treatment plan to help you get better.

(((HUGS))) Maria, we are pulling for you.
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   Posted 9/21/2009 12:59 AM (GMT -7)   
I had a spinal tap compared to the pain we feel everyday it wasn't anything just stay down the rest that day it will make bad headaches. in fact i'd rather have a spinal tap then do physical terrorism. I am scared too, and so sad to hear how hard it is right now for you. Every now and then i catch myself wondering if i am dying inside slowly, but then i remember the war isn't over untill i can actually find that white flag in the frightening heap of laundry < it may start living soon at the rate it grows>

i understand, i just hope for you to hang in there. there are so many ways science finds to help and everyday is always a new possibility.

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   Posted 9/21/2009 9:59 AM (GMT -7)   
I am sorry that you are going through such a tough time right now.  It is bad enough dealing with one health issue, but having to deal with several can be very draining. 
If your doctor thinks you have MS you should probably cooperate with the testing he wants to do.  If there is something serious going on with you it is better to find out so that you can get some treatment. 
Unfortunately, both fibromyalgia and MS are cyclical, meaning that sometimes you might feel ok and sometimes you feel like you are about to die.  You just have to try and hang on through the tough weeks and try to find something good in your life to concentrate on.
God Bless

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The doctor in the ER wanted to give me a spinal tap to see what was going on with me, this is before I got diagnosed with Lyme, which was done by a western blot test...
I was not comfortable with it getting done. I have terrible headaches and I wonder if it's co-infections with Lyme, again another doctor brought up a spinal tap, but I also know there are certain LLDS that will do testing with IGENICh's labs to find out if you have co-infections, which would not require a spinal. That being said, you really have to weight it out, I see someone mentioned that the pain of the spinal is not as bad as other things.
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   Posted 9/21/2009 2:22 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Maria,

I too think that you should have the spinal test. If the doctor recommended it. It might be a way to get rid of your headaches. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I can't imagine living with headaches on a daily basis.

I hope that you feel better soon.

Hugs, Karen
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First of all,welcome to the forum. This is a dynamic group of people who have a lot of understanding and compassion, as I'm sure you have already seen.

Second of all, I am very sorry you are feeling so sad and so bad. Have you ever considered to talking to someone like a therapist? You said your mom died two years ago and I can only remember that had a definite impact on my fibro and my back pain many years ago when my own mother died. Once I finally started seeing a therapist, my pain became much more controllable. I know it's scarey, but ask around, ask your doctor if you trust him, to recommend someone. I think it might be the answer for you.

And third of all, I have a differing opinion than all the others. If you don't want to have a spinal tap, then don't do it right now. Unless the doctor feels it is imperative to do it now, wait a while until you are feeling stronger. I really think a lot of what you are feeling just may be emotionally based; the headaches, the increased pain, etc. I could be wrong. I am only reading one post from you, but it is something to think about. You say even your relationship with your significant other is at a strain.

I will pray for you. Keep us posted on what you decide to do hon. God bless.

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   Posted 9/21/2009 3:18 PM (GMT -7)   

Welcome Maria, I am so sorry you are going through so much right now. I think getting the test would be a good idea if your doctor recommended it. I know it is very frightening to have something like that done, but it may help them get to the bottom of some of your symptoms. I can't imagine having the headaches daily. I used to get awful headaches, but I am able to get relief with my meds now.

Are you taking anything for pain or anything for depression/anxiety? I was almost where you are at several years ago. I found that I was much better able to cope with my pain and everything going on after my doctor started me on a prescription for depression. Also, finding this place helped so much. We need to talk to others who understand what we are going through.

My headaches are worse when I am stressed or worried, so you may be hurting more because of everything that is happening. Losing a parent is never easy and I went through a bad flare after losing my father. Please try not to worry so much. This test may help to find out what is going on so the doctors can treat it and get you back to feeling better! I know it's not easy & anytime you need to talk or vent you have many caring people here to talk to.
I hope things get better for you. Please keep us up to date on how you are doing!
                                                                                      Hugs, Springfling

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