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   Posted 9/23/2009 2:55 PM (GMT -7)   
For the past few weeks I have been registering my daughter in college. She is my youngest child and the third to get into college. Sigh. I do not how I did it with the other two.

My daughter lost her eyesight 3 years ago so her time in college will be different. She is excited though. All of her work will be completed via computer, scanned and verbalized books and other nifty hihg tech gadgets. Those alone keep her happy.

In addition, I will be in court for additional , back owed and college child support for her.

I have been thinking recently about the stressors in life that I ignore. Like when people jump ahead of my wheelchair when I am trying to board the bus, wheen someone uses the handicapped bathroom as a dressing room when I am about to wet on myself and when people purposly step in front of my wheelchair.

Thises things happen all of the time and I was surprised to discovered how strongly I reacted to them. I never yelled at anyolne instead, I kept the frustration inside.

I am trying to tell myself, "now Donna, just because the person in front of you is a rude, obnoxious idiot, does not mean you should was te your time being upset over it." I am replaceing these daily "grrs" with more pleasant thoughts about the positive things in my life.

I still get frustrated but now I know why and what I can do about it, to destress my life.


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   Posted 9/23/2009 3:37 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Donnaeil,

I agree with you. I see a lot of rude people on my job. I am a cashier at a convenience store. But I don't let them get to me. I just keep going on about my day. If I didn't, I would be in tears. Usually I laugh about it after they leave.

I know that it is painful, it really does hurt. Especially when you are physically unable to stop them from taking cuts. They are selfish people and don't even deserve your attention. But I am glad that you are changing the way you feel and the way that you react. Life is short. Though there are times when I would like to say something. I am not very witty though. So it is hard.

I hope that you continue to stay happy and not let these rude people get to you.

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 9/23/2009 3:56 PM (GMT -7)   
Donnaeil, first off I think it is wonderful that your daughter will be able to take college courses.
She sounds like a very strong and determined young woman. You must have been a great
role model for her and you must be a proud mom.

You seem to be handling the rude idiots just fine, stooping to their level and yelling at them
would probably make you feel worse. Focusing on the positive things in life does make you
feel better than dwelling on the negatives. Just knowing that you have some control over
how you react to people and situations gives you power and that feels good!

Take Care

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   Posted 9/23/2009 3:57 PM (GMT -7)   
I have found after many years of difficult customer service in airlines and health care, both of which I really enjoy, that the best way to get over incredibly rude people is to laugh at them. That way you don't have to speak to them or get into a confrontation. If they have a conscience, they will eventually get the joke.

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   Posted 9/23/2009 10:04 PM (GMT -7)   
I find that stress has a direct connection to pain or discomfort so I know I cannot afford to be annoyed evertyime someone is rude.

I homeschooled, unschooled, all three of my children so I am really happy they all decided to attend college. My daughter, is amazing. I am so happy that I decided to have a third child, her.


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   Posted 9/23/2009 11:41 PM (GMT -7)   
Donna, you are so right about the stress having a direct connection to the pain. You should be proud of yourself and your daughter. And of yourself for not letting rude people get to you. I agree with littleneck - laughing at them does help. Does your daughter use the jaws program on her computer?

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   Posted 9/24/2009 10:34 PM (GMT -7)   
I had to remind myself of this thread today at work. I have a coworker who is so incredibly self-centered, political, and mean. She misconstrued a gesture on my part (an offer of help) and hurt my feelings by telling me I had ulterior motives. I could never have thought of the thing she imagined me doing, because I don't play office games, but am finally at the point where I can feel sorry for her for being small-minded. <sigh>

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   Posted 9/25/2009 12:07 AM (GMT -7)   

Eventually my daughter will use Jaws, however her Mac is useful until we buy the program. She is also getting the Kurzweil mobile (phone) reader for taking pictures of written pages and speak the information. there is also software to turn it into a GPS system.

There is so much technology that is phenomenal for the blind nowadays. She plans to eventually acquire a Phd. in Psychology.

Thanks for asking about Jaws. Not many people know of it.


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   Posted 9/25/2009 6:25 AM (GMT -7)   

Two years ago I got a summons to serve on a Grand Jury.  This is not one of these jury-things where you call every week for a month to see if you are to show up.  You must go...then a judge will listen to anyone who has an excuse to not serve.  I heard everything from 'I have Parkinson's' to 'I don't live here anymore and it would be a six hour drive.'  With my severe hearing disability and fibro, I just sat there and thought I could do it.  All I asked is that I could sit in the front so I could hear.  Every single time I had to go into this claustrophobic, sound proof, air tight room with air conditioners running so we could breathe and ask if I could please sit in the front.  I got the ole eye roll...oh, all the rude gestures.  The witnesses would sit on a chair and microphone...look away from the jury and talk to the district attorney...finally one day I just said "I cannot hear you!"  I got a verbal, embarrassing lashing from the DA.  Aterwards, I told the foreman I couldn't do this anymore...between my numb, aching legs and hearing loss I wasn't doing anyone any favors.  And I wasn't.  She said something like, "You agreed to do this and without you we will not have enough people to vote..."  I don't know.  I guess there is no point to this except I was told I could serve and sit where I would be comfortable and hear, and the crap I had to deal with every single time was unbelievable.  No more jury duty for me.



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   Posted 9/25/2009 6:26 AM (GMT -7)   
Donnaeil, your daughter sounds like a great young woman and she should be very proud of herself for not letting her handicap stand in her way of doing what she wants in life. I have a feeling she got a lot of that from her mom. smilewinkgrin
We are only in control of the actions of one person in this world but we can control how we react to others. I believe what goes around comes around.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 9/25/2009 9:24 AM (GMT -7)   

Donnaeil, I'm so glad that your daughter is heading to college.  She hasn't let her handicap keep her down so I know she will be quite successful.  I'm sure you are so proud of all your children.

You are handling the rude people brilliantly!  Oh, I know it's difficult.  I'd like to knock a few heads in the wall sometimes but all that does is tighten my muscles and make me hurt more!  So, ignoring them is perfect.  You can't change these type of people but you can really feel sorry for them.  What a pathetic way to live.  Keep up the smile!


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