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   Posted 11/2/2009 8:22 AM (GMT -7)   
I just found out that I have Fibro and found this forum yesterday.  While a part of me is thrilled that I am not alone, I am reading all of this and becoming terrified.  I don't want to get to a point where I can't work or enjoy my life with my family.  I tried Lyrica this weekend and I just can't take that pill anymore.  Although I can say I didn't feel much pain, I did feel drunk.  And that is worse for me than the pain, I think.  I thought knowing what was causing the pain would make me feel better... I think all it did was make me feel worse.  I now know that I wasn't making up the pain and my family knows that I wasn't making up the pain... but that doesn't take the pain away.  It just allows me to complain more about it. 
I am just scared.  SCARED! 

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   Posted 11/2/2009 9:18 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi LR, welcome to the forum! You will find many caring and supportive people here.
We know
what it is like to live with chronic pain so we do understand. If you haven't already be
sure to read the fibro 101 thread, 1st thread page one, lots of helpful information.

It is scarry when you find out you have fibro, so many questions run through your mind.
You do learn to live with it and find out what eases your pain through trial and error.

Many of us have tried differant meds that made us sick. I have never been on Lyrica but
have tried Cymbalta and my body could not tolerate it. I now take Savella. We all tolerate
meds differantly. I also use Flexeril (cyclobanzaprine) a muscle relaxer when needed.

To help ease the pain, I excercise on a regular basis using resistance bands for stretching
and small hand weights for building muscle. Walking is great ! Inactivity is your worst
enemy, it only makes you ache more. You have to pace yourself and becareful not to
overdo. Heat helps, soaks in a hot bath, heating pads and bed buddies are great.

Don't be afraid to let family members and friends know about your fibro. They need to
learn and understand that you have new limitations. Ask for help when needed. You will
find out that on somedays you will feel super and want to do too much and the next day
you will be hurting. Be careful not to ovedo.... everything in moderation.

I am very sorry that you recieved this dx. You will find out that you are a very strong
indivdual, that is one thing fibro teaches us.....we are stronger than we think.

The side effects from the Lyrica might subside, if not make sure you let your doctor
what is going on. Good luck to you, hope you keep posting. We Care



PS  I just wanted to let you know that I live a very happy and active life and I have learned I am not my illness, I am still me!

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   Posted 11/2/2009 10:13 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi LR and ...

Welcome to our family! First thing is ..Please, do NOT be scared. You will be able to enjoy your life and many people are still able to work. Also, the more stress, worry and tension your body has to endure the more pain you will have.

One thing to remember when reading any forum, not just this one, is you mostly hear the bad stuff. People don't often sit down and way, "ya, I have fibro and I'm doing quite well." People who's fibro is mild or they are doing really just don't talk about it. So don't let all of the posts here frighten you. But it does give you a view of what may happen and most importantly how you can treat or avoid the problems.

Then let's talk about why we all came here. We are together! It's just that simple We might have come because we Googled the word fibro and forum, but the reason we stay is because right here at your fingertips you have an entire family who totally understands and truly care about how you are doing. If you have a sumptom or pain that is hard to understand then start a new topic about it and you'll find that there will be someone who has not only experienced it too, but they are willing to take the time to share their experience and type this up.

So the first order of business it to relax!... enjoy the family you have just found. Then learn all you can about what is going on by reading good, scientific publications and honest books. With knowledge comes the power to live with fibro and with the friendship and love of this family of friends the loneliness and despair that comes with Fibromyalgia will be slowly dissipate. Take my hand<extending hand> and we all will travel this journey together...without fear.

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   Posted 11/2/2009 10:22 AM (GMT -7)   
Leana, don't be so frightened.  You really don't have anything to fear.  You need to learn about fibro and work around it.  I've had fibro for 22 years.  My children were 13, 10, and 9 when I came down with fibro but I made it through.  I've traveled a lot since fibro, been on top of a glacier, been snorkling, parasailing...all with fibro.  I am now a widow and I take care of my home and love to garden.  My live is enjoyable and it has been very full even though I have fibro and a few other goodies with my health. 
Don't let fear get to you.  The stress from fear will make your pain worse.  You will find what helps you.  I just use over the counter pain meds and vitamins and supplements because I'm like you.  I don't tolerate medication well.  It usually knocks me out!  I still have pain but it is a more managable pain. 
I also do gentle exercises and that helps too with pain and depression.  I just feel better when I walk.  I have more energy and I'm happier and more positive about my life.  All of this helps with fibro. 
We can help, too.  We all have good ideas on how to get things done and live a normal life in spite of fibro.  So, cheer up!  I think you will be just fine.
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   Posted 11/2/2009 12:11 PM (GMT -7)   

Don't be are not alone and the dx is at least a validation of your pain.  I have been dx for 2.5 years, but have had fibro all my life.  Labeled as a hypochondriac for most of it, then ignoring the condition for fear of not being believed.  I am completely disabled, but most people are still able to work and have a very fulfilling life.  There are alot of options out there for you, medically, physically and mentally.  I encourage you to try every option you are given and there is a very good chance that you will find a combo that will work for you.  Think positive and explore your options.  Sending you good thoughts and wishing you a pain free day :-)


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   Posted 11/2/2009 12:47 PM (GMT -7)   
HI lLR.  I'm sorry about your dx.  I know you are worried but really just having an answer to all your symptoms is good.  I am 63 and was finally dx'd this year but I probably have had fibro since my 20's, maybe even before.  I have had a great life in spite of the pain, stiffness and headaches.  I had 2 teenagers when my symptoms were getting worse and then I was pregnant again with the most wonderful surprise baby.  He is in this 20's now and I think having him kept me very active. I still bike ride several times a week.  When I was 55 my husband and I started swing dancing, not to Glenn Miller music but to good old rock n roll.  Sure I feel pretty sore the next day but the fun out weighs the pain.  You should try to keep active.  When you just sit around you stiffen up.  I do yoga almost everyday to gently stretch my muscles.  Hot baths and heating pads are our best friends.  I mostly just take Tylenol.  Also amitriptyline at night to help me sleep.  I also take the malic/magnesium supplements.  Voltaren just once a day-I have had some side effects from this but I get tested every 3 months.
keep checking in with us.  This forum is fantastic. 
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   Posted 11/2/2009 4:52 PM (GMT -7)   
 Hi there. I know how u feel, Im new on here to. Scared just like u. Its a alot  to take in.  Im still worrried and scared of whats going to come next with fibro. I am glad to know im not alone and learned so much from this site. The people on here are so nice and helpful. They told me to check out fibro 101 . It hepled me alot
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