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   Posted 11/15/2009 1:34 AM (GMT -7)   
I hope your weekend is good to you. One thing I've noticed recently that has my emotions going sideways is....we have a LOT of new members joining us each week. I've also noticed it on other forums too. More and more people! It's good and it's not so good. Not good because more people are in need, but good because at least they are here where we can all talk with one another and for me that's the best medicine in the world.

When I see new people who are frightened or worried I think back to when I joined the forum. The minute I typed my first post I knew I was in the right place....I was home. I not only have learned how to work with my medical team but how to do things for myself. No doctor is going to teach you that. wink So my question today is...when you first came to Healing Well, what good feelings did you have and how has joining this group affected your life?

I don't have to explain much because I've said most of it above but early on I wanted to volunteer to help others and have been doing it for several years. It's nothing someone else can't do just as well, but for me it's therapeutic and comforting when I can help others find what they are looking for. It's how I enjoy the forum.

And YOU?
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   Posted 11/15/2009 5:39 AM (GMT -7)   
Good Morning,

I had no idea what Fibromyalgia was when my doctor gave me the diagnosis with the comment "be grateful it is not RA". Of Course I understood what RA was but was clueless about Fibro.

When I started the usual search to learn about it I became frightened and concerned. Many of you know tennis was a big part of my life and that was to change forever. When I found HW I learned so much it would be impossible to list it all. The main thing was my fear abated and I found friendship.

I think it was well summed up in Pattipandas post. WE are here to help and support one another when so very often even our families don't understand. To repeat Panda it is a two way street for success. Now that I am "managing" Fibro and it not controlling me I feel the need to help others as I was helped.

Thank you Chutz for all you do!!!!

Best, Patsie

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   Posted 11/15/2009 8:25 AM (GMT -7)   
This was the only forum for Fibro specifically that I found with a lot of activity. My husband doesn't understand why I check this so much, but he also doesn't know what it is to finally have a group of people who understand. I like to be on here because people are so positive about their experiences and make things funny, rather that dwelling on the depressing side of things. It's nice to know that there are other people out there dealing with the same problems, it really puts things in perspective.

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   Posted 11/15/2009 8:50 AM (GMT -7)   
When I first joined HealingWell, I was so confused. But after I kept posting and getting more and more responses, I knew I was home. I knew this was a place where I could not only receive help, but I could also help others. I really feel like the people on here are my family. I can come and rant and everyone is so caring and understanding. I can say things on here that I could never say to my real family.
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   Posted 11/15/2009 9:12 AM (GMT -7)   
I have just been diagnosed with fibro and am still learning. My dr. put me on lyrica. It seems to help. She said the pain will probably get worse as time goes and we may have to make some changes. My legs is what took me to the dr. She said I probably have had it a couple of years because of other symptons I have had. My question for now is my feet hurt so bad sometimes and I was wondering if anyone else had this also. I have just now started reading the forum but I wanted to ask. I will be reading all the entries and talking with you all. I look forward to all the help. thank you darlene

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   Posted 11/15/2009 11:39 AM (GMT -7)   
I started out reading posts on the Fibro and Lupus forum  before I became a member.
Just reading the posts, I knew this was a place of great understanding.
I was feeling overwhelmed and knew there were people here feeling the same thing.
Seeing the genuine care and support here, I knew this was a wonderful place.
I have learned so much from everyone and have felt caring support when I really needed
it. It also makes me feel better if I am able to help others as I have been helped.
This forum truly is a blessing and I do appreciate all of you for who you are!
 PS Welcome to the forum Darlene, Glad you have joined our fibro family!

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   Posted 11/15/2009 12:59 PM (GMT -7)   
I came to HW Fibro at one of the most dark and painful times of my life.  I had just given up a job that I worked so hard at and felt like I had given up on life. 
I knew I had post Lyme CFS, but it didn't fit my pain problems.  I knew I had fibro for about 5 years before I was willing to get the official word.  Ironically my doctor knew I had it and had been treating me as if I did for several years.  I guess I just had to hear it to believe it.  Once I did, I knew I had to find a way to let it all set in.  HW gave me that.  It helped me accept my dx.  I learned a tremendous amount from other fibromites and I got the support I needed to realize that this wasn't a death sentence.. but a life sentence.  I knew if I could continue getting the support that this place gave me I'd make it.  And I did.
I've learned a lot about myself through helping others, much like Patsie has. 
Healing Well helped me learn how to control my pain, advocate for others that suffer as I do, educate those who refused to learn and get my life back from a very empty place. 
I'm working full time but what more important.. I'm LIVING full time too.  I find strength from feeling I'm needed and I'm made a point of letting those who need me know that there are times when I need them too.  The two way street theory.
For those who are new.. never give up on Healing Well... it is what you give it.  Remember there are people out there that are getting to know you on this forum. You can make life long friends here.  All you need to do is be there for someone else, be kind and gentle to those who are new.... they rely on your input as all of us have in the past.
Warm hugs...
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   Posted 11/15/2009 3:51 PM (GMT -7)   
I came to healingwell when it popped up in a google search for MS.  I was so glad to find a place where others had what I had.  I had been diagnosed for 6 months.  My first goal was to just talk to anyone that also had MS.  I had not done that yet, and was feeling like the rare freak with MS. 
My second goal was to make a friend with MS.  Well the weird thing is, I have made a ton of life long friends.  None of them have MS.  I met me best friend here on the MS board.  She does not have MS, her aunt died from it then she ended up going through the diagnostic process but luckily was cleared. 
This place doesn't play the role it used to in my life, but it helped me so much to adjust to MS.  I have some wonderful friends now that understand chronic illness. And I feel like I have a better understanding of others' chronic illnesses. 
I have found a couple of other MS only boards.  They don't compare to this place.
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Nana Monster
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   Posted 11/15/2009 4:26 PM (GMT -7)   
I came here as a fibro and RA patient who was fed up with dr. drugs. I lucked out and found a few
who are interested in alternative treatments. Right now even with my herbals I'm having my fall
"flare". It hurts bad but I'm hoping to ride it through. The True Calm seems to be helping  a little,
but I've only started on it about a week ago. It's kinda an herbal flexoril.
          Nana Monster

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   Posted 11/15/2009 6:49 PM (GMT -7)   
I searched other forums...but kept coming back to this one. It was never morose. People seemed upbeat. I posted and got a good response to my post and found that others felt the same way I did. I hadnt been fully diagnosed yet but knew I would be. This has helped me understand what is happening to me and accept it. That's a big step forward.

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   Posted 11/16/2009 4:34 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Nana Monster,

Hope you get this.

My very Western neurologist had her nurse call me to mention True Calm. She claims she has had good results with her Fibro and MS patients and thought of me. My fibro is very neurological with fasciculations and a cramping syndrome. She says it may really help me then I read your point of it being an herbal Flexoril. Very interesting.

That being said I have never had my doctor mention anything natural. She knows I am managing Fibro as best I can naturally so she must think this product worth checking out.

Thanks Nana Monster, Patsie

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   Posted 11/16/2009 1:12 PM (GMT -7)   

Altho I've had FMS all my life, I never got a dx until '06, no drs ever connected the dots. When I had someone sugggest this might be the prob, I asked my dr, she didn't think this was the answer. So I started to read and I finally found some books that gave me answers. I again brought up the possiblity of FMS w/ my dr. She didn't think so, but said she would send me to a rheumy. I was dx w/ FMS, but they (pcp and rheumy) didn't feel it was a prob so didn't do much to help me.

I tried to find a FMS support group around my area, none existed. I did not have a computer, so I was stuck. We were able to get a computer a yr or so after dx. I just was hoping to find some info. My DD suggested I see if there were any online support groups, as I didn't have a clue how to use a computer. I typed it in and several names came up, I looked at a few and was not too excited about the 'tudes. I dismissed them right off the bat. I found this site and observed for awhile. I found the ppl to be smart, caring, willing to share and most important to me - they were kind and compassionate.

Most ppl are dismissive of what goes on w/ FMS, 'can't see it, it can't be that bad'. Too many ppl I know had no idea what was going on, so didn't really want to hear it. Since the commercials for Lyrica on tv, 'now' it must be real. Ya think?!?! Here there is acceptance, and non-judgmental friendship. Many of the ppl here were here before I started, so many more have come since then. I like to read the posts when the ppl start, sometimes they are so overwhelmed and feeling lost and yet soon you can see a difference in them. No, FMS has not gone away, but the kindness and compassion and that realization they are not alone makes such a difference.

I see the names of old friends, when I come on, that automatically brings a smile to my face. I see the names of new friends, tho it makes me sad to see more ppl suffering w/ FMS. Yet I feel good that they are putting their faith in this forum to help them live the life they deserve. I believe we each come here hoping to find answers and feel better, but I believe our answers come from helping others find their answers. I think we help each other to find our own strength. So many of the things in my life haven't changed, but how I deal w/ them has changed. Faith and kindness can make such a difference in a person's life.

For the ppl who started HW, for the Mods, and for the rest of the good ppl here who reach out to others, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made such a difference in my life.

God bless.  Alice.

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   Posted 11/16/2009 2:17 PM (GMT -7)   
What a great question Chutzie!!! I was gone over the weekend so I'm a day late, I'm always a day or two late anymore. smilewinkgrin
I believe I was directed here by the good Lord himself. I was going through one of the darkest times in my life, I had lost a grandson in Iraq about three months before I found HW or it found me. I pretty much sat on the couch everyday in a stupor not really even going through the motions of living and of course fibro loved that, I grew weaker and the pain got worse. Up until then I was doing pretty good living with fibro.
One day while doing research I came across HW and I have no idea what my first post was, that has been over two years ago. I know I was surprised at how many people responded so kindly. But these crazy people kept telling me I had to get up and move over and over and I thought they were nuts, especially Wittle Miss Sunshine from Florida. I hurt and I had no energy why would I get up and move. Guess I was desperate enough to try anything so I did get up and start moving more and in a few months started to see an improvement in the pain and even had a little more energy. But even better than the help and information I was getting from this forum I met so many wonderful people that have become like family to me, that's why I call you all my Fingertip family.
Fibro has actually gotten worse for me since joining, the pain is more intense and widespread than it was. But I know no matter what I can come here with any problem that affects my life and be heard and understood by many and I can't get that anywhere else but here. So I stay and try to give back a little of what I have gotten and if we can give those that don't have a lot of reason to smile once in awhile that is a bonus.
luv and hugs
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