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   Posted 11/29/2009 7:00 AM (GMT -7)   
First of all, I am betting there are not too many of you that are as demented as I am.  But this is my last day at Koffee Klatching so we'll just see.
One of the Hubby's friend's came over yesterday to pick him up for a trip to Lowe's.  He had forgotten to zip up his fly.  I just looked at him and  Not going to tell him.   Why?  The day before I had called his house to talk to his wife and he said 'She'll call you back...the priest is here and is giving my mother the last rites."  Not funny....not true.
Some of you may recall that my best friend let me drag a pair of underpants out of my pant leg through a casino.  In return I allowed her the pleasure of greeting everyone at a baby shower with the price tag from TJ Maxx hanging from the armpit of her new sweater.
So...have you ever just let something embarrassing ride...just because?  Maybe a stranger in the grocery store wearing a blouse inside out?  Maybe a friend with 'bed head' or lipstick on her teeth?  Four so called friends let me sit in a restaurant with spinach in between my front teeth.  A real knee slapper, but maybe we just think we will embarrass the person if we mention it?  Fibromites can do some amazing things.  Somebody out there has got to have a funny story....

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   Posted 11/29/2009 8:42 AM (GMT -7)   
I once let my husband and father in law walk into a woman's bathroom because I was upset that we were leaving the event we were at, so early. They sure came out in a hurry. It was pretty funny, but I still feel a guilty about it. :)
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   Posted 11/29/2009 10:38 AM (GMT -7)   
I, too, had the "zipper open" situation.  It was with a hernia specialist.  I just couldn't bring myself to tell him because I would be so embarrassed and so would he.  Hopefully one of the student doctors caught it and told him.
I also had a friend let me wear a sweater with the tag hanging from the armpit.  She is a travel agent and has also told many, during bus trips, about it.  She thought it was hysterical.
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   Posted 11/29/2009 11:06 AM (GMT -7)   
I had a friend once-she is not a friend anymore-who is overweight, and she was wearing this pair of jeans. When she bent down to look at something, I noticed she had a huge whole around her butt and crotch. I didn't tell her about it because she had been mean to me earlier that day. Most of the time, I tell people I know about things like that. I usually don't tell them if I am mad at them for something.
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   Posted 11/29/2009 12:03 PM (GMT -7)   
I once let my ex husband go an entire afternoon in the mall with a boogie on his forehead, when he found it and asked about it, I told him he shouldn't have said I was fat in front of our friends, when I was really just 7 moz pregnant. LOL He was the only one I've ever done that to though.

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   Posted 11/29/2009 1:55 PM (GMT -7)   
OMG...thanks for the laughs, guys...I really need it today!  Just thought about the time when I put a 1960's, frilly  bathing cap (I used to sell stuff like that on Ebay) on my husbands head while he was asleep on the couch...yes...he will sleep through anything.  MY son and DIL came over for dinner, he jumped up when he heard them come in and it took him about five minutes to figure out why his head felt so tight!  I took a picture of him sound asleep and actually used it on EBAY to sell the stupid thing!
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   Posted 11/29/2009 3:49 PM (GMT -7)   
What I like is when people stare at us because we are different in some way. I went to Carousel Mall to
go mall crawling a few days after my knee surgery and by the time I left I literally could not move my leg.
Needless to say I was dragging it behind me and boy did they stare. I let out a line from The Island of
Dr. Moreau with Val Kilmer......"Walk on 2 legs, that is the law". I swear some of them about crapped their
pants. Well, Hello...I can't walk any better or faster than this. So what is wrong with holding on to the
railing to hold me upright???
During the same time I thought the starter on my car went. As it's a 5 speed I was able to push start it
to get it home. Every time I tried to start I just couldn't. Spent $85 for a new one and my man was going
to put it in. He must have started it up a dozen times. He comes in and gets me and had me try....nothing.
Come to find out I couldn't move my knee enough to make the clutch switch engage. Boy did I feel dumb.

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   Posted 11/29/2009 4:16 PM (GMT -7)   
My hubby and I went to see a play at the Attic Theatre, a small theatre where the audience
sits right near the stage. We sat in the front row. First act, scene one, the actor was
near the edge of the stage right in front of us. The first thing I notice was his fly was
open. I was trying my hardest not to laugh, but couldn't help it. My DH kept giving me
the look. I had to bite the inside of my cheek, to help me from laughing out loud.
When the actor left the stage, I thought surely somebody would tell him, but he came
back on, with his fly still open. I could hardly sit still., I was laughing quietly. The last
act of the play, the actor had to sit on a high stool, that is when he noticed his fly open.
The actor swiveled the stool around and zipped.
I don't recall what the play was about all I remember was the open fly.
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