Diagnosed with Fibro again

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   Posted 1/27/2010 6:14 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi, I got diagnosed with fibro again. This pain doctor didn't give me an exam. I guess he could just tell by talking to me that I fit the criteria.

I actually went to see him for my spine. I have a problem in my c5-6, it is a bonafide problem they can see. Also my lower back, have a displaced disc last time we checked in 2005. Both of my siblings, brothers, have had back surgery. I am the youngest at 43 and I put off injections in my spine about 4 years ago because I wanted to try less strenuous work to see if it would help. It did at first but now it's getting back again, so my neck will pop and my entire back will spasm and basically can't move much for about a day.
I don't remember doing anything strenuous but last month my lower back began hurting every day. It used to hurt just off and on. They found out in December that I happened to have two ovarian cysts and some of the pain is coming from that too.

I get headaches a lot but I know it's probably either from the canal stenosis in my neck or just some freaky leftover thing from having meningitis twice in a row, within six months, and ever since then I suffer from really bad headaches mostly with the weather changes. I don't usually run to the dr. when i have them now, they can last for a week sometimes. I do have a dr. who lets me switch back in forth between Midrin and Fiorciet (No narcotics) and she gives me skelaxin for muscle spams. She also treats my sleep problems with ambien. I have trouble falling alseep because of the injury to my neck and when my arms go numb in the middle of the night it wakes me up frequently. With the ambien I sleep through it. Without it, I have to wake up several times, sit up, move around, etc. before I can get it to go away and fall back to sleep.

I'm not doubting that I don't have fibro b/c I do have some unexplained pain in my ribs, outer hips and outer arms. I get these lumps/bumps under my skin, they tend to flare up more before my period. If anyone bumps into me or I lay down on one of them,it's very uncomfortable. These are the only things that make me think I have fibro since dr.s said it sounds like it. I usually am not tired or fatigued. I get grouchy when my back doesn't let me do the things I need to do but I'm not depressed either.

Anyway, sorry this is so long. The pain management dr. put me on SAVELLA. It's making me feel weird. I went all gung ho into taking it b/c I want to go back in two weeks and show him that regardless of whether I take the SAVELLA, he's still going to have a back pain patient on his hands. I know that I can sound a bit cocky when I say that but I already have tried these kinds of meds and they didn't do much for me except cause problems in another area, like weight gain. This med is an SSRI, and for me, it causes me to be anxious and I feel like my stomach is in knots. I'm titrating up on an even slower rate than they want me to because I know if I go up faster the side effects will definitely make me NOT take it. I'm giving it a good shot.
He didn't want to give me anything for pain and I've been in pain every single day since Dec. 1st when my lower back started up again, then the cysts, then last week my neck popped again when i flexed my neck. He said he would probably do a trigger point injection when i see him next Friday. My blood pressure has gone up to 175/95 b/c of the pain levels and now my PCP has put me on a blood pressure medicine until we can get my pain under control.

How do you deal with fibro and multiple issues? Do doctors tend to brush everything off to fibro and your hypersensitivity to pain? I feel that way. My brothers have had surgery on their backs and their pain has not been managed completely but they don't get dx with fibro :(

Thoughts anyone?
I don't really even know what to ask. I'm confused and I feel bummed out because I have to wait 9 more days for a trigger point injection and I've been in constant pain since Dec. 1st.

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   Posted 1/27/2010 6:57 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Addagirl,

I hope that you start feeling better soon. How long have you been taking the Savella? It often takes four to six weeks before it reaches its full effects. So give it some time to work. I know it is frustrating not finding the right meds to help you. And I am sorry that it makes you anxious. Maybe you could take something for that like xanax or something. Anxiety is no fun at all.

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. I am glad that you have come back to join us, but sorry that you are in so much pain.

Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 1/27/2010 9:33 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I know it's discouraging. I have rheumatiod arthritis, migraines, and a bulging disk in my neck along with fibro. Between all these lovely issues I haven't had a pain free day in over 3 years. Pain sucks!

I had a couple of thoughts, and you can take them or leave them.... First, most people who seek out a pain mgmt doc have been in pain for quite a while and have generally exhausted the capabilities of their specialists. Have you seen an orthopedist lately? Maybe one who specializes in backs would be of great help to you. Also, back pain is the most common complaint of drug seeking patients. That maybe why you've run into doctors who are reluctant to prescribe for you. That may also be why the pain doc wants to address the fibro before dealing with the back pain. Besides that, getting the fibro under control really will help the back pain. Antidepressants help fibro by regulating key chemicals. They work whether or not you are depressed. :-)

One last thought... don't be afraid to get steroid injections. I have had 20 or so in various joints and they provide enormous relief. (I've gotten to the point where I actually look forward to them..). Once you have exhausted all these other avenues I'm sure you won't have as hard a time getting meds. I know this is so frustrating... hang in there!

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   Posted 1/27/2010 9:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Karen and Lelia,
thanks for responding. I've been taking the Savella for 3 days now. I'm taking a bit less than they said to, but they also said you have to sort of decide for yourself if you feel weird, then don't go up higher, maybe stay at that dose for a while before you try to go up again.
I would ask for an anti-anxiety med if he would talk to me on the phone and I definitely will make another appt in a few days if the anxiety gets worse or doesn't lessen.

I went to see an ortho doctor about 5 years ago, he wanted me to do the injections. I quit my job and my back got better to an extent I guess I could deal with. It took a while to deal with it on my own but I guess I just get acclimated to the pain.

I think that I am going to get trigger point injections next visit in 9 days. I can barely wait to get them because it's better than nothing. I know they work for awhile, at least until I hurt myself again. I wish I could avoid what sets it off but sometimes it's just turning my neck like I always do and then bam, it's popped and everything is back to where it started. Or I'll just maybe goof around dancing then wake up with back pain. I can't every pinpoint excactly what to stop doing b/c there are so many things that start it off :/

I'll keep taking the Savella, and thankfully my husband is on my side and his mother in law is really good at reminding me not to let anything drive me into despair.

I don't know what's making my head hurt so much right now but I really hope it lets up soon and it has nothing to do with the Savella. Id like to tolerate a medication for once..seems like I have more problems tolerating medications than other non fibro people..makes me feel like a wimp.

Thanks for being here. One day I'll be here trying to encourage others but for now, I can barely lift my fingers to type a message. blech.

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   Posted 1/27/2010 10:22 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Leila!

I sure can see why you are confused and frustrated. Most of us have more than fibro going on but that doesn't mean you have to for a fibro diagnosis. But what concerns me the most is that your doctor is leaving you in uncontrollable pain. There is no reason for this...none at all. You are doing what they ask and it's not working. Unfortunately what most of us do when the doc says to try this for a month and then come back...we don't report in before then if we aren't getting any relief. I've tried most everything out there for fibro pain and the side effects were so horrid for me that I had to stop within a few days. I don't much care not knowing where or who I am...lol

But, if you are not getting any pain relief that doc should be helping you. But they go about their busy lives without thinking of us at home suffering every hour of the day. So, it's up to us to tell them. One way is to phone in and report what's going on...why wait? The other way is to keep a pain journal. It may sound silly but it's very successful! There's a link to a free journal page in the Fibro 101 thread but I'll give you the link so you don't have to look for it. www.painfoundation.org/learn/publications/files/TargetDailyLog.pdf
Copy one page for each day and fill it in. You will record your pain level throughout the day, what you may have tried or taken to reduce the pain, what times of day are worse, etc... Keep these pages together in a notebook or any way you want. But, each and every time you go to the doctor, any doctor, take it along and ask them to review it while you sit there and wait. This way the doc will be a clear picture of the intensity and timing of your pain. But even better you and the doc will be able to see if and how well any new treatments are working. It doesn't take long to fill it in but it's more than worth your time.

I do hope you can get the help you need and soon!
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