I really can not take much more!

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   Posted 3/8/2010 10:41 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi, everyone! I had been here before but lost my old ID and what not. But you can call me Bella. I am 33 and was diagnosed with fibro back in Oct. I had been in pain but what pain I am in now is insane and yet my doctors will still not do anything. I was put on lyrica awhile back but after being on lyrica for a bit, I started having seizures and strange tremors on my left side. Then one day, my husband came home from lunch and all I knew I woke up that night in ICU. That was a month ago. They still to this day really do not know what happened to me but they did take me off of lyrica and ever since I have not had tremors and I have not had seizures. So, at the moment, the meds I am on at the moment is zanaflex for muscle relaxer, prozac for my OCD and I have a past history of an eating disorder and so is why I also take topomax, I am also taking something called neurontin and a sleep aid to help me sleep. Nothing is helping for the pain though. When does this pain end.

I am really mad! In the beginning, they said that I may be stressed and depressed and I can tell you that right now, I was no where near depressed. Stressed maybe but depressed NO! Then now to tell me that some of this pain could also be all in my head and that I need someone to talk too. Well, I can say that now I am depressed. I was just fine. I was eating. I had gained weight! I was just fine....now..I can't hardly move and I can not hardly eat because my stomach feels like its going to blow up because the pain goes to there. The doctors ask what the pain is like and the only way I can describe the pain is I feel as if I am in pain. I am now desperate and looking up pain relief. Please someone tell me what I need to do!

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   Posted 3/8/2010 10:57 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Bella!

And I'm so sorry that the medical community is treating you this way. It is totally uncalled for and unnecessary. What you need is a new doctor/medical team who knows how to treat fibro. Lyrica and Cymbalta both have been pushed like crazy since they came out in the past couple of years but for the majority of people they aren't very effective. Some people do get great results but they only last about 2 years and the pain is back.

In the Fibro 101 thread there is a link to leading university/teaching hospitals. Call one in your area and ask them for some help. They can link you up with a doctor who can treat chronic pain no matter where it's coming from. But to leave you in this much pain is not treatment anyone would even afford a pet...they treat dogs better than many people with fibromyalgia!

Don't sit and take it. You and your husband will have to advocate for the help you need. Many of the folks with fibro have gone through this same problem but if you look and hire a new doc who understands fibro you can have a good life and with good pain control.

Please feel free to ask any questions and also email me if you want!

Here's the link to find the teaching hospitals around the world...


Also a link to some fibro doctors in some areas of the US. Hope this helps.

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   Posted 3/8/2010 11:25 PM (GMT -7)   
My other problem is that I live in Alaska and my husband is military and no doctors off post take military tricare. So, I am also stuck with this crappy health care. I have also went to my local congressman and talk to the military liasion. Not sure how much thats going to help but we will see!

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   Posted 3/9/2010 7:58 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Bella and welcome. I was talking to a family member Sun that lives in Fairbanks and she said it was -7. If you are close to one of the big cities Fairbanks or Anchorage keep looking for a civilian doc that treats fibro. We are retired army and have problems sometimes too finding docs that take tri-care or treat you like your on welfare since there is a ceiling on what they can charge. I never was crazy about the military docs and was happy when we got out and could pick our own docs as long as they take our ins.
What do these people think your mood is going to be like when your in pain 24/7 and can't get any help with it??? Of course your stressed, depressed and frustrated, they would be too.
luv and hugs
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   Posted 3/9/2010 12:52 PM (GMT -7)   
Bella, if you are in this much pain, you need to be strong and demand to be put on some kind of pain pill. Let them know that you cannot eat because the pain is so bad. I used to have an eating disorder as well, and with all the weight I have put on, I have felt like going back into that old routine, at least until I lose at least 30 lbs. But, anyways. If your doctor refuses to help you, then you will have to see a different doctor. I know this is hard on you. Be strong and stand up for yourself and what you need to make it through. Good luck to you hon, and let us know how things are going. *soft hugs*
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   Posted 3/9/2010 2:15 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Bella,
No way is it in your head, I don't wish this on anyone, but sometimes I do wish people who say that, felt a day of the life we walk. Always getting called lazy, or you need to just block it out. Those things are hurtful and so not true.
It does sound like you may need to add some type of actual "pain" reliever to your meds.
Sassy is right, if your doctor won't help then seek another who has experience in fibro and will help get you some relief.
I went to see a pain management specialist, and he said he would never dream of giving me pain medication for my fibro pain because it doesn't help. I sat thru that visit and even went thru painful shots in my knee's which did NOTHING!!! Never went back to see that wacko.
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   Posted 3/9/2010 3:06 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Bella!  As Chutz and others have said, find a doctor that treats fibromyalgia patients if you can find one.  Hopefully you are close to a larger city that has a teaching hospital.  There would be good doctors there.
I do not take narcotics and I have had really bad pain to the point that I barely could walk...even with a cane.  What I have done is use ibuprofen (up to 2,400 mg a day) with food, extra strength Tylenol (up to 4,000 mg a day), malic acid/magnesium supplements and vitamin D3 to help with pain and fatigue.  I have to take the larger amounts of ibuprofen and Tylenol when I'm in a flare and my pain is horrible but, once I get it under control, I can take less of those meds.  There are links in Fibro 101...the second thread on the forum....all about malic acid and vitamin D.  Pass this by your doctor and see what they say. 
The above has helped me, along with gentle stretches and walking and swimming.  If you sit or lay too much, you will be stiff as a board.  Moist heat helps too.  Hot showers and baths feel wonderful.  You can get a Bed Buddy at Walgreen's and other places that help too or you can make your own by taking a tube sock, filling it 2/3's full of raw long grain rice, and tying a knot at the end.  Pop it in the microwave and it will give off moist heat due to the moisture in the rice.
I hope some of this will help  you.  Be sure to ask questions because we do want to help you.  Take one day at a time and look forward to each new day with anticipation because it could be a really good day!  Fibro waxes and wanes so we don't know how we will feel from day to day.  So, might as well be hopeful!  Positive thinking does make you feel better. 
Lastly, this is not all in your head.  I would be totally insulted if a doctor ever told me that.  First, I'd find another doctor.  Then I'd find proof of fibro (which  you can on Fibro 101....Doctors respond to New York Times Article) print it and mail it to them.  They are living in the Dark Ages! 
I'm happy you are back again and I hope you start feeling better soon.  Keep your chin up.  There are better days ahead.
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