horrible night

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   Posted 4/19/2010 7:03 PM (GMT -7)   
first of all sry that this is going to be long...

i'm new so i thought i would give a quick background

been pretty normal most my life a few aches and pains here and there maybe a bit more than the average person but nothing serious. the first weekend in november (2009) my entire life changed. I got sick with a cold and sore throat and things went from bad to worse. My sore throat got so bad I couldn't speak which then turned into the flu (ok it was probably the flu to begin with but anways) which my body didnt appreciate and decided to go into anaphylactic shock (doctor said i most likely had swine flu and my body had an allergic reaction to the virus haha) (this being just one week since the start of cold). My throat started swelling shut and my face swelled like 3 or 4 times normal size. After a trip to the emergency room and an epi pen the hives started. Three days of hives on top of hives later the pain started. I was diagnosed in the beg. of feburary with fibro.

fast forward to a week ago. I had a busy week, I've been doing pretty well adjusting to not being able to do everything I used to but last week was a bad week. Fri I went to a rodeo, saturday got up and drove 4 hours and went shopping at ikea for 3 hours. sunday i was at a horse show (taking pictures) and stood for a good 7 hours or so then got back in car and drove another 4 hours. sun night got news my grandpa passed. laid pretty low mon was an emotional wreck. tuesday drove 2 hours for viewing was up late with family. wed went to funeral and drove back home 2 hours. and since my mind was not doing well at all cleaned my car from top to bottom (so what i shoulda rested haha) thursday and friday i worked all day 8 to 6 (I'm a nanny to a 3 and 2 year old) then I crashed for the weekend. did nothing friday night saturday i grabbed dinner and thats it. sunday i was in bed all day cause i was hurting so bad from this past week.

now last night (sunday)....
like i said i spent all day in bed shifting from sitting to laying while i read and watched movies. I was feeling pretty good considering my week and wasn't hurting to bad. when 10 came I was ready for bed so I took a flexaril (which normally kills the pain enough to fall asleep and let me sleep a couple hours before the pain kicks back in) and shut the lights out and it was like the lights going out was a clue for the pain to start. my husband tried to cuddle me and i shoved him away :( I couldn't find any spot at all to lay in every way I tried to lay or sit was torture. My pill did absolutely nothing. I just laid there and cried. Finally I just bit down on my pillow and laid there and eventually fell asleep (around 2 or 3 I believe).

As I lay here in bed tonight typing this I can feel the pain starting back in again... what to do what to do... I can't take this :(

sry for the long post and the complaining... ive lurked since november when we figured this is what I had. just figured I would post after last night seeing as you all would understand what I'm going through and my family tries to but doesn't really.



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   Posted 4/19/2010 11:36 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi evey and Welcome to our Fibro Family.

I'm sorry you have to be here but glad you chose us to hang out with. When my pain gets that bad, and it does even with pain meds on board, I go for heat. A very warm shower or bath can help those muscles relax and help reduce the pain. Also I turn up my electric blanket and warm up the muscles that are bothering me the most. Cold or tense muscles equal more pain. Simple as that...but it's not that simple I guess.

You might talk to your doctor about pain control. If you want to try medication there are excellent drugs that are designed to help pain for those of us who live with it day to day. By working with a doctor you can trust you can manage your pain fairly well. But there are also other types of treatments you can try also.

It's late for me so I'm off to bed...take care and keep warm!
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   Posted 4/19/2010 11:38 PM (GMT -7)   

Welcome to the family and hope to here from you more. Yes you have come to the right place for understanding. We have all been there at one time or another.

You have been a busy person in the last few weeks, it wore me out just reading all the things you had done. Oh and want to say how sorry I am for the lose of your grandpa. Between the constant going , the flu and the stress of loosing your grandpa it is no wonder you are in pain. A big thing to learn about fibro is that you have to learn to pace yourself or you will throw yourself into a flare and make the pain worst. It is very hard to do at first when you are used to doing what you want, but in time you will learn how to say no and slow down in order to manage your symptoms. Keep reading and you will learn alot of helpfull information that will help you control the pain.

I am so glad you found us and feel free to ask all the questions you need to. We are here for you and will try to help you any way we can. There are alot of great people here that know what your going through and are always willing to help.

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   Posted 4/20/2010 4:23 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Evey, and welcome!  Tressia is absolutely correct!  You need to learn to pace yourself or your body will "scream" at you ...like it did Sunday night.  You can do all that you did before fibro but not in the same time frame.  I'm so sorry about your grandfather and I'm sure that was extremely upsetting and stressful for you too and that can cause even more pain.  So you have had a lot on your plate. 
I do think this intense pain will subside...especially since you were able to do all of that work and running around.  It might take a few days or a few weeks but it should improve.  Fibro waxes and wanes so you are just going through a rough time right now.
Chutz is right about the heat.  A hot shower does wonders for me.  Many here have a Bed Buddy.  You can get these at Walgreen's and other places or you can make your own by taking a tube sock, filling it 2/3's full of raw long grain rice, and tying a knot at the end.  Pop it in the microwave and it gives off moist heat and feels wonderful on those sore muscles.
Have you had a chance to check out the Fibro 101 thread...the second thread on the forum?  There are links to good information about fibromyalgia there and you will learn a lot. 
I'm so glad you found us and decided to join our fibro family!  I hope you are feeling better soon and I also hope to hear more from you.
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   Posted 4/20/2010 4:45 AM (GMT -7)   
I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time. We all have bad pain times. I have found that it does help to come here and talk it out. This is a great place for support, encouragement, and understanding. The people on here have gotten me through a lot of tough times.
It sounds like you did a lot and that you are generally a busy person. This can be very hard on a person with fibro. If the pain will not subside, then you should speak to your doctor. A lot of times a doc will prescribe Ultram, at least at first, to help with the pain. It does help some people. But it is clear that you should speak to your doc if the pain is this bad.
I really hope you start feeling better. Try pacing yourself some more. I know this can be hard if you are a nanny for little ones. I have a two year-old, so I understand. Let us know how things are going. Hang in there sweetie. I know this is hard, but you can make it through this.
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   Posted 4/20/2010 7:17 AM (GMT -7)   
thanks for the replies and the welcomes. :) just to add a bit of humor to the story... while biting down on my pillow to keep from crying the pillow tore and I couldn't find a needle to sew it back up with (as if I could do it at that point of pain anyways) so I grabbed the handy ole' duct tape and taped up the hole so it wouldn't rip further and the stuffing wouldn't get out... hehe

In response... I have always been a very busy person, an on the go type if you will, so my life drastically changed in november. I have been doing pretty well at laying low and not doing as much. Instead of going to the park or other fun thing a couple times a week like normal the kids and I just stay at home and play so I can crash on the couch if needed. Evenings are pretty much dead now too as I'm so exhausted after running after the kids. These past two weeks are quite abnormal for me now a days and I knew at the time I was overdoing it but there comes a time when you do what you have to do and just endure the pain right? Im trying my hardest to slow it down as I know it is best for my health but is very hard for me to comprehend as I'm only 22 and see all of my friends out and about doing what they love and they don't understand why I can't anymore.

Any advice on how to cope with the new found non-freedom haha?!

also... from everything I've read and been told by my doctors I thought narcotics aren't good for fibro patients.... how come so many of you are taking them then? and how do I bring up my pain with my doctor? (I've already decided that my doc I have now doesnt really believe in fibro... he brought it up before we did but I believe he thinks its all in the head the way he talks about me "getting better" even my rheumy that gave the official diganosis keeps talking about me "getting better" thought you didn't get better.... hmmm)

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   Posted 4/20/2010 7:46 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm sorry for your loss, both of your grandpa and your former life. Only 22! That's absolutely not fair, I know - I wasn't much older than you when my body went haywire.

People here are probably sick of me talking about my wonderful doctor, but let me just say you've GOT to find one who believes in Fibro! It makes all the difference. Mine told me sternly in the beginning, "Narcotics is NOT the way to treat chronic pain." But he allotted me a bottle of 30 Darvocet for the really bad times. (Usually, I wouldn't even take them all before they expired.) Now, after 18 years of treating me, he knows I'm not abusing them; I hate to take meds (am paranoid, in fact) but - well - I need them. The game plan is to keep increasing my walking and whatever else I can do and take as few pills as possible.

It's really a question of balance, and everyone's is different. Best of luck to you.
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