Light or firm touch. Which bothers you more?

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   Posted 5/27/2010 7:49 AM (GMT -7)   
A lot of us seem to have problems with people or objects touching us. Last night I was stretching and my hubby ran his finger tips lightly up and down my back. I found it sooooo irritating I had to move away from the feeling. Afterward I went and rubbed my back hard on a door frame to make that sensation stop. Hubby walked by giving me a strange look so then I had to remind him again to please do not do that light touch thing because it bothers the heck out of me. He slunk off apologizing and moping and I of course felt worse. I know he meant it to be a kind and gentle thing but it was just torture to me. I find this weird because I'm one of those people who LOVE a deep massage and firm touch. What about you? Does a light or firm touch send you through the roof?

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   Posted 5/27/2010 8:08 AM (GMT -7)   
Either can be irritating to me but I do find the lighter touch to set me off easier. I don't know why that is but hubby will lightly touch me all the time and I can't stand it. He gets huffy telling me I'm too sensitive. Guess he still has alot to learn!

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   Posted 5/27/2010 10:57 AM (GMT -7)   
I am not able to handle the firm touch...sometimes I can't stand the weight of my hubby's arm laying over top of me in bed...I have to move it. Even when I get a massage, as much as I know it would be good to have a deep tissue one to break down scar tissue, etc. I simply can't stand's like an instant flare for me.

I am the type that has no problem speaking up during a massage or physio treatment to ask for less weight, and a lighter touch. I know physiotherapists don't like it when I do that, because I'm not "helping my body enough", but it's my body and I have to live in I want it as pain free as possible.
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   Posted 5/27/2010 3:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Either but it seems like for me it's a softer touch.  Back a while my head would get so sensitive the slightest of touches would hurt.  Brushing my hair was awful!

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   Posted 5/27/2010 7:02 PM (GMT -7)   
For me, it's definitely the firm touches that feel worse. Sometimes, lighter touches are irritating in a tickling way, but not as painful.
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   Posted 5/27/2010 7:18 PM (GMT -7)   
It seems to vary with me, also. Sometimes, lighter touches bother me, as several have mentioned, in a tickeling sort of way, and firm touches just plain hurt. My chiropracter has been after me to get a massage, but it almost hurts just to think about this. I never allow the beauticians to wash my hair when I go to get my hair cut, because it always hurts when they are rubbing my scalp with their fingertips. I provide day care to several children, and I feel bad because it sometimes hurts when I hold them. This is especially true when they start squirming around!

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   Posted 5/27/2010 7:33 PM (GMT -7)   
I get the same feeling. light touch is almost unbarable. expecially on my back or ribs
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   Posted 5/27/2010 9:31 PM (GMT -7)   
Light touch annoys the heck out of me. When I pay for a massage I want a deep tissue massage.
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   Posted 5/27/2010 10:06 PM (GMT -7)   
Firm touch. I find that a light, caressing touch (thank you, hubby) done repeatedly is very relaxing. Massage therapist went too deep last week and it threw me back a bit.
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   Posted 5/28/2010 6:43 AM (GMT -7)   
Firm touch for sure. I can barely stand a hug. I sat in a message chair the other day and felt like I was being beaten.
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   Posted 5/28/2010 6:59 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks all for your input. Very interesting. With the nature of fibro I would have thought that firm touch would be the killer but good to know that I'm not alone in the light touch category. Lisa
If I can laugh at it, I can live with it.

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   Posted 5/28/2010 1:56 PM (GMT -7)   
I can have a problem w/ either of them. I guess it depends on how miserable I feel that day, or hour, or minute. Most times my DH is very careful of how he touches me cause he knows how sensitive I am. I basically do not like ppl to touch my back - that is my worse spot. My DH will give me a massage on my back, very easy - he keeps hoping that one time he will relieve all my pain. Me too! My arms and hands can be very sensitive to touch, especially if someone keeps touching the same spot, back and forth. I like to have my head gently rubbed/scratched, but again, not in the same spot. AND not all the time.  My head can get very sensitive at times, that even brushing my hair is torture.
God bless.  Alice.

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   Posted 5/29/2010 6:56 AM (GMT -7)   
One time I decided to go for a massage and they told me that the massage therapist was familiar with Fibro so I let them work on me. While the next day the pain was so bad that it put me in the hospital My parents had to rush over to the house to take me At the hospital all they could do was hook me up to pain meds till the pain subsided. Then they sent me on my way. I will never take a massage again. Tried going for accupuncture and the needles just going in to my skin was like torture. My skin is so sensitive. But if someone gives me a hug that seems to be alright. As long as it is not a tight hug.
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